What Do You Have To Do To File For Bankruptcy
What Do You Have To Do To File For Bankruptcy

What Do You Have To Do To File For Bankruptcy

What Do You Have To Do To File For Bankruptcy – If you’re like any regular person, you probably have several “unofficial” points for the various files, papers, and documents that enter your life.

Your desk is a candidate, as is the kitchen table – and, of course, at the bottom of the backpack, where the paper will die and cannot be recovered.

What Do You Have To Do To File For Bankruptcy

Channeling the combined spiritual energy of Marie Kondo and Leslie Knope, I’ve created this guide that will show you how to easily organize all your files, documents, and papers.

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We’ll start by figuring out which files should be on paper (rather than on the computer). Then, we will talk about how to organize and process these files using the Three Location System. Finally, we will dig into how you can start digitizing your files.

Look, it’s 2019. We don’t write our friends’ phone numbers in our Rolodexes anymore, and when the phone company leaves the phone book on our doorstep today, we angrily tweet to destroy the environment.

So… should we talk about how to organize physical files? Shouldn’t we all be using paper?

I don’t like to keep a lot of paper in my life. I prefer to store all my files in the cloud, which does not take up space and can be accessed on all devices.

Federal Student Aid

However, there are some things that should only be kept in physical form. So, until we all figure out how to upload our consciousness to a computer and use our fully simulated existence (if we haven’t already –

If you’re a student, you probably don’t have many types of documents right now; However, you are likely to acquire some of them in the future, and you want a safe place to store them.

Additionally, you may want to keep certain sentimental documents – clippings of newspaper articles you mentioned or wrote yourself, extra special birthday cards, crayon drawings from your sister – things like that.

There are a few other optional locations you can add to your system (which I’ll talk about later), but these three should cover most of your needs.

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The main file box is where the majority of your physical files should end up (if you’re not going to digitize them).

From the paper that needs to be saved, you can buy a multi-drawer filing cabinet for this purpose; However, I find that one file box is more than enough for me.

This file box is built to store hanging folders, each of which gets a label. Most hanging folders come with labels.

Now, when you create a structure here, it’s a good idea to try to adhere to the “tree” structure used for digital files.

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Use each hanging folder as the top level folder. This may be all you need; if you’re like me, you won’t have a ton of physical files and don’t need to go deeper.

If you need to go deeper, you have a few options. First, just put some regular folders in a hanging folder.

I actually have an example of this; the landlord left all the file boxes with the house i rented because of him

Each hanging folder is just a letter of the alphabet; in each one folder for each piece of the house – garage door, security system, refrigerator, etc.

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Another method is to use pieces of printer paper as dividers, then attach a sticky flag to the edge of each one to create a label that sticks up from the rest of the paper.

You can also use thicker construction paper if you want these dividers to be more substantial than regular paper.

Adding sticky flags to paper creates useful separators for different file types.

This method is not like using folder-within-folder, because it allows you to select specific folders when you need to work on them. However, it is cheaper – and takes less space.

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Be honest with me here: When you get a piece of mail that you need to put in a file box, how often do you immediately open the file box and put it in the right place?

I would guess that not 100% of the time, and the kitchen table if used often is a convenient place to throw things that will be “taken care of later.”

Open the file box and find the right folder for each file you get when you get it. It is more efficient if certain times are blocked for processing

From your unorganized files, mail, cryptic messages written in cut-out magazine letters and nailed to the door, etc.

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However, your kitchen table should not be a dumping ground for all these things at the same time. It’s a project for your Inbox.

An inbox is a simple tray (or stack of trays if you want to get fancy) that sits on your desk. When you get something that needs to be processed later, you put it in your inbox. There it will wait for the process.

At least once a week, go through everything in your inbox and decide what to do with each piece – finish it (if it represents a task, like a water bill), digitize it, recycle it, or put it into your main file system.

When you’re out of the house and away from file boxes and inboxes, you still need some way to keep with whatever paper you get at work, class, or from the guy outside the local coffee shop holding up “The End is Neh. “sign.

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Now, depending on the type of work you do and the classes you take, your portable file folder can be a portable inbox (that you clean out regularly) or a mini file box that actually holds paper for a reasonable amount of time. .

If you’re like me, you don’t have physical paper to carry around. You may bring a physical notebook (maybe you’re a bullet journal user) or a novel, but you don’t bring worksheets and other papers.

If that’s the case, then I recommend keeping one folder in your bag and using it as a portable inbox. This gives you a safe place to temporarily store any papers you get when you’re out and about, and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

When you get home each day, you can move the last papers and pamphlets you received to your main file box, inbox, or trash.

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Or what if you’re a high-powered business person with hair who needs to carry business papers?

In that case, a single folder probably won’t cut the mustard. (Actually, the corner of the folder is more than capable of cutting mustard – but I digress)

Instead, look for a portable accordion folder (I recommend this one from Five Stars). These come in a variety of designs, from those that only have close-fitting lids to those that zip up and have tabs for labels.

All of these have one thing in common: They provide several folders in one slim, compact package, which means they act as a portable file box that you can get out of.

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You can easily separate and organize all your different papers for a class or a Very Important Business Deal, and unlike old school binders with hard spines, they expand or contract based on how many you do.

A Three-Location System will likely be all you need for the majority of your files, especially if you’re planning to start digitizing. However, there are some potential exceptions. Here I will cover a couple that you may want to consider.

One type of physical “file” that is almost never digitized is the product manual. I have manuals for lawnmowers, digital pianos, cameras, and various other things I’ve bought. These are often quite thick, so they take up a lot of space in the main file box if I try to store them there.

That’s why I also have a “manual box”. In my case, it’s just a cardboard box in the basement where I keep the manuals for the things I buy. It is not very organized. Whenever I buy something and think I should keep the manual, I just throw it in the box.

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Organized with your manual box – in fact, my landlord’s file box is, indeed, a hyper-organized manual box. When I finally have my own house, I will make the same manual box.

However, for now, the number of manuals I need is small enough that a single box – without folders – works fine.

Remember, sometimes optimizing one small part of your life takes so much time that your life as a whole becomes less than optimal.

For your very sensitive documents, man. Safety deposit boxes can be rented at most banks for

Creating New Files And Folders

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