Where Can I Have My Cholesterol Checked
Where Can I Have My Cholesterol Checked

Where Can I Have My Cholesterol Checked

Where Can I Have My Cholesterol Checked – Millions of people across the country are at risk of developing heart disease*. What most people don’t realize is that it can often be prevented by taking simple steps to take care of your heart. If you already know your risk of heart (cardiovascular) disease, then you know that it is important to keep your heart healthy by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The cholesterol check service at can help identify how likely you are to develop heart disease in the next ten years and can help you prevent it. The service also helps to make sure you are doing the right things to look after your heart and can support you with any lifestyle changes you are recommended to make.

We are following social distancing guidelines in stores which may mean limiting the number of customers within the pharmacy at any one time. Our pharmacy team will be wearing PPE and face masks when providing pharmacy services, and consultation rooms will be cleaned before and after each service appointment. We also ask you to follow the government’s advice and bring a face covering to use during the consultation.

Where Can I Have My Cholesterol Checked

Cholesterol is a fatty substance and is essential for the normal functioning of the body. High cholesterol itself usually causes no symptoms, but it increases your risk of developing serious health conditions such as heart disease and stroke. If you are concerned about your heart and, in particular, your cholesterol levels, visit us for our cholesterol control service.

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The service will be given in the consultation room, the pharmacy colleague will check that you are eligible for the service. You will also be asked questions about your lifestyle, including:

The results of your check will be available immediately, and you will receive a personalized action plan that highlights simple steps you can take to keep your heart and cholesterol levels healthy, such as:

You may then be asked to attend a follow-up appointment to assess your progress against your action plan. If appropriate, you may be referred to your doctor.

The cholesterol check-up service is for anyone over 18 who is concerned about heart and cholesterol health. The test is available to customers who want to monitor their cholesterol levels whether they are taking medication from their doctor or if they are making lifestyle changes and want to see how they are doing. The test allows you to track improvement and helps motivate you to continue managing your heart health.

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This service is also for anyone over 18 who already knows their risk of heart disease. For example:

However, if you fall into one of the following categories, we strongly recommend that you visit us for a check-up:

Check cholesterol frequently asked questions Is there anyone who cannot have a cholesterol test? The service is not suitable if: You are under the age of 18 In the last 3 months you have had an acute illness, e.g. a bacterial or viral infection (excluding the common cold/flu) or surgery or an operation requiring anesthetic In the last two weeks you have lost more than 3kg (7lb) for a reason other than a deliberate diet or changed the amount of alcohol you normally consume You are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, are breastfeeding or have given birth in the last 6 months If you fall into any of the above categories, then please talk to the pharmacist to find out when you can the check-up. ((accordion-separator)) Where can I have a cholesterol test? To find your nearest one that offers cholesterol testing visit our store locator. You can also ask at your local store, our expert healthcare practitioners will be able to help. ((accordion-separator)) Should I make an appointment? No appointment is usually necessary, however you may be asked to choose an appointment when it is busy, or you may want to request a particular time for peace of mind. You can do this using our booking or by contacting your local. ((accordion-separator)) How long is the service? Checking your cholesterol levels may take 20 minutes, as our pharmacy team may ask additional questions, and of course you can ask any questions you may have. ((accordion-separator)) What do I need to do next? Visit or call your local and ask for a check-up or book online with our booking form. ((accordion-separator)) Can I test cholesterol at home? Online and in store we offer a range of home cholesterol test kits that can be used alongside our check-up service or a doctor’s appointment to help check your cholesterol levels. These tests allow you to check and monitor your levels in the comfort of your own home, simply choose to pick up your test kit in store or have it delivered to your home. The kits include everything you need and instructions on how to test cholesterol. ((accordion-separator)) Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) is an excess of lipids or fats in your blood. This can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke because blood cannot flow through your arteries easily. Adding exercise and eating healthy foods can lower your cholesterol. Some people need medication too. Managing your cholesterol is a long-term endeavor.

Hyperlipidemia, also known as dyslipidemia or high cholesterol, means that you have too many lipids (fats) in your blood. Your liver creates cholesterol to help you digest food and make things like hormones. But you also eat cholesterol in food from the meat and dairy aisles. Since your liver can make as much cholesterol as you need, the cholesterol in the food you eat is excess.

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Too much cholesterol (200 mg/dL to 239 mg/dL is borderline high and 240 mg/dL is high) is unhealthy because it can create blockages in the pathways of your arteries where blood travels to your body. This damages your organs that do not receive enough blood from your arteries.

Bad cholesterol (LDL) is the most dangerous type because it causes hardened cholesterol deposits (plaque) to build up inside your blood vessels. This makes it harder for your blood to flow, which puts you at risk for a stroke or heart attack. The plaque itself can become irritated or inflamed, which can cause a clot to form around it. This can cause a stroke or heart attack depending on where the blockage is.

It’s important to know that providers consider factors other than your cholesterol numbers when making treatment decisions.

They are mostly interchangeable terms for cholesterol abnormalities. Your cholesterol can be “dysfunctional” (cholesterol particles that are highly inflammatory or an abnormal balance between bad and good cholesterol levels) without being high.

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Both high cholesterol and increased inflammation at “normal” cholesterol levels put you at increased risk for heart disease. Your providers may use both terms to refer to a problem with your cholesterol levels, and both mean you should do something to lower the levels.

Hyperlipidemia is very common. Ninety-three million American adults (age 20 and older) have total cholesterol counts above the recommended limit of 200 mg/dL.

Hyperlipidemia can be very serious if it is not controlled. Unless high cholesterol is treated, you are allowing plaque to build up inside your blood vessels. This can lead to a heart attack or stroke because your blood has difficulty flowing through your veins. This deprives your brain and heart of the nutrients and oxygen they need to function.

Untreated hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) can allow plaque to build up inside your body’s blood vessels (atherosclerosis). This can bring about complications of hyperlipidemia which include:

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Early on, you feel normal when you have high cholesterol. It does not give you symptoms. However, after a while, the buildup of plaque (made of cholesterol and fats) can reduce or stop blood flow to the heart or brain. Symptoms of coronary artery disease can include chest pain with exertion, jaw pain and shortness of breath.

When a cholesterol plaque breaks off and a clot covers it, it closes off an entire artery. This is a heart attack, and symptoms include severe chest pain, flushing, nausea and difficulty breathing. This is a medical emergency.

Most people have no symptoms when their cholesterol is high. People who have a genetic problem with cholesterol removal that causes very high cholesterol levels may get xanthomas (waxy, fatty plaques on their skin) or corneal arcus (cholesterol rings around the iris their eyes). Conditions such as obesity are linked to high cholesterol, and this may prompt a provider to evaluate your cholesterol level.

Some people can just change their lifestyle to improve their cholesterol numbers. For other people, this is not enough and they need medication.

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People who need medicine to treat their high cholesterol usually take statins. Statins are a type of medication that reduces how much bad cholesterol is circulating in your blood. Your provider may order a different type of medicine if:

Any medication can have side effects, but the benefits of statins far outweigh the risks of minor side effects. Let your provider know if you are not doing well with your medicine so they can develop a plan to manage yours

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