Yoga Online Classes Uk

Yoga Online Classes Uk

Yoga Online Classes Uk – Many people are attending online yoga classes these days. The pandemic means we can’t be together in person as much as we’d like. I used to have groups of seven students in my yoga studio, but now with social distancing I can only accommodate three. Most of my students are now attending my classes online via Zoom.

For some people this can feel frustrating. But practicing yoga online has its benefits too. Here are some tips and advice on how to get the best out of online yoga classes.

Yoga Online Classes Uk

Check your technology. There is nothing more frustrating than booking a live online class and then joining the class or staying connected. If your screen is too small or you can’t see the teacher or hear his voice, it’s turned off. The hassle of getting internet to work or getting into Zoom can completely negate the benefits you were hoping to get from the class.

Getting The Best Out Of Online Yoga

Make sure you have a reliable enough internet connection. This may mean finding a room in your house with a good signal. If you can, test the technique first, especially if you’re nervous or haven’t used it before. If you are paying for the class the instructor will probably be happy to talk to you about the platform and how to access it before the class. Send him an email if you want additional help.

Once the teacher has started the class, she won’t help you join or fix lost connections because she’ll be busy teaching. Try to join the class five to ten minutes before the start time so you can resolve any connection issues.

Make sure you have a comfortable space at home for your yoga practice. Gather your yoga mat, blanket, cushions and props in a quiet and comfortable room. Make it a sacred space that you associate with comfort and relaxation. Maybe you can put a special picture or some flowers here. You can use this space for practice and meditation between classes as well.

Create a comfortable environment. You may like to light a candle or burn incense to make your yoga space special. An aromatherapy diffuser is a beautiful way to scent the air and create a positive mood. You can try mandarin oil for happiness, rosemary for focus or frankincense for a calm and spiritual atmosphere.

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Try to find one class at a time that won’t bother you. You don’t want to be interrupted by kids or merchants fighting at the door. As much as possible, shut out the world so that you can get the best out of your yoga practice. One of my students takes an online yoga class in her garage to escape the demands of her family. It is often best to do your classes when there is someone else at home to watch the children. Or maybe you can do an evening class when they’re tucked into bed.

Try a live class. There is plenty of online yoga available in recorded format, whether on YouTube or on specialist yoga websites. Some of these classes are great, but you don’t get the benefit of being part of a yoga community. Live online classes keep me accountable. By signing up for a live class I commit to a specific time to share my yoga practice with a group of real people, even via Zoom. This makes a big difference. With recorded classes it’s a lot easier to come up with good intentions, but never actually get around to doing them. Buying a live class means I actually show up and get all the benefits.

Find a great teacher. One of the advantages of online yoga is that you don’t need to be near the instructor or the class. You can join the class anywhere in the world. Having said that, I am very grateful to my local students for their continued support through these strange times. My small yoga business is only surviving thanks to the loyal following of my students. All small businesses need support from their local communities right now. By supporting your local teachers with online classes you can make it possible for them to reopen when it is permitted.

But why not try some other opportunities? You can access classes and workshops from renowned international teachers now more easily than ever before. I have attended wonderful workshops with Paul Gurley and Donna Farahi during the lockdown. I may never have personally experienced their teaching. There are so many amazing workshops and inspiring teachers available online. Why not try something different for a change?

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Don’t do more than that. Your teacher may not be able to see you clearly. More than ever it is your responsibility to ensure that you are safe during your exercise. Do not try a difficult position that you have not done before until you are sure that it is right for your body today. Listen carefully to the instructions and watch the teacher’s demonstration. Listen to your body too. If something feels painful or wrong, stop and rest. It is always beneficial to relax in Savasana or take up easy poses. Most good instructors will offer variations and different options for each pose. It’s never a competition. You don’t need to take on as much change as you can manage. Treat yourself with kindness and respect.

Online yoga is a great opportunity to get your family involved. If your partner or child wants to try yoga, why not try an online class together. Check with your instructor, but most online instructors are happy to have other people join the class at your home. It can be a whole new family bonding experience.

Most importantly, enjoy! You should feel better afterwards. Yoga is a spiritual practice first and foremost. Your online yoga class is an opportunity to take time out of your busy life and nurture yourself. If you’re not enjoying the class, think about what could make a difference. Maybe you would benefit from a different style of yoga now? Or maybe you can change something in your home environment to make the experience more nourishing and refreshing.

Take a rest after a while. We’re all busy, and it’s tempting to rush straight after your class to catch up on all your work. Try sitting down with a cup of tea after your yoga session and enjoy that calming feeling. Or if you take an evening class, you can go out for a hot bath later and go to bed early in the morning.

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I hope these tips have inspired and encouraged you to try online yoga. Some people find that they actually prefer taking online classes when they try them. You don’t have to worry about leaving home, traveling or finding a parking space on a rainy night. Relax at home and enjoy your yoga!

Thanks for reading this blog post. I am a yoga teacher currently teaching both online and in person from my small garden studio in Essex. I specialize in yin, restorative, pregnancy and postpartum yoga classes.

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