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Take Acting Classes Online Free – Learn the steps to start your acting career now! A series of free online acting workshops for the industry from The Online Acting Training Studio.

The workshop video will open in your web browser (we recommend Google Chrome). You *don’t* need the Zoom app.

Take Acting Classes Online Free

Want to learn HOW to START as an actor? We host this FREE online acting video series for actors who want to learn how to build their acting career as well as get a free taste of our weekly online acting classes.

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***Adult actors: To register to attend a free online acting technique class SUBMIT THIS FORM** https://theonlineactor.com/pages/try-a-free-online-acting-class -zoom-lesson

The Online Actor Training Studio helps actors learn Film/TV acting in our classes and workshops from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a complete beginner or someone with training and experience, we have acting classes and lessons that can help accelerate your acting career!

We cannot guarantee placement or eligibility to attend our online acting technique class. See our studio terms linked here: https://theonlineactor.com/policies/terms-of-service

*** This industry video series is open to anyone and everyone from all over the world. Those under 18 need parental permission to view.***

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Our instructors have over 15 years of experience and are working actors who have appeared on Netflix, Hulu, FX, HBO, CBS, Starz, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel shows as well as numerous films and digital projects.

It’s completely FREE and a great way to learn all things acting, including how to progress your career!

We created this free series to mentor actors and build networking opportunities for actors/filmmakers. Acting classes are extremely important, and although some actors may choose to sign up for our classes later, there is no need for anyone to join our paid classes. There is absolutely no obligation beyond the free workshop. You don’t pay for anything! We love to train and are happy to be a launching point for someone’s acting career 🙂

Los Angeles, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Winnipeg, Anchorage, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Toronto, Sudbury, Ottawa, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis, New Orleans, Montreal, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Chicago, Louisville, Memphis, Baltimore, Nashville, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando, Halifax, Philadelphia, Atlanta, St John’s, New York, Boston and in everywhere in between!

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Tickets for HOW TO LAUNCH YOUR ACTING CAREER – Free Online Workshop – Class/Classes can be booked here.

Fri September 23 2022 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm Add to the Calendar Google Calendar Outlook Calendar iCal Calendar Yahoo CalendaThe O.A. Training Studio is a fully online studio offering Film/TV acting classes and workshops for all skill and experience levels. We also offer private career coaching, private audition coaching, self-taped and demo reel feedback, and a free industry-focused video series. Come experience our revolutionary organic approach to screen acting and advance your career!

Develop your craft as an actor through training in Film and TV Acting at The Online Actor Training Studio! Our expert coaches will guide you as you work towards it

That gets you noticed by decision makers. Our actors have booked roles on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Peacock Network, CBS, USA Network, Lifetime, Hallmark,

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, with classes at a fraction of the cost of other studios. Watch a free class to see for yourself!

The online format enables actors from anywhere in the world to learn our unique, highly camera-focused acting technique. Departing from traditional methods rooted in theatre, the moment-to-moment (M2M) acting technique of The O.A. ideal for online training, and suited to today’s industry.

Casting has moved online, as self-taping is the new way to spot actors for major Hollywood productions. An actor living in Toronto, British Columbia, Ontario, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Atlanta, the UK, Ireland, or Australia could order a large portion of an audition tape shot at home and be on a plane the next day to Los Angeles! The key is

Our Zoom classes on camera will help you be prepared. Join a truly global community of actors as you gain the skills and confidence to

Websites That Offer Free Online Acting Classes

Getting started with our training is easy. For Adults (aged 18+) who are new to acting, take our Acting Workshop for Beginners, which runs 2-3 times a month. If you have previous acting experience, purchase one class credit and jump into Acting On-Camera | Scene Study Class! Our trainers will advise you on the appropriate category and level of our training after this session.

. Basics, Intermediate and Advanced have 5 levels each, with 4 classes per level. Each class costs 1 credit. In-Depth is intended as a master level of sorts, with no flat endpoint. These classes are mixed level, and you’ll receive tons of individualized instruction!

We also offer an Audition Technique Class for those training in Fundamentals 2 or above, which allows actors to work on their own auditions in class.

One-on-One Audition Coaching, One-on-One Career Coaching, and Self-Tape or Reel Demo Feedback are available to actors of all skill and experience levels (ages 14+), regardless of whether they are training with us in The O.A. or not!

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For Young People (16-19 years old), we offer Teen Acting Workshops! In these fully online sessions, actors will do scene work in pairs with specific guidance and feedback from one of our expert trainers.

Marina has built a career in Film/TV and Digital for over 10 years. She has appeared in various serials like

As a special skill, Marina is also fluent in Russian and has been called upon to perform multilingual roles across the industry.

Curious about our classes? Adults (18+) can observe a class for free! Observing gives you a risk-free opportunity to experience our organic approach to Film and Television acting. You’ll find intermediate, intermediate and advanced level acting training all in one session! Adults can also be eligible to take part in a free class, where you get a taste of our on-camera training method. And it’s 100% free – there’s no requirement to register or take future classes after a free observation session.

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We have a free industry-focused workshop and webinar series, “Level Up Your Acting Career.” Although we hope you are interested in training with us, there is absolutely NO obligation beyond the free videos – we love to train and are happy to be a point launch for one’s acting career. Our informational workshop “How to Launch Your Interim Career” is available to view on demand. We’ll cover all the basics of starting your acting career, from different types of acting training and your first shots, to building a demo reel and understanding the differences between Union and non-Union work. Remember to register for our next live webinar!

Most of my life I felt like I had to go to university, get a degree and get a stable, secure job, while still pursuing a weekend hobby I was passionate about. The O.A. and my coach changed my life because through classes and constant support I began to believe in myself more and more, which made the dream of being a full-time actor seem like a reality. The approach my instructor takes with all his students helps them grow in their own individual ways, and I am totally amazed at the difference in my self-tapes from a year ago, before I started taking these classes. Since my time at The O.A., I have been getting constant callbacks and orders! – Ivan Sadovsky

Joins the O.A. Coaching Studio was one of the best decisions I ever made. I observed a first class, and I knew straight away that this was the group for me and I haven’t looked back since. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and there is a real sense of community amongst all the actors and coaches. I have had Marina and Vas as instructors – they are both so dedicated and passionate about the craft and it is evident in their teaching and in their classes. With the pandemic over the past year, it’s a great way to start your journey, while doing it all online. – Alana Barnes

Working with my coach at the O.A. Training Studio has changed my career. It has brought out a talent in my work that I didn’t know I had. This is what makes the acting classes really enjoyable. My coach is a no-nonsense professional, who knows how to bring out the best in his actors. The attitude he conveys to his actors focuses on spontaneity and truth. After working with my trainer at The O.A. and working through his style of acting, I really wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. – Brooke Edwards Whether you took theater classes in high school or woke up one day and decided to try an acting career, you may want to take some classes before performing in a community play or auditioning for a role on a TV show.

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This article will break down six websites that offer free online acting classes to take at your own pace. No need to memorize long monologues, hire a photographer for headshots, or book a flight to Hollywood, Los Angeles, or NYC. These online acting courses are available at

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