Tera Online Job Classes

Tera Online Job Classes

Tera Online Job Classes – When TERA Online was released in Western markets back in 2012, the action-oriented gameplay really helped it stand out when MMOs were desperately copying and trying to keep up with World of Warcraft. With such a unique system and varied classes, many players were thrown into the deep end in terms of which class worked best for them. So, we have the best classes for your particular play style for new players or those returning after a hiatus.

Lancers fulfill the traditional role of a tank with their heavy armor and shields. Poking at enemies with their lances, they are the very definition of a “meat shield.” Although they are not very mobile, they have the highest durability in TERA Online. Lancers are great for dungeons and group play, but can be a struggle when playing solo content.

Tera Online Job Classes

The slayer is the quintessential melee DPS class focused on devastating attacks with its oversized greatsword. Able to dance around enemies and well suited to knock them down, Slayers are great in a group or solo adventurer. Their combos will take some getting used to, but are a thing of beauty once mastered.

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One of TERA Online’s varied magic classes, Sorcerers offer huge damage output at the cost of survivability. They are very much the definition of a glass cannon. They are viable as a solo class with smart play and really shine in a group with a tank taking all their hits.

Priests are the definition of a healer, and their healing arts are unparalleled in TERA Online. Just like the Lancer, Priests can be slow to level in solo play and are best served in groups. Look no further than the Priest for those looking for a core healing experience.

The Reaper was TERA Online’s first new class since the game’s release. It is only limited to Elins, which is a point of consternation among players. That being said, the Reaper is a devastating DPS class capable of massive output at close and mid range thanks to its chain blades and dark magic. They are equally comfortable in both a group and solo setting.

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Class Tier List, Mmo Questions And More.

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There are 13 different classes in TERA, each with their own intricacies. This guide will help you choose your major with less hassle!

The Tera Is Going To Be In Japan

TERA has never stopped getting bigger and better, always focused on what it always did best – fighting! With 13 different classes, there’s literally something for everyone, but it’s not easy to decide which class is actually best for your playstyle. The following guide aims to aid your decision-making, by listing all the classes “in-game” style, so you can browse at your leisure!

The newest TERA classes tend to be race and/or gendered, which is always uncool. What’s even worse is that there are 2 (!) classes exclusively for Elins – the loli class.

I suggest checking out all the TERA races as well, as this might be more useful for some people than jumping straight to classes!

Races: All Class Description: Quick attacks and high mobility make warriors essential for group play, but also very survivable when soloing. For tanking, warriors use their defensive stance, Cross Parry, and aggro-generating attacks and shouts. In a DPS role, warriors use Assault Stance, which increases power and stamina.

All Races In Tera Online, Explained

Races: All Class Description: Lancers are heavily armored fighters aimed at anchoring a battle. They generate maximum threat with shouts and special attacks, sacrificing movement and attack power for the best durability in the game.

Races: All Class Description: Agile fighters who use a devastating greatsword. Combine high damage attacks with evasive maneuvers for a dynamic fighting style. Slayer skills are quick, accurate strikes that knock down and incapacitate even the largest enemies, leaving them vulnerable to additional attacks.

Races: All Class Description: Berserkers are constantly on the move, and excel in multiple opponent situations, both as part of a group and solo. They use charge attacks to deal massive damage, and can also block incoming frontal attacks. At level 65, this blocking ability is extended to full tank status.

Races: All Class Description: Sorcerers are spellcasters focused on destroying enemies with high damage “nuke” attacks. The mobile artillery of TERA, a mage’s job is to kill things quickly. When they are grouped, their skills decide which enemy dies first.

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Races: All class Description: Archers are a highly mobile, ranged combatants. By channeling arcane energy into bows, archers create a wide range of damaging effects. Archer skills can poison, slow, stun and trap targets, giving them advantages in every encounter.

Races: All Class Description: Priests are spellcasters whose primary role is to restore health and vitality. However, they should not be taken lightly – the same power that revives allies can be used to strike down enemies.

Races: All class Description: Mystics are a strong healing class with skills to protect and support their party. Mystics also summon powerful thralls to aid and heal them in battle.

Races: Elin Class Description: Reapers are highly mobile, close and mid-range combatants. Channeling their dark energy into chained blades, reapers unleash area attacks and deadly combos that can deal massive damage.

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Races: Castanic (female), High Elf (female), Elin Class Description: Gunners are solid-armored, ranged combatants. Effective from any part of the battlefield, gunnres use a variety of powerful attacks to strike enemies, including some powered entirely by Willpower. Gunner skills focus on dealing damage rather than creating effects, although many of the gunner’s attacks stagger or knock back enemies!

Races: Human, Popori, Elin Class Description: Brawlers are fast, solidly armored, hand-to-hand fighters. Built for close combat, brawlers use a variety of powerful blows to strike enemies, including many powered entirely by Rage. Brawler skills focus on dealing damage, but many brawler attacks knock enemies around the battlefield!

Races: Elin Class Description: Ninjas are fast, deadly fighters with the ability to evade enemy attacks. A ninja’s agility and mobility more than compensate for the lowered defense of dust armor – and their damage output places them firmly on the front lines of any battle.

Races: Castanic (Female), Elin Class Description: Using her intricately carved runeglaive, the valkyrie marks runemarks on enemies and explodes them for massive damage. She mixes slashes, jump attacks and power slams to destroy her enemies, maximizing the effectiveness of her crits while dodging considerable damage.

Tera Rising: Gunner Update Preview

16-hours/day in front of the screen entrepreneur, of which 6+ are spent on gaming. MMOs, CCGs, RPGs and many more, Steam addict and achievement-w***e. There are seven playable races within TERA Online, named Aman, Baraka, Castanics, High Elves, Humans, Elin and Popori. Each playable race has its specific traits and certain classes are race specific. Knowing the general main aspects of each race will give players a better insight into which race and class they will enjoy the most!

Amani are humanoids with horns and demonic aspects who originally lived as slaves and were used as

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