Silkroad Online Europe Classes
Silkroad Online Europe Classes

Silkroad Online Europe Classes

Silkroad Online Europe Classes – Silkroad-R is an updated version of the original Silkroad Online MMORPG with faster leveling, class balance and more. Silkroad-R takes place in the 7th century along the famous Silk Road trade route that connected the East to the West. Play as Chinese or European and become a hunter, thief or trader in this unique MMORPG.

Travel the ancient Silk Road once again in search of adventure, fame and fortune with Silkroad-R, the updated version of the hugely popular Silkroad Online. Silkroad-R has the same features and content as the original game, including the unique PvP system that old players have fallen in love with and new players will no doubt enjoy. While the game may look the same, the new version features a balanced class system, improved experience and item drops, and new anti-botting measures. Joymax plans to run both versions of Silkroad at the same time.

Silkroad Online Europe Classes

Unlike other MMORPGs, both Silkroad Online and Silkroad-R allow players to choose their weapon choices rather than their classes. In addition, players are also given the choice to play the role of hunters or thieves, each with unique tasks and objectives in the game.

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This faction has six playable classes depending on the type of weapon chosen for character creation. The choice of armor is limited by the type of weapon.

The Chinese can use armor (heavy armor), guards (light armor), and clothing (robes) in combination with any type of weapon. This faction has no defined class.

Silkroad-R (the “R” stands for Rebirth) is an updated version of the widely popular free-to-play 3D MMORPG Silkroad Online. Silkroad-R was released on January 18, 2012 by Joymax, the company that published and developed the original game. The new version is also free-to-play and features a balanced class system, improved experience and drop rates, a redesigned cash shop, and new anti-bot measures to reduce the silkroad of the original game. .

Aside from the new features, Silkroad-R is essentially the same game as Silkroad Online. The game is set in ancient China and Europe and has players traveling along the Silk Road, an important trade route that connected the two ancient civilizations. Players can choose to travel as merchants selling goods, as hunters protecting merchants, or as thieves looking for the best score.

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After logging in, players are given the choice to play as European or Chinese. Each faction has different weapon sets, classes, and playstyles. In Silkroad-R, the player’s class depends on the type of weapon they choose, rather than weapons being determined by class like most MMORPGs. After choosing their faction, players are taken to the character creation screen where they can customize their characters appearance, weapon and armor.

Silkroad-R doesn’t offer much in terms of character customization. Players choose from a handful of pre-made character designs that cannot be further customized except for body type and height. Players are also given a choice of weapons and armor on the same screen. Players from the European faction can choose from a variety of weapons that determine the character’s class. The type of armor players can choose depends on the weapon they choose. Players of the Chinese faction have a shorter list of weapons to choose from, but can equip any type of armor regardless of their weapon of choice.

Silkroad-R players begin their journey in different starting cities depending on the faction they choose: Jangan for the Chinese and Constantinople for the Europeans. Like most MMORPGs, the game has a linear quest system that rewards players with money and experience points while guiding them from one area to another. The quests are typically “kill X mobs” and “collect X items from mobs”, which may sound simple, but Silkroad Online is notorious for its quests where players kill a ridiculous amount of mobs. Unfortunately, Silkroad-R is no different, and the quests only get more tedious as players progress through the game.

To combat the bot and discourage gold farmers, the developers of Silkroad-R have completely removed gold drops up to level 70. Instead, players are given tokens to exchange for potions and equipment. However, after level 70, tokens become useless. Players are also rewarded with a full set of weapons and equipment when they reach a certain level. As part of the update, the experience points needed to level up were also reduced. This makes leveling a bit easier, but still requires a lot of effort and playtime, similar to the original game. The party experience was also improved, giving players more bonus experience when they are in a party.

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In Silkroad-R, like most MMORPGs, players are rewarded with skill points each time they level up. Players can use these skill points to increase their mastery level in any of the available skill trees. Reaching certain mastery levels unlocks the ability to learn skills. Skills, on the other hand, can be learned by assigning additional skill points.

Silkroad-R gives players the freedom to master skills in all skill trees as long as they have the skill points available. This means that a warrior can also learn wizard or cleric skills if they choose to do so. The same goes for the Chinese faction, which allows players to master skills in any of the Swordsman, Spearman, or Bowman skill trees. It allows players to create character builds that they can customize to suit their specific playstyle. However, the mastery level is limited to twice the player’s level. For example, a level 25 warrior can only reach 50 mastery levels in all skill trees combined, regardless of his remaining skill points.

Unlike other MMORPGs where factions fight in PvP, Silkroad-R players are given the option to play as thieves or hunters after creating their characters. Unfortunately, the choice is account-wide, and players will either have to pay 10 million gold or create a new account if they want to try a different job. Players can start job quests from their respective NPCs located in both Jangan and Constantinople. Players must wear their work outfit to earn work experience points by killing mobs. Players can earn job and normal experience points by doing regular quests, as long as they wear their job outfit while hunting mobs. Upon reaching certain job levels, players are rewarded with skills, items, and mounts that they can use to complete successful job tasks faster. Players above job level 40 may be attacked by opposing faction players while going to work.

Silkroad-R has the same graphics, animation and sound as the original game. It’s basically the same game with some minor updates. For a game that’s almost a decade old, the graphics are pretty decent and even rival some recently released free-to-play MMORPGs. The character models and animations, while not exactly amazing, are pretty solid. The background music is forgettable, but the sound effects in Silkroad-R are still comparable to most modern MMORPGs, as they haven’t changed much in recent years.

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Like most free-to-play MMORPGs, Silkroad-R allows players to purchase premium weapons, equipment and character upgrades, as well as various cosmetic items from the cash shop. Premium gear purchased from the cash shop gives players who want to cash out an advantage over free players, but it’s not enough to break the game. Players can also purchase costumes for their characters through the Avatar Mall. However, these costumes are only cosmetic.

Silkroad-R is ultimately the same game as Silkroad Online with a few minor tweaks. Why the developers decided to release a whole new game instead of a patch is beyond me. Even with the experience changing, it takes forever to reach the level cap, which can be quite frustrating. The game’s quests involve a lot of grinding, which makes leveling a monotonous and difficult affair. While the game is still plagued by botters, removing gold drops in the early stages has drastically improved the game’s economy. Overall, Silkroad-R is a pretty solid game with a large player base and will probably still appeal to fans of the original game. However, new players might be better off investing their time in more modern MMORPGs.

The official system requirements for Silkroad-R should be identical to the system requirements for Silkroad Online, as both run on the same engine.

Silkroad-R, or Silkroad Rebirth, began development in mid-2010 as an alternate version of the incredibly popular Silkroad Online game. Before the game was named Silkroad-R, it was called “Silkroad F.G.T.”, which stood for Silkroad Focus Group Test. Silkroad-R was released on January 18, 2012, while the original Silkroad Online game was released in 2006. The game runs on the exact same engine as the first Silkroad Online game, with the only difference between the two being minor gameplay differences. Both games are running simultaneously, and Joymax has promised to support both, with a third version of the game coming soon, Silkroad-W (browser-based Silkroad Online). Each of these three variants of the original Silkroad Online game will be updated and run separately. Silkroad Online and Silkroad-R

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