Srjc Online Classes
Srjc Online Classes

Srjc Online Classes

Srjc Online Classes – Confused about your lessons? Need some guidance? The Oak Leaf staff created this guide to make spring semester easier for new and returning students.

Another semester has begun, and COVID-19 continues to complicate the school experience, so the Oak Leaf staff prepared this guide for the Santa Rosa campus and online-only classes. Petaluma, Shawn’s Farm and Southwest Campus Guides to come. Getting Started Question: How can I get my academics on track this semester? Book an in-person or online appointment with Welcome And Connect to access peer-to-peer coaching and application assistance services. Find an advisor to help you choose a career, major, or plan to transfer to a four-year college. Meet with your Student Success Coach (all students) or peers (sophomores and up) to find campus resources to help you achieve your goals. Make sure your technology is up to the task of online learning. You can get a laptop, hotspot, calculator, or zoom popup background from the library. Supplies are limited, so please submit your request to SRJC Library Curbside Services as soon as possible. All students must self-test for COVID-19 before entering the building. Students can register in person through the MySRJC app or through a campus security monitor. Tap the bracket icon circled in yellow in the MySRJC app to scan the QR code. (Audrey Fry) COVID-19 Protocols SRJC’s Spring 2022 COVID-19 Guidelines are available at this link and may be updated at any time. More information about SRJC’s response to the coronavirus, including in-depth plans and frequently asked questions, can be found here. Q: Do I need to be vaccinated? You must be fully vaccinated to participate in private lessons and activities. You can get a free vaccine on campus. According to Vice President of Student Services Pedro Avila, requests for medical and religious exemptions submitted by fax to [email protected] or 707-524-1505 are reviewed by a team of medical professionals. Q: Do I need to wear a mask? Regardless of whether you are vaccinated, all students must wear a mask indoors. If you are vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask on the street. If you have not been vaccinated, SRJC’s Safe Return to Campus Plan recommends wearing a mask if you cannot maintain six feet of social distancing outside. Q: Do I need a wristband to get in and on campus? Yes. The wristband must be picked up at the registration station located near the classroom. Information on the SRJC vaccine mandate and the CLEARED4 system can be found at this link. Q: Why do I need to register for buildings on campus? Registration allows SRJC to contact you and anyone else who may have been infected with COVID-19 in the event that someone in the building you entered tests positive. Everyone must undergo a COVID-19 self-test before arriving on campus and register upon entering the building. You can register at a desk with a campus security monitor or by scanning a QR code with the MySRJC app. Food and Beverage Q: Where can I get food on campus? The bookstore offers takeout snacks, such as prepackaged cookies, chips and drinks, to students with wristbands from security monitors. Visit the Student Resource Center for food drive dates and a list of local organizations that provide hot meals. You can also check the CalFresh program to see if you qualify for extra free food money. Question: How to get around the campus? Use this Santa Rosa campus map to navigate construction sites. Q: Do I have to pay for parking? No, according to SRJC District Police, students do not have to pay for parking this semester. SRJC Student Health Services offers in-person and Zoom appointments for Nurse Practitioner, Mental Health and Reproductive Health services to all SRJC credit course students. Students without credit can access online health promotion and referral resources. (Michael Combs) Student Health Services Q: What health services can I get on the Santa Rosa campus? Students can receive free physical and mental health services in person or via Zoom. If you are unwell or have a minor injury, visit Student Health Services on the first floor of the Race Health Sciences building. Other clinical services include the COVID-19 vaccine, birth control, pregnancy testing, health screenings and wellness workshops. You can also get free over-the-counter products like bandages, condoms, and pain relievers. If you need immediate help or think you may need mental health services and don’t know where to start, mental health discovery sessions are available. Services available by appointment include individual, couples, and group therapy. Disability Resources Question: What differences might a student with a disability face when they return to campus? There are many detours around the Santa Rosa campus and new buildings on the Petaluma campus due to ongoing construction projects. Detour signs are posted around campus to help navigate the current construction. The Disability Resources Department is hiring Access Assistants to support students who are blind, visually impaired, or have physical disabilities. (Cassis Stewart) Q: How can students with disabilities navigate campus and classes? If you are blind, visually impaired, or have a physical disability, the Disability Resources Department’s (DRD) Access Assistants program can help guide you around campus. DRD also offers American Sign Language interpreters and live captioning if you are deaf or hard of hearing. Assistive Technology Learning and Augmentation, Assistive Listening, Digital Writing, and more. visit the Access Technology Center to obtain equipment for Text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and screen-reading software are also available. Extracurricular Activities Q: Is the SRJC Multicultural Museum open? The SRJC Multicultural Museum is open by appointment only to groups of five or less. Appointments are available Monday through Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Free virtual exhibits showcasing the museum’s various collections are available on their website. Q: Are there any sports? Sports have reopened at SRJC and fans can participate. See the complete Spring 2022 schedule on the SRJC Athletics website. The Athletics Department has released rules and safety tips for indoor and outdoor games, including limited capacity, mask wearing and COVID-19 testing requirements. Q: What does Student Government do? The Student Government Assembly is an elected student body that voices student concerns to campus leadership. SGA deals with issues including distance learning, mental health, campus activities, or anything students can focus on as a group. If you would like to be a part of SGA, there is one open position this semester. SGA meetings are held every Monday from 3 to 5 p.m. Via Zoom and open to everyone. Other Student Services Q: Is the bookstore open? Students with wristbands at registration desks may enter the bookstore on a limited basis. Curbside pickup services are still available. Q: Transferring, applying for financial aid, ordering transcripts, etc. How can I get information about The Student Services website has an easy-to-read chart showing how to access these types of services online or if available. Q: How do I get a student email address? You can obtain an SRJC email address such as “[email protected]” by following the instructions posted on the Bearcubs Accounts website. The email account is managed by Google and the SRJC community has trusted The Oak Leaf since 1928 to provide SRJC news, arts and entertainment, sports and events 24/7 online and on social media. If you want to join The Oak Leaf, write, edit, photograph, video and more. Register for Journalism 52A for hands-on learning opportunities in (Michael Combs) stays active indefinitely, so you can access Google apps like Drive, Docs, and Calendar. You can also use your student email address to get discounted services from companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and Spotify. Q: How do I know what’s happening on campus? The Bearfacts newsletter is sent to your student email file every week, updated with important dates such as when to register for classes, upcoming events, guest speakers, seminars, campus resources and club meetings.

Srjc Online Classes

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Now his zoology class was far away on his semester trip with dissections that explored a variety of adaptations from simple organisms and primitive creatures to advanced land mammals.

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