Swords Of Legends Online Classes China

Swords Of Legends Online Classes China

Swords Of Legends Online Classes China – Gameforge is previewing Swords of Legends Online’s massive 2.1 update which the publisher describes as a “killer update” packed with new content. The update will continue Shenzhou’s narrative with the opening of two brand new regions: the Dragonstar District and the Kingdom of Light.

“Strange things are happening in Shenzhou. Strange anomalies in the sky above Cloudrise indicate that there must be a disturbance in space and time. Fortunately, the effects on Cloudrise have been relatively benign so far, and the Qin League has been able to discover the root of the phenomena along with the Dracos. It seems that Bioge A giant has visited the Dragonstar District, and is breaking through the various kingdoms.”

Swords Of Legends Online Classes China

Aside from new content, update 2.1 will also introduce two new events – Wild Demon Isle and Three-Legged Sea – and start a new PvP season. It will also come with new features and quality of life changes, including guaranteed gear from raid bosses, new flying competitions, and the new martial artist system for new players.

Four Winds: Exploring Swords Of Legends Online’s Mindblowing World

“When you play a class that you are not sure about yet, you can use the martial artist skill to quickly deal with your tasks. At the same time, you will become more familiar with the skills of your class. The martial artist becomes available once you have reached student 2. You will find it in the lower left corner of the skills menu . Just drag it to your quick bar to use it.”

Update 2.1 should be released next week. You can check out the preview blog on the official Swords of Legends Online website. Following the announcement that Swords of Legends Online will be coming to the West this summer, publisher Gameforge has begun sharing information about the game’s classes. Today, we’re happy to bring you a new exclusive trailer and details on how players can specialize in all of these classes.

Based on China’s most popular Gujian series, Swords of Legends Online follows the Xianxia fantasy genre influenced by Chinese mythology, where legendary heroes face many dangers such as demons, ghosts, and other magical creatures to become immortal.

In the game, which will be released on Steam, the Epic Games Store and the Gameforge platform, the six classes (available without any gender lock in this western release) will have their own starting areas. This will allow players to tackle the specific class mechanics before moving on to explore the wider world.

Swords Of Legends Online Has Been Given A Release Date

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more Swords of Legends online coverage, including an interview and beta giveaway.

This versatile class can actually become a manifestation of Death itself, capable of hunting enemies with increased speed and power while teleporting to other locations to quickly and stealthily spring traps on their foes.

The Reapers command a variety of powerful curses and breed poisonous creatures to deploy in combat. In the dark they wait for their enemies, attack with lightning speed and cut them mercilessly with the swing of their scythes.

Learning the ancient healing techniques recorded by the Leo Clan in the Blessed Book of Healing, reapers can also become occult. By sacrificing their blood, they can call upon the grace of the goddess Nuve to support their allies in Swords of Legends Online. They can also enhance their teammates with special breeds of insects, allowing them to perform beyond their normal abilities.

Swords Of Legends Online Class Overview

The Berserker class has the ability to transform into a wolf, which can even function as a mount for another ally. They can also tear through their enemies, dealing great damage by riding on top of their greatswords.

Combining Shenong’s essence with the finest swordsmanship in the Empire, the Assassins slice and dice their way through the front lines regardless of cost, using swift and brutal attacks to bring enemies to their knees before they have a chance to react. Certain skills can create Phantom Warriors that can be ordered to attack enemies at the same time as the Slayer.

Drunk Masters use specially brewed healing wine to make their movements and attacks even wilder and less predictable, giving them an accidental advantage in combat through their intoxication. They can harness the power of the wind to block enemy attacks or summon a wolf whose howls incite their allies into frenzied action.

Spellcasters are proficient in many ancient techniques, including the art of teleportation, which allows them to transport an entire team to a previously marked location. The Spellsword tradition is based on the Nine Imperial Sword Techniques, which were honed and perfected by the Immortal Zhengyang.

Swords Of Legends Online

As ranged fighters, swordsmen use their chi to make swords fly, attacking enemies safely from a distance. Staying out of harm’s way is made easier by driving enemies back with spells, as well as their unique ability to teleport to magical swords strategically placed around the battlefield.

Bladestorms can use powerful melee attacks to punish their enemies by placing swords in a pentagram shape, capable of stunning any hostile trespassers. These masters of the ancient blade can move across the battlefields of Swords of Legends Online at lightning speed, leaving behind only echoes of their previous location as they strike down their enemies with deadly blows.

The bards play an important role in the combat of Swords of Legends Online by providing their allies with support damage or defense. They can also summon a special furnace that both they and their allies can use to apply buffs before going into dangerous situations.

The spiritual energies of the five elements dance to the bard’s music. Using their virtuoso skills, bards can harness these elements, weaving specific effects into their magical attacks. This symphony of tone and element is what makes the Bard’s Soulforce so notoriously powerful.

New Release Round Up (july 8, 2021)

Bards can also manipulate the spiritual energy of the five elements and channel their soul power to heal the wounded or ward off evil spirits. Their magic can be used to protect their allies from harm by surrounding them with protective shields that reduce damage or encase them in ice to avoid fatal blows.

Summoners can conjure various spirits to aid them as they harness spiritual energy to harm enemies or support their allies in combat. Their minds work in unison with nature, they can also summon a tiger companion that they can ride on their journeys.

Summoners offer themselves as nature’s tools, using their innate ability to summon spirits to attack their opponents. Their powerful soul power allows them to channel their spiritual energies into a sparkling beam of light to strike down their enemies. Whether it’s the fox-like companion Mingshi, or the Golden Feather, a creature that will briefly attract the attention of their enemies, the Tempests of Nature can adapt to different forms of combat.

Channeling the flow of spiritual energy through their prayers of devotion, Nuwa’s blessing cashes can cast a variety of effects to heal their teammates over time. The healing fairy Moluo can be summoned to further sustain their allies through challenging battles or be commanded to use specific skills in times of trouble.

Swords Of Legends Online: Picking Your Class.

Thanks to their ingenuity, manual dexterity, and knowledge of mechanics, Spearmasters have the power to summon special structures that they and their allies can sell redundant items to. This device can also repair damaged equipment for some gold while adventuring!

Yuejiang, the movement’s founder, originally developed the Spearmaster’s special techniques. Spearmasters have an indomitable will, allowing them to keep a cool head even in the toughest of battles while making deadly use of their skills. They can use their spears to launch enemies into the air, knocking them out while landing even more accurate blows.

With expert use of their armor, the Spearmaster becomes a living bastion whose fighting spirit is absolutely relentless.

Mountains crumble faster than these armored heroes, who are able to run to their targets in an instant or pull them forward to divert their attention from allies. The phalanxes can position themselves in front of their team to reduce incoming damage by summoning a shield.

Swords Of Legends Online Bard Class Revealed

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