Tera Online Classes

Tera Online Classes

Tera Online Classes – There are seven playable races in TERA Online, called Aman, Baraka, Castanics, High Elves, Humans, Elin, and Popori. Each playable race has its specific traits and certain classes are race-specific. Knowing the general main aspects of each race will give players a better insight into which race and class they will enjoy playing!

Amani are humanoids with horns and demonic aspects who lived originally as slaves and were used as pawns in their masters’ wars. After freeing themselves from their slavery, they gained great honor and grew a deep desire. While they make great warriors, they have racial traits that make them great at many things.

Tera Online Classes

The descendants of the giants, Barakas, are incredibly powerful but also have a deep passion for philosophy and intelligence. Despite being the descendants of active slaves, the Barakas have very similar goals in life to the Amani. Since their original homeland was destroyed, Barakas became a nomadic people.

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The Castanics are another humanoid race with elven pointed ears and curling upturned horns. Allied with the demon-god Loc, the Castanics struggled, and continue to struggle, to gain the trust of other races. They are known to be incredibly loyal but have fiery tempers.

Elin are a female spiritual humanoid race with a youthful appearance as well as animal ears and tails. They were considered to be divine, each one containing a piece of their god, our God. The Elin live an incredibly long time and some are said to be immortal.

After the elves lost the war against the human territory of Essenia, a splinter faction of elves, calling themselves High Elves chose to join the Valkion Federation. Changing from their background of conquest and hostility to a more peaceful and progressive race. Still, despite this, due to their past behavior, not all of the other races are ready to trust the High Elves.

After planning to turn their back on the god who was going to petition for the humans to have their homeland, they were shut out and cursed to be nomadic forever. Much like with any RPG, humans are a basic but versatile race with a focus on communication. As the creators of the Valkion Federation, they have gained an alliance with all the other playable races.

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These are the male counterparts to the Elins, who are more animal than humanoid. Elins were created to protect Elino’s father, but when this story became too much for them, they, in turn, created the Papaori by raising animals. Since then, they have always worked together for whatever purpose they found.

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About the Author India (Clay) MacGregor is a writer and artist, creating their own comic book series Hark√łth’s Blood. They are a lover of high fantasy in all mediums. India originally fell in love with games like Dungeons & Dragons, Morrowind and Dragon Age in childhood. In 2018, they graduated from Full Sail University with their BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment and have been writing ever since. So if you’ve been living under a rock for years, or generally don’t keep up with MMO’s, TERA is an open world action MMO-RPG, and for once, the RPG part isn’t a lie, yeah right? TERA was released in 2011, and was also free to play in 2013, since then they have flourished, despite the fact that people continue to say that TERA is a dead game, personally made new characters recently, both the tutorial area and the beginning area . People running around, even though there aren’t that many people running around in each zone, you still see people.

Since going free to play, TERA has added 4 new classes, and those classes are, well, a quick duel share, but it starts at level 50, and is exclusive to the Elin race, or as everyone calls them, “the lolly race.”. Next was the gunner, as his name implies, it wields a giant gun, and well it shoots monsters with it! The class is also race locked but said races are castanic and elf female. Move to the Brawler class! This class uses two giant metal fists as weapons that you will use to unleash devastating combos on your enemies! I’ve seen it in action.. it’s pretty badass. But again, it’s race locked, this time to human rights. Next we have the Ninja! What to say.. Well, Ninja is an Elin exclusive class, and you weigh a giant shuriken! Hmm.. I’m starting to see a pattern here too.. Also a combo heavy class, like Brawler and Reaper. Now that you are caught up on the classes that have been released so far, let’s talk about

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The new class on its way to TERA is an exclusive castanic female class called Paragon..Moandance..? No, Sentinel? Or is it Valkyrie? Well to be honest they weren’t sure what it was called! En Masse Entertainment said that the direct translation of the class name leaves a little to be desired, so they left the name of the class up to you! Well.. not you specifically.. I mean the people on Tera’s forums. Although if you want to decide what the new class is called, you can always create an account! The Sentinel Para-Moon-Valkyrie is an incredible wielder, not much else is really known about this class, but I’ll keep you updated as we learn more! When TERA Online was released in Western markets back in 2012, the action-oriented gameplay really helped it stand out when MMOs were desperately copying and trying to keep up with World of Warcraft. With such a unique system and varied classes, many players are thrown into the deep end in terms of what class works best for them. So, we have the best classes for your particular play style for new players or those returning after a hiatus.

Lancers fulfill the traditional role of a tank with their heavy armor and shields. Stabbing at enemies with their lances, they are the very definition of a “meat shield”. Although they are not very mobile, they have the highest durability in TERA Online. Lancers are great for dungeons and group play, but can be a complaint if you play solo content.

The Slayer is the quintessential melee DPS class focused on devastating attacks with their oversized greatsword. Slayers can dance around enemies and are well suited to knock them down, Slayers are great in a group or solo adventurer. Their combos will take some getting used to, but they are a thing of beauty once mastered.

Sorcerers, one of TERA Online’s ranged magical classes, offer huge damage output at the cost of survival. They are very much the definition of a glass cannon. They are viable as a solo class with smart play and really shine in a group with a tank with all their hits.

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Priests are the definition of a healer, and their healing arts are unparalleled in TERA Online. Much like the Lancer, Priests can be slow to level in solo play and are best served in groups. Look no further than The Priest for those seeking a heart healing experience.

The Reaper was TERA Online’s first new class since the game’s release. It is limited to Elins only, which is a point of consternation among players. That said, the Reaper is a devastating DPS class capable of huge output at close and mid range thanks to their ranged blades and dark magic. They are equally comfortable in both a group or solo setting.

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