When To Hire A Real Estate Attorney
When To Hire A Real Estate Attorney

When To Hire A Real Estate Attorney

When To Hire A Real Estate Attorney – The most common reason people use a real estate attorney is to buy or sell a home. Unlike some states, Texas does not require real estate lawyers for these transactions, but luckily for us, there is no shortage of situations and transactions where a lawyer is needed. Here are some times when you absolutely need a real estate attorney by your side.

Buying an investment property is a good idea in theory, but it’s not uncommon for buyers to get more than they bargained for when they make a purchase. Hiring a real estate attorney can help prevent this phenomenon.

When To Hire A Real Estate Attorney

We evaluate contracts, documents and titles to make sure you understand what you’re getting into and that there are no hidden surprises waiting for you after your sale closes. A real estate attorney has more knowledge of contract law than a real estate agent and this insight can be useful, especially if you have never purchased an investment property before.

Hiring A Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Also, if you are selling an investment property, you should hire a qualified real estate attorney to guide you through the selling process. Selling investment properties, interest in land trust property, and raw land can present many potential problems that can be avoided with an attorney. In particular, attorneys can help you structure your sale in such a way that you save more money in taxes.

This is another real estate investment reason – if you want to be serious about your investments, it’s important to have an attorney help you determine an asset protection strategy in case you get sued. Our team of Austin real estate attorneys can assist you by making sure you don’t Your property and assets can be seized.

Many people think they can save money on attorney fees by finding dudi contracts online and entering all the relevant details. It should come as no surprise to hear that we don’t recommend it! You don’t know who, when or where this contract template was written – it may not hold water under the eyes of the law. With an illegal contract or one full of loopholes, you could be in dire straits quickly.

Short sales and foreclosures are complicated – the process can be long and there are minefields everywhere you turn. Instead of dealing with the hassle of going back and forth yourself, you’ll be glad to have a real estate attorney take care of it for you.

Do You Need To Use The Real Estate Attorney Your Realtor Recommends?

If you have inherited property or are managing an estate, it is recommended to hire a real estate lawyer. The burden of selling under these circumstances can be too much for anyone to handle; We can help take some of the responsibility off your plate by ensuring a smooth sale.

Are you buying, selling or renting property? Do you need the assistance of a real estate attorney to make sure your transaction goes smoothly? Contact Kelly Legal Group today at 512-505-0053 to schedule a consultation. We live the advice we give, which makes us the perfect legal partner. With 15+ years as a lawyer, landlord, real estate investor and entrepreneur – we know how to turn obstacles into opportunities.

For buyers and sellers alike, a real estate attorney can protect legal interests, provide rational advice, and serve as an experienced team member.

As the U.S. continues to experience a pandemic-driven housing boom, many people may be starting the process of buying or selling a home for the first time. Whether buying or selling, the overall process can be intimidating for the untrained person, especially when it comes to the fine print. A trusted real estate attorney can be an invaluable resource, helping both home buyers and sellers avoid paperwork problems, title errors, and costly lawsuits that may arise down the road.

Here’s Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Attorney — Enterprise Esquire

ESTATENVY spoke with Alexis Hart McDowell, an experienced real estate attorney in Chicago, to learn more about the true role of a real estate attorney and why they are so important in the process of selling or buying a home.

ESTATENVY: What are some of the benefits of hiring a real estate attorney? How do they help throughout the buying, selling and renting process?

Alexis Hart McDowell: Your real estate attorney’s job is to protect your legal interests, provide rational advice, and be your teammate. Whether you are buying or selling property, you want to leverage the experience of your real estate attorney to protect you from things you have no idea about in the transaction.

One advantage of hiring a real estate attorney is that real estate contracts have many deadlines, instructions, and requirements. A lawyer will manage your deadlines so that your serious money is not at risk, will help you understand how the provisions of the contract work for you and against you and inform you of your legal obligations and those of the other party.

Things Your Real Estate Attorney Wished You Knew

Another benefit of hiring a real estate attorney is that they should provide rational advice. Buying or selling a home can be anxiety provoking or emotionally driven at times. Your real estate attorney should possess enough emotional intelligence to meet you where you are, understand the situation, and bring you back to the reality of the situation so that you can make an informed, non-emotional decision.

Finally, your real estate attorney should be your teammate. At the law firm of Alexis Hart McDowell, we consider ourselves the point guard of your team. Our job is to strategize and communicate throughout the transaction – with the realtor, lender, seller’s advisor, buyer’s advisor, buying company, etc. – to make sure we are all working toward the goal of getting you into your new home or selling your property. .

McDowell: Absolutely! A home is usually the most expensive thing most people will buy in their lifetime. Is this really something you want to do without legal guidance and oversight? People make the mistake of trusting others to be honest, know the law, or guide them, and that’s no one’s job unless you hire them to do it for you. That’s why you want to hire a real estate lawyer.

Sellers also have increased legal exposure because they have disclosures that must be filled out accurately, ownership of the property that needs to be clean, transfer documents prepared according to the law, as well as all other requirements – whether state, county or local – that need to be satisfied in order for ownership of the property to be transferred. and register properly.

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McDowell: Your real estate attorney is the one person who typically touches everyone else in the transaction, from the brokers, lender and other attorney, to the title company or escrow agent. Your attorney may need to interact with all of them to protect your interests. No Attorney Dean, who has the legal expertise to manage the transaction from each of those perspectives and manage your legal interests? What if your settlement statement is wrong, who do you go to if you’re short on money? What if there’s a dispute about a due date, who will be there to help you Navigating it? What if there is a dispute over serious money? Who out there understands how the law applies to these situations and an attorney on your behalf? Your real estate attorney, that’s who. These are just a few very typical situations that happen regularly in real estate transactions.

Having a real estate attorney for your transaction is a smart move, especially considering the hundreds of thousands of dollars you will likely spend or receive from buying or selling a property. This is an investment that pays for itself immediately in relation to the risk involved in real estate transactions, in general, and the increased risk of not having such at all.

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Should I Hire A Real Estate Attorney To Sell My House?

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