What To Ask Divorce Attorney At Consultation

What To Ask Divorce Attorney At Consultation – Deciding on a divorce is never easy, and contacting a divorce attorney can make it even more final.

If the thought of gathering documents to prepare for a divorce consultation is stressful, don’t worry. You can benefit greatly from consulting an experienced divorce attorney without a single sheet of paper. However, if you’re the type of person who does better when preparing for a big meeting, such as a consultation with a divorce attorney, gather as many of these items as possible for your consultation with your divorce attorney.

What To Ask Divorce Attorney At Consultation

Your attorney will need to know when and where you and your spouse were legally married, so bring a copy of your marriage certificate. This will help your attorney determine that you are legally married to your spouse and that the court can grant you a divorce.

Finding An Attorney You Can Work With, And One That Works With You!

A large part of the divorce process involves finances, especially the division and management of assets. Your attorney will want to know what the court is likely to divide between you and your spouse.

Did you and your spouse have a prenuptial agreement? Be sure to take it with you too.

It is also best to let the attorney know what is yours alone (because you acquired it before marriage) so they know what should not be split with your spouse.

A court may order that one spouse pay alimony (also known as spousal support or alimony) to the other to help care for the children or to help the other spouse maintain the same standard of living.

How To Prepare For A Divorce Attorney Consultation

Providing your attorney with proof of income through tax returns, pay stubs, and employment records can help determine what you or your spouse are entitled to receive or pay.

Do you own a business or have other sources of income outside of work?

Bring documents that show what you earn or receive from these sources to help your attorney determine the true total income of you and your spouse. Provide your attorney with these statements to determine your or your spouse’s likely financial liability to the other.

Just as it is important to know what you and your spouse own and earn, the financial picture is incomplete without knowing what debt you have and what you and your spouse are still obligated to pay.

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It is important for your divorce attorney to know if you or your spouse are involved in other legal matters.

For example, if you have a restraining order against your spouse, your attorney will need a copy of it.

Although many marriages end due to marital differences, sometimes there is a specific reason for divorce. This is known as a “fault” divorce.

If you have evidence that you want to use as grounds for divorce, make sure your attorney has that evidence. This may be evidence of:

Tips For When You First Meet With Your Divorce Attorney

If you have already started divorce proceedings (either by yourself or with another attorney), bring all relevant information, documents, and statements that have already occurred during the process to your meeting with your new attorney.

If there is anything specific you want your attorney to know about your marriage, your spouse, or yourself, be sure to bring those facts to your appointment.

For example, if you supported your spouse financially when he graduated from university, you may be entitled to compensation for this. Your divorce attorney knows best what the court needs to know, so give your attorney everything you think they need to know.

Always come to the consultation with questions at hand! It can be very easy to lose track of time and forget what you wanted to ask unless you’ve written them down on paper. We will be happy to answer these questions for you.

Questions To Ask During Your Family Law Consultation

At Stanley-Wallace Law, we take the time to listen to what is most important to you in your divorce proceedings and work toward a favorable outcome. Call us at 985-288-4621 for more information. Choosing a divorce attorney to represent you is an important step that can have a lasting impact on your future. To help with the process, we’ve compiled a list of questions that a

The most important question to ask when consulting with a divorce attorney is that attorney’s experience with Illinois divorce law. You want to be sure that the attorney you hire to represent you in your divorce is familiar with divorce laws, judges, and other attorneys in the arena, and has several years of experience representing individuals involved in divorce.

You’ll also want to ask the attorney the geographic area in which they most often practice. This will give you the information you need to know the judges, rules and practitioners in the location where your divorce is being filed.

Often, potential clients come to a law firm to consult with a lawyer, and the lawyer they consult with is not their lawyer. You’ll want to understand whether the person you’re meeting with will represent you, or if you’re staying with the firm, you’ll be represented by another attorney, such as an associate of the firm. If you want to be specifically represented by the person you meet with, that’s fine, but you need to make it known. Too many times I have had potential clients come to me saying that they interviewed and hired X attorney and X firm and they never saw that person again and were unhappy with the attorney they worked with. It’s best to make this clear in your initial conversation.

Key Questions To Ask During A Divorce Attorney Consultation

During a consultation with a divorce attorney, asking this question opens up a conversation about attorney preferences and mediation and litigation. If you prefer mediation, you need to choose a lawyer who understands and believes in it. However, if you prefer to prepare your case for trial and have the judge decide, you need to make sure you have an attorney who is a strong arguer in the courtroom.

Ask a lawyer what you can do to move the case forward. Attorneys need to know that you are interested in being an active party in the case and provide all necessary information, documents and details in a timely manner to get your case on track for either a mediated settlement or trial.

These questions will give you an idea of ​​how the attorney bills, what he bills for, how much, and when and how you will receive the bills. It also lets you know when they bill you for things like administrative work or phone calls. Faxes what the costs will be and if there are any costs that will be incurred without consulting you first. In addition, you will learn what the attorney’s retainer fee is and how the retainer is used. Either the hold is held in the client’s account until the end of the case and is applied or returned at the end of the case, or is it used to pay costs and fees as your case progresses. It’s also important to know if they bill in increments of 0.1 or 0.2 or 0.25, meaning the lowest billed amount is either 0.1, 0.2 or 0.25 – and goes up from there to 0.2, 0 .4, .25, etc. I would like to ask if there are other law firm staff working on your case, and if so, what their role is and what their hourly rate is.

This question allows you to understand how they communicate information to you. Is it by phone call, letter, email, text message, etc. You want to know what and how you will be informed. You will also want to let your attorney know during this part of the conversation whether or not you want to be in court every day, or if you only want to be in court when required. The level of communication between the lawyer and the client is controlled by the client. If you want more or less communication, make sure your divorce attorney understands.

Ensure A Smooth Consultation With This Divorce Planning Checklist

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