When and Why You Need to Hire an IRS Tax Relief Attorney

When and Why You Need to Hire an IRS Tax Relief Attorney – You wouldn’t expect to find a tax relief attorney when you got out of bed this morning. The most common reason to seek a tax relief attorney is to receive a tax return or audit letter from the IRS. The audit may be the result of one or more of your previous tax returns. In either case, you should seek the services of a reputable IRS tax relief attorney.

Communications with the IRS

A tax relief attorney communicates with the IRS on your behalf. They can be present and assist during the audit and, if necessary, assist in negotiating a settlement. If you are a taxpayer who ignores notices and letters from the IRS, the IRS may threaten you with criminal prosecution, including tax evasion. If you learn that you are subject to an IRS investigation, you should hire or consult a tax professional or attorney.

Your attorney will reassure the IRS that the investigation is being taken seriously. They will also work with the IRS to ensure your audit goes smoothly, reduce tax returns and help you receive an affordable amount.

Offer in Compromise Agreement

A compromise offer (OIC) is a type of agreement between the IRS and a taxpayer to settle a tax liability for less than the amount owed. To be eligible for OIC, you and your attorney must prove to the IRS that:

  • You cannot pay the full amount they ask for either in one lump sum or through a payment arrangement from time to time.
  • I have a question about the total amount of my tax liability.
  • Due to exceptional circumstances, full payment may result in financial hardship or be unfair or unfair.

To qualify for OIC, you and your tax relief attorney must pay an application fee, if applicable to your situation.

Tax Evasion and Fraud

Tax evasion and tax fraud are both criminal offenses prosecuted by the IRS when a citizen refuses to file a tax return, pay taxes, or fails to disclose all sources of income. Charges include fines, interest on taxes owed, prosecution fees, and even imprisonment. If an IRS representative has been sent to your home or office, it’s time to hire an IRS tax advisor.

You should not attempt to handle this type of accusation or investigation yourself. It’s always a good idea to have a tax attorney with you when you talk to the IRS, because you may unknowingly only talk to IRS officials, further accusing yourself.

IRS tax relief attorneys understand the laws relevant to your particular tax case and can argue your case in the way that is most beneficial to your situation and to the best possible outcome. So, if you’ve recently been audited by the IRS or have a lot of back taxes that you can’t pay, contact a tax relief attorney today.