What Type Of Pillows Do Hotels Use
What Type Of Pillows Do Hotels Use

What Type Of Pillows Do Hotels Use

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One of the things you expect a hotel to always get right is the bed. After all, the main reason you book a hotel is because you have a place to sleep when you travel, so the bed needs to be a place you can count on for a good night’s sleep. As a result, a great night’s sleep is a big part of the hotel experience and a key factor in customer retention. In the age of TripAdvisor, a review that says the bed is terrible will discourage people from staying at that hotel.

What Type Of Pillows Do Hotels Use

So we determined that the mattress should be good, but the actual bedding needs to be of good enough quality to do so. Having a comfortable mattress is all well and good, but if the sheet has a prickly texture then it will give someone an uncomfortable night’s sleep. So the question is, what type of bedding do hotels use? How do they ensure it’s of sufficient quality so that guests with puffy eyes don’t complain about how bad a night’s sleep they’re getting? This article has the answer.

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While most of us can pop into stores for new bedding, hotels often look for specialist retailers who can supply large quantities of bedding. Here are retailers like us – Vision Linens!

We live and breathe hospitality by supplying hotels and accommodation facilities around the world for decades. We know exactly what makes quality bedding and what will help hotel guests get a night’s sleep they’ll always remember. We also offer bulk purchase prices so businesses can get the lowest cost when buying in bulk.

So if you want the same quality bedding you find in hotels, you should give us a try. We don’t just supply businesses – we’re more than happy to take care of your bedding needs in your home, too! Order here from Vision Linens and sleep in hotel quality bedding in a matter of days!

Whether you buy by feel first or search for specific key terms like ‘thread count’, hotels rate mattress quality in a similar way. Of course, the level of quality also depends on the type of hotel. A budget hotel will not opt ​​for the most expensive and most luxurious bedding available, while a luxury 5-star hotel will want bedding that helps maintain their luxury image and allows guests to get more for their money.

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Quality feel: Non-itchy polyester mattresses are ubiquitous, so you’ll find that most hotel mattresses are made from cotton (sometimes it can be polycotton that combines the best parts of polyester and cotton, making it an easily affordable and durable option). Cotton is breathable and soft, which feels great on the skin and won’t make you sweat overnight.

Durability: Hotel beds will be used by dozens, if not hundreds, of guests over their lifetime. For this reason, it needs to be washed again and again in order to be used again and again. This means that the bedding that hotels buy must have the durability to last long enough that hotels don’t have to constantly spend money replacing bedding.

Easy maintenance: They need to be easily attached to the washing machine, usually with commercial size machines, with no or very few special requirements during the washing process, such as when sent to a laundromat. Bed linen turnover in hotels needs to be fast because cleaners don’t want to end up with shortages, so things like colored labels on the duvet cover help housekeepers quickly identify which duvet cover is compatible with a particular duvet size (you can find out what our colored tabs mean here) coming).

Good value: Because after all, everyone wants to get their money’s worth when they buy something. Quality, durability and a great price help hotels stay profitable. But the same goes for buying bedding for the home because we all have budgets to keep up with.

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The first thing to note is that while thread count is often taken as an indicator of quality, the quality of the material used is much more important than the thread count, so 100% cotton is the ideal choice. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a myth that higher thread count automatically means better quality bedding. Hotels will usually gravitate towards thread counts above 180 and the best spot will be between 300-600.

Keep in mind that extremely high thread counts, such as 1,000 thread counts, sacrifice a lot of durability to get to that stage because they are often made of multi-ply threads that give less strength.

Most hotels usually use only one color for their bedding: white. There are some good reasons for this, such as it’s easier to keep clean and guests can immediately see if the bed has been cleaned. We’ve covered all the reasons in this article.

If they use other colors they tend to be pretty muted. So, you can see only cream or gray, but white is standard. Of course, that doesn’t mean that hotel-quality colored linens aren’t available (we sell some here at Vision Linens), so if you want colorful linens in your bedroom, there are plenty of options. But if you want to make your bedroom feel like a hotel room, one of the tricks we recommend here is to choose white bedding.

What Pillows Do Hotels Use? Everything You Need To Know

Leaving aside the quality of the material we discussed earlier, the reason why climbing a hotel bed feels so good is because the bedding has been recently washed (yes, you hope it’s an alternative hotel you should never stay in again) so you’re sleeping on new sheets. The obvious way to repeat this at home is to make sure you wash your bedding regularly. We’re not saying you should wash your bedding every few days, but don’t leave it on for weeks, regardless of the quality of the bedding, this buildup of dirt will ensure the bedding isn’t washed. to feel good.

Meanwhile, hotel cleaners have a quick trick to fix hotel linens. They spray the leaf with a fine mist of water, then use their hands to smooth out our wrinkles. Try it yourself! Hotel pillows are luxurious and offer an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep. If you want to bring the hotel experience into your home or are wondering what pillows hotels use, our guide will cover everything you need to know about hotel pillows.

Our pillow buying guide gives you an idea of ​​how hotel owners choose their pillows and what to look for to find the best pillow products.

Goodbye to restless nights; Take a look below to discover everything you need to know about the world of hotel pillows! If you’re wondering what kind of pillows Hilton hotels use or why they’re so comfortable, we’re here for you!

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The main reason why hotel pillows are more comfortable than pillows at home is that hotel owners are very careful about which pillows they buy. This is so that they can offer their guests a first-class sleep experience.

Most hotel pillow designs are much more expensive than your traditional home pillow. A higher quality pillow usually leads to a more comfortable pillow, so you always remember how soft the pillows in your hotel room were!

Another reason why hotel pillows are so comfortable is that they usually offer a variety of pillows. Since it can be difficult to know exactly what type of pillow a guest prefers, hotels will offer a variety of pillows in their rooms.

With so many choices, it’s easy to quickly find the one that fits your comfort needs, and that’s another reason why hotels always have the best pillows!

How To Care For Your Pillows

Hotel owners consider a number of factors such as stiffness, cost and padding when choosing the perfect pillow for their hotel. That’s why luxury pillows in a hotel feel much more comfortable than those we use at home.

Below, you can find out what factors a hotel should consider when choosing their pillows, and what to look for if you’re looking for a hotel quality pillow.

It can be difficult for hotels to choose the ideal hardness level as it tends to come down to personal taste. Therefore, it is not unusual for some luxury hotels to stock pillows of different firmness.

Most hotels will provide two pillows with different levels of firmness in their beds. The upper pillow will usually be softer than the lower one, allowing guests to choose the pillow that suits their taste.

Producing A New Kind Of Pillow

When guests pay for a first-class sleep experience,

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