What Are The Elder Scrolls Online Classes
What Are The Elder Scrolls Online Classes

What Are The Elder Scrolls Online Classes

What Are The Elder Scrolls Online Classes – Elder Scrolls Online currently has 4 classes available to play. Each has a different feel, which makes them play differently from the rest. One of the most important parts of the class system is how diverse an individual class can be. Unlike other MMOs, ESO’s classes have very different skill trees, meaning a tank class can also be a healer or DPS.

The powerful Dragon Knight uses the power of fire to deal massive amounts of damage. They’re great at close quarters combat, but also have a skill tree for you to learn in so they can tank enemies in front of your party. They can easily wield any weapon, so don’t be surprised to see people running around with bows, swords, or giant two-handed weapons.

What Are The Elder Scrolls Online Classes

These long-range damage dealers have multiple skill trees that allow them to cast powerful spells. They can use the power of lightning or summon powerful Daedra from the realm of Oblivion. Whichever skill tree you choose, you will always be a backline caster and use a staff to hurl your powerful spells.

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The Templar is one of the most diverse classes in the game. Each skill tree lets you do something different, ranging from fueling to crowd control effects to healing. For this reason, it will not be uncommon to see several Templars in a group, but each playing a different role in it. Depending on the skill tree you choose, your weapon of choice will be different, with tanks as an option for a sword and shield, while a Templar healer may want to use a staff.

The most dedicated DPS class in the game, the Nightblade, allows players to deal massive amounts of damage while focusing heavily on stealth. Regardless of the skill tree you choose, you will always be able to deal tons of damage with this class. They are also great in solos and have very high sustain values ​​thanks to their many abilities that divert health, magic and stamina from targets. While a bow is an option, you can expect most Nightblades to get close to their enemies.

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Necromancers, masters of death, can call upon corpses to serve as undead slaves and weave hideous spells to both damage and heal.

All of Tamriel’s dead are a tool for you to manipulate and exploit as nothing is off limits to those who want to master the dark arts. The Necromancer class brings a unique playstyle to The Elder Scrolls Online, allowing you to summon the undead and use corpses to overwhelm your enemies and amplify your attacks. Available with the Elsweyr chapter or the Necromancer class upgrade from the Crown Store.

Infuse the dead with frost, fire and lightning to destroy your enemies. Raise the ruthless undead and let your fallen foes intensify your unyielding onslaught.

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Bend and break the dead to your will and use their remains to create impenetrable barriers and extend your own life. Master the battlefield with the bones of the dead.

Harness the power of life and death to replenish and restore your allies. Bring your defeated comrades back to life and keep them in battle.

Manipulate the wilderness and summon powerful beasts with the Warden, a versatile class that draws on the power of nature itself. Playing a Warden character lets you unleash the wrath of the wilderness on unsuspecting invaders, wrap your allies in the healing power of the Green, and wrap yourself in impenetrable, protective frost. Available with the Morrowind Chapter of Warden Class upgrade in the Crown Store.

Summon beasts to attack your enemies and power up your attacks, including screeching cliff racers, monstrous bears and swarms of stinging fetch flies.

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Free To Play Until April 26

Maintain balance on the battlefield by drawing on nature to wrap your allies in soothing vines, sprout healing flowers from the earth, and even summon an enchanted forest.

Use powerful frost magic spells to fortify your defenses and weaken your enemies, hindering them in devastating, unforgiving cold.

Burn your enemies in cleansing flames and withstand almost any attack with the Dragonknight, a fiery, ruthless class that thrives at the heart of battle. The Dragonknight class allows you to win the war of attrition with abilities that draw strength from both the Earth and the mythical beasts, while overpowering your enemies with ferocious fire spells. Available with the base game The Elder Scrolls Online.

Unleash your fury with relentless Fire and Poison abilities that deal devastating damage over time and intensify your attacks.

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Harness the power of the ancient dragons to fortify your defenses, surround yourself with protective shells, and engage in unstoppable ferocity.

Harness the power of the Earth to fortify your allies and your allies, stun your enemies and envelop yourself in harmful molten lava.

Sorcerers can cast incantation and destruction spells to hurl lightning bolts, use dark magic to ensnare and stun, and summon Daedric battle followers from Oblivion.

The horrors of Oblivion and the power of lightning itself can be controlled with the Sorcerer Class. As a wizard, you have unlimited power at your fingertips, allowing you to summon powerful lightning strikes from above, support your allies, suppress your foes, or overwhelm your foes with Daedric monsters. Available with the base game The Elder Scrolls Online.

How To Build A Dps Templar In Elder Scrolls Online

Summon terrors from the realm of Oblivion to attack your enemies, and conjure up powerful armor and shields to keep yourself and your minions in battle.

Support your allies and quell your enemies with insidious yet powerful abilities that can immobilize, silence, and even dispel your enemies’ own magical effects.

Sling lightning strikes to deal massive shock damage, thunder across the battlefield and deal massive damage to your enemies from afar.

By alternately relying on stealth, blades and speed, Nightblades thrive on conflict and misfortune, relying on their luck and cunning to survive.

Eso Dps Tier List

Attack from the shadows, deplete your enemies’ health, and disappear into the void with the Nightblade Class. The shadows are truly your greatest weapon, as you wield abilities that deal devastating damage at any range and transfer your victim’s life force to your allies.Available in the base game The Elder Scrolls Online.

Strike with terrible lethality and leave your enemies weakened or worse with abilities that deal massive damage and weaken them for the final blow.

Embrace the shadows to find the perfect moment to strike or slip away without notice. Scare your enemies with terrifying ghosts and ruthless shades.

Weaken your enemies and give them a slow death with deadly abilities that drain the enemy from their lives while healing you and your allies.

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Free To Play Until April 26

Templars call upon the powers of light and the blazing sun to inflict massive damage on their enemies while restoring the health, magic and stamina of their allies.

Seeking or finding darkness, the Templar is a beacon to their allies and a blinding threat to their enemies. As a Templar, you must bring justice to Tamriel in the form of cleansing light. Summon the limitless power of the sun to wipe out your enemies and restore yourself and your allies in radiant light. Available with the base game The Elder Scrolls Online.

Bring holy vengeance with ruthless, powerful weapons made from hard light that can deal magical damage, stun your enemies and support your allies.

Unleash the unyielding power of the sun to set your enemies on fire and inflict massive damage. Strengthen your attacks and weaken your enemies in radiant heat.

How The Elder Scrolls Online Balances Class Choice With Character Progression

Restore and protect your allies with the power of the sacred light of the Aedra. Dedicate the ground and turn the tide of battle with spells that

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