Teaching Online English Classes

Teaching Online English Classes

Teaching Online English Classes – Nick Perkins is an Emmy Award-winning translator, accomplished editor, EFL consultant and skilled and engaging teacher trainer. He has many years of experience working as a teacher around the world. Through these two articles, Nick provides expert advice on how to teach online and optimize your classroom practice for the digital world. In Part 2, he focuses on designing effective online learning spaces.

The way the classroom is organized, decorated, and organized actually affects how students feel, interact, and learn. It’s equally important to think about how a virtual teaching space works and what it looks like, as it has a profound effect on the student’s learning experience.

Teaching Online English Classes

Classrooms are often filled with posters. Student Work Examples and other decorations Just because you’re teaching online doesn’t mean your environment has to look boring.

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Spend some time thinking about your virtual teaching space. Picture it in your head What’s behind you? one side? Is there an echo? Is it light or dark? How far are you from the camera?

Top Tip: Take a selfie from where you teach and analyze what’s behind you. If your background is flat Instead, put the poster up or the chalkboard behind it with helpful words. Make your environment look interesting!

Online tutoring is not always different from one-on-one tutoring. But there are some things that you might not have considered. Here are the top dos and don’ts. my to help

If your teaching space has resonance Try placing a pillow or cushion on either side of the screen. It helps absorb echo and make it easier for your students to hear what you have to say.

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Online learning may be new to students. Therefore, they may need help to ensure that they are successful. Here’s how you can get the most out of technology. Build students’ digital literacy skills. and increase motivation

Students should connect from a private space that is not disturbed by siblings, pets, housewives or parents. The area should be well lit and have a good Wi-Fi signal.

Just like you They should use headphones with an inline microphone. Their webcam should be on. It’s not just for you to see. but so that they can see each other Encourage students to have fun and personalize their space by changing backgrounds or applying filters.

Parents should be aware of the negative effects of noise and distractions on their child’s learning. It is important that they avoid business meetings in the same room where their children are learning. They should ask others In the home respect the child’s right to enjoy a peaceful, private and productive learning environment.

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If you and your students are going online using your computer, tablet, or some form of mobile device to connect to your class. Be sure to use the resources available to you. Emphasize how to use spell check correctly when writing documents, for example, or have students use their cameras to share their work. or even a favorite toy, etc.

Instead of trying (and often fail!) to get all students to speak in class. Have them make videos or audios for homework that they send to you or each other for feedback. or experiment with a small group room If using a licensed platform

Want to show YouTube videos during class? Provide a link for students to view their homework prior to class. Or let students view class homework on their own devices.

In addition to saving your bandwidth They may be inspired to click another video tutorial. (often related) recommendations alongside the videos you want them to watch. And it will be in the recently viewed list if they want to go back. and look again In addition to the platform, Code comes with the Pearson Practice app, which provides all the video and audio from the course.

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If you set up a group task that involves writing a message or designing a presentation. Ask students to use shared Google Docs to collaborate. You will be able to see what they are doing in real time and provide feedback. It works as if you were walking around the classroom and looking over their shoulder.

Make sure you explore the feedback tools that are geared towards your web conferencing platform, such as small group rooms or private chats. But be sure to share relevant information and learning with the whole class. This will allow them all to benefit from your expertise. Just as they would if they listened to you answering your classmates’ questions in the classroom.

If your students are at home They will have access to teaching materials and props that were never available in school. Think about how you can include this in your teaching.

Finally, make sure that the materials you use are suitable for online learning. If you use a book Books should have a fully digital option and provide a platform for your students with practice activities, videos and audio recordings. You should avoid using static pages instead of dynamic events. or online documents that allow real-time collaboration.

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Create online learning materials for parents that describe how they can create a positive and productive learning environment for their children. Many families are struggling with having everyone at home all day. and may not be able to perform everything But it’s still important to explain to them how to optimize the experience if possible.

Top Tip: If you’re using a textbook with digital capabilities such as code, be sure to tell (or show) your parents about the home features they have. so they can help their children get the most out of your lessons.

For more information on online teaching and managing technology resources Please see Part One: Nick’s Article Optimizing Online Language Learning: Managing the Classroom.

Nick has worked in education and printing for over 20 years. He has taught; Managed and trained teachers. Written and compiled ELT documents. and designs and implements curriculum reform programs around the world. Nick is the global ambassador for Pearson’s exciting new main series, Code. He lives in Bogota and spends most of his free time cycling in the Colombian mountains.

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Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter and regular blog updates to receive news, free lesson plans and teaching advice. Founded in 2007, Open English a Preferred Employment Partner offers something different for local teachers. Teaching English Online Unlike many e-learning companies based in Asia and mainly cater to younger learners, Open English is based in Latin America and offers 24/7, one-on-one and group classes for adult students. specifically Find out if this partner is right for you.

Preferred partners, such as Open English, are highly vetted and fully audited TEFL/TESOL employers who work closely with them. We recommend these trusted employers and endeavor to connect our online TEFL graduates to teaching positions with them as part of our suite of recruitment services.

To teach at Open English, you must have education or training in TEFL/TESOL or a related field. A 120-hour certificate in TEFL/TESOL is sufficient to meet this requirement. You can add a special certificate to teach English online to prepare for the virtual classroom and make your online teaching history stand out.

Open English is different from many online tutoring companies. Teaching is available 24/7, so you can teach whenever you want! However, you will need to provide at least 10 hours of free time per week. And these five hours must be within the company’s peak hours. Peak hours are Monday through Friday between 6:00 PM ET and 1:00 AM ET and on weekends.

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Teachers who work for Open English often make between $10-$13 an hour, with bonuses allowing you to make nearly $15/hour.

You’ll be able to work from home and have a very flexible work schedule, as Open English offers classes 24/7, unlike most online English tutoring jobs. Another advantage is the fact that students live in Latin America. This means that their time zones are more consistent with the time zones of teachers working in North America. Consider that most online ESL jobs are for students in Asian countries 12-13 hours faster than North America. This is a big win!

Once you’re hired as a tutor, you’ll need to complete the onboarding process. This involves compulsory training. Open English certification program which covers all necessary guidelines and procedures. So you can feel confident by using the teaching platform.

Using Open English’s teaching platform, teachers organize one-on-one or group classes for adults. The company is a great choice for ESL teachers who want to work with older students. This is because most online ESL tutoring companies offer classes for young learners. You’ll be able to choose availability and will have the option to drop off or pick up a class when last-minute rescheduling needs to be changed.

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