Watercolour Painting Classes Online
Watercolour Painting Classes Online

Watercolour Painting Classes Online

Watercolour Painting Classes Online – Check out and love Contemporary Watercolor Painting! If you’re new to watercolor painting, get the confidence to become a new watercolor artist with this online beginner watercolor class!

If you have tried watercolor painting on your own and are not getting the results you want, you may be missing some important watercolor techniques that I teach in this tutorial for those who start.

Watercolour Painting Classes Online

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at watercolor painting, but you don’t have the confidence or know-how to get started, you’re looking for something to help you paint, so you can enjoy watercolor and it’s successful.

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You may be thinking, “Yes! but I don’t know where to start. Or even what you want to get painted.

Watercolor can be intimidating. I know what it’s like to see all the beautiful posts on social media and marvel at the flowers, leaves, and abstract pieces that people are sharing.

The truth is, everyone starts somewhere. One part is the beginning. While it may seem like everyone is blessed with natural talent and a wealth of experience, the truth is, everyone starts as a beginner. Learn what tools to use, how to mix the perfect watercolor paint mix, and how to make brush strokes look simple and beautiful – the essentials for painting watercolor pieces and confidence.

Having trouble logging in to class?! Email our Customer Service Team at [email protected] and they will be happy to help you!

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There are over 8 hours of video tutorials that you can watch and re-watch as often as you want while checking out all the tips and techniques along the way.

Yes! You can watch episodes as often as you like! I encourage you to participate, watch, rewatch and paint with me!

The tutorial includes a list of recommended items! This means a few sizes of round brushes, some basic colors like yellow, blue, red etc. (I teach you how to mix colors), watercolor paper, palette and some bottles water! Plus, you’ll get more information in the tutorials as we explore our tools and use them! Download a full list of submissions here!

I always recommend that you work within your own budget. I’m going to show you my list of recommended supplies that are a mix of student and professional grade equipment and why I chose them for the class. You can decide what to buy when you watch the stock tutorial. For example, student paintings are great to start with, and you can improve as your watercolor skills and confidence grow!

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This course is 8+ hours of content! Each section is divided into 5 sections, and multiple video tutorials can be run to make it easy to look back and review sections if needed.

Designed with a beginner in mind! I’ll take you through everything you need to get started as we practice watercolor techniques in a very approachable format. You will learn basic watercolor techniques that you can apply while we paint fun subjects.

No writing experience necessary. I will show you how to paint everything we do for each project. I’ll teach you how to draw in this Easy Watercolors class!

No problem! Send it to our Customer Support Team at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Online Watercolor Class For Beginners — Nicki Traikos

In this fun and in-depth online watercolor class, I’ll guide you through a full tutorial with video tutorials that teach you watercolor techniques in an approachable, fun way. also.

I know, watercolor can seem like a difficult and intimidating subject. But watercolor is also beautiful and easy with the right techniques. I’ll guide you step by step, using hours and hours of video tutorials with easy-to-complete projects and easy-to-follow instructions. You can watch and re-watch these video tutorials as often as you want. Instead, I recommend watching the lesson first, then painting what you’ve learned while watching the lesson with me. Go back to previous lessons and projects as often as you want and be sure to take this class for as long as you need to go from novice watercolor artist to professional watercolor artist!

If you are afraid to try your hand at watercolor painting, don’t know where to start but want to invest in yourself and add watercolor painting to your repertoire, this class is for you. !

Not only will you learn how to paint and watercolor, but I will teach you how to start developing your own style through practical painting projects, color selection and interpretation of projects.

Upcoming Online Watercolor Painting Classes

When you complete this class, you’ll have pieces of art that you can frame, use in your design, and use for greeting cards and gifts!

By working together in this class, I will give you some techniques to help you paint right now, help calm yourself and build your confidence, you can express your creativity using paintbrushes, watercolors and paper!

I break each section down into smaller sections so you can go through each video lesson at your own pace, so you can practice before moving on to the next lesson. Take this class at your own pace! Discover the lessons you want the best way to learn, through repetition and practice.

I will give you a task for each section to complete until you end up painting your own color wheel, color palette, reference text, botanicals, flowers and more to start your watercolor journey and reference as you go. explore this beautiful language.

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If you have any questions about this class, please contact me before registration closes again [email protected]

Be confident because you’ve just learned everything you need to know about watercolor to produce pieces of art that you can frame, gift, or use in your work. design.

“This is the best watercolor class I’ve ever taken…your teaching method is just amazing..I’ve been able to learn so much and do everything so far..I love it this class and can’t wait to continue!”

“Nicki, Thank you so much for this watercolor class! You are an amazing teacher and artist! Thank you for purchasing this class! Looking forward to more classes down the road. Theresa”

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I’m so sorry!! My course is over!! Lots of beautiful pieces! I am working on my journal now. And I’m looking to do a great part. I made a lot of cards and bookmarks and gift tags. I also took my niece’s Save the Date card for her wedding and placed it next to a beautiful bouquet I had painted, facing her. He loves it!! So I’m ready for your next class!! Thank you so much!!!

“This is the best money I have ever spent. You are so clear and honest. Thank you!” “Great class, Nicki. Thank you. I’ve taken watercolor classes and this lesson really put me on a firmer footing. I’ve signed up for an advanced course and hope to grow.” “It’s sad to come to an end! This is great and your way of teaching is so easy, thanks! I love the stack of paintings and I have to go back! Can’t wait to jump to the advanced levels! I learned a lot and became more confident with my watercolors!” “You have the heart of an artist and a teacher. Thank you !!” “I like that each part is easy to follow and the encouraging voice speaks to me. I can sit and practice at when I want and play again when needed. And my art supplies are being used. I studied under amazing artists during my college years and I can’t believe I’ve let the years go many times since then. These classes really help to build my confidence.”

I’m excited to offer this Simple Water Bottle! I wanted to create a class to help you go from beginner mode to working as a watercolor painter. This class will continue to use my painting techniques and techniques in my fashion style, which is very approachable and fun.

If you’ve never taken one of my classes before, you’re in awe. I can tell you that my classes are easy going with a mix of references and easy painting projects. My teaching style is relaxed and I explain my thinking about what I teach and what I take away from each lesson. Watercolor is a wonderful art medium because it is so approachable. With a glass of water and some paint, you can create amazing works of art.

Enjoy Online Art Classes From One Of The Most Knowledgeable Artists

Going to watercolor workshops is great, but did you know that there are also great online classes that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home?

That said, I’m mixed up

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