Should I Hire An Accountant For My Small Business
Should I Hire An Accountant For My Small Business

Should I Hire An Accountant For My Small Business

Should I Hire An Accountant For My Small Business – According to the 2019 Onpay Small Business Finance and HR Report, only 30 percent of small business owners employ accountants. That’s not surprising given how much each dollar means to a small company.

Doing your own bookkeeping can certainly save you money in the short term. That is, it is worth hiring an external accountant for your company. You definitely have to weigh the pros and cons yourself, and every business is different, but there is a lot to be gained by outsourcing.

Should I Hire An Accountant For My Small Business

The above Onpay study found that 28% of small businesses have been audited or received an official notice by the IRS.

Why Should You Have An Accountant For Your Small Business?

I’ve seen friends go through audits at their companies and can definitely say it can be a nightmare. The notification alone can make you wonder if you’ve made a mistake.

But even if you do everything right, you’ll spend hours preparing to perform and overcome all the anxiety associated with the experience. Having a bookkeeper eliminates this worry and frees up your time by having someone take the burden off your shoulders.

Hiring an accountant to handle your taxes can be very beneficial. You will benefit even more if an accountant supports the entire financial well-being of your company. In the Onpay report, 38% of small business owners said they expect help from their accountant with payroll, 32% with financial projections and 27% with cash flow.

When I started my small business, my intention was always to offer services and solve customer problems, but not spend my days with all the financial details and the stress that comes with them.

Things To Know About Accounting When Starting A Business

It can be liberating to have someone else to help take care of these parts and ensure they are working through the numbers. This frees you up to spend more time on what interests you.

Accountants can support business strategy as well as the financial health of your company. In fact, 87% of respondents to Onpay’s research agreed or strongly agreed that their accountant was a trusted advisor they could turn to for a wide range of business advice.

Accountants have worked with many other businesses. They often have a good understanding of what it takes to run a company and can provide good advice on strategy. I think about the times my accountant suggested a new business unit or suggested a price change.

A study shows that for many businesses, accountants are the most trusted advisors for business advice by owners and managers, more so than family, friends, lawyers or financial planners. In addition, 82% of respondents said that the accountant knows the business well or very well.

Choosing The Right Accountant For Your Business

Accountants are highly valued because of their objective position. They don’t have the biases that friends or family do, and they’re not as closely connected to your company as employees. In addition, they have a stake in the health of your company, so they have a strong motivation to see you succeed.

Searching through online reviews, contacting multiple accountants, and conducting multiple interviews can be time-consuming and complicated to find the right match. Therefore, to find the right accountant for you, ask for recommendations from professional advisors, trusted friends and colleagues. This approach helps you pre-screen your accountant candidates, making it much easier to find the right one.

When you have a short list of candidates, you should interview prospective accountants who have done your research to find out what you are looking for and how to make the right fit.

It’s not just about the accountant’s experience. Also consider their loyalty to your business and how well you interact. Once you’ve found the right person, set some ground rules for a trial period before committing your business to a larger contract. A small business owner typically wears many hats when expanding their business. For many, wearing the financial hat is part of the job. But if you’re looking at a pile of unorganized financial tasks and thinking, “I need an accountant!” If you think so, you’re probably already experiencing many signs that you’re ready to turn it over to a professional. your accounting.

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The answer is a resounding YES. As a small business owner, even if you have the skills and desire to do it yourself, it’s not the best use of your time. While it may be tempting to save money and go the DIY route, you need to consider the opportunity cost associated with this decision. Most small business owners already have an overflowing to-do list. When you layer repetitive accounting tasks on top of that, something has to give. One of the most important lessons any entrepreneur can learn is that you should delegate everything and as much as possible. Accounting should be at the top of the list. Accounting is difficult and time-consuming. If you don’t do it right, the consequences can be significant.

If you are still wondering “do I need an accountant for my small business?” If you’re thinking, consider the following reasons why your small business could benefit from specialized bookkeeping and accounting professionals:

Time is the enemy of all entrepreneurs. When you decide to hire an accountant, you get your time back. Instead of spending valuable time recording transactions and billing your customers, you can focus on more important things like growing your business. Most small business owners are also not trained accountants and bookkeepers, meaning they may spend more time managing business finances on their own.

A good bookkeeper will not only post your transactions and maintain reports, but also look for opportunities for improvement. Often they are able to implement new technology or improve processes that streamline operations and increase efficiency. These changes can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the organization.

Accounting 101: How Much Does An Accountant Cost?

When you are well informed, you make better decisions. The right accountant can help you turn your data into useful information that supports better decision-making.

A trained accountant or financial professional often sees things from a different perspective and can provide strategic guidance for big decisions. Running a business can sometimes be a lonely endeavor, but the right accounting partner can provide a much-needed sounding board.

When your financial house is in order, you feel more in control and less stressed. Peace of mind is hard to put a price on, but it’s important.

The 5 benefits of hiring a small business accountant that we’ve listed above definitely make an accountant worth it. Accounting services also help in better valuation of the business. This can be invaluable for primary or secondary fundraising efforts.

Do You Need An Accountant To File Your Tax Return?

Now that we’ve convinced you to stop bookkeeping yourself, you have one more important decision to make. Should you hire a full-time bookkeeper or part-time bookkeeper to get the job done?

Most small and medium-sized businesses use outsourcing or fractional accounting firms to handle their day-to-day accounting needs, and the reason is simple. It is a more cost-effective solution that covers a wider range of services needed by small businesses. Outsourced accounting services provide the best way for small business owners to get accounting expertise on their team without the added expense of a full-time job.

Accounting should be part of your business from the start. However, hiring a full-time account can wait until your business grows. Many small business owners or their CFOs deal with bookkeeping in the early stages of the business. Small businesses can then outsource their bookkeeping to meet day-to-day needs without going through the pain and expense of hiring a full-time bookkeeper. Hiring a full-time accountant varies for each business based on the size and complexity of their financial, accounting and operations.

Small business accountants and bookkeepers are trusted professionals who are trained to handle basic ongoing tasks like invoicing, transaction recording, and payroll, as well as dive deeper to analyze business expenses and manage the many financial aspects of your business. provides knowledgeable advice on how to manage your mysterious aspects.

How To Find A Small Business Accountant

Don’t think about how to hire an accountant for your small business – we’re here! Business Solutions offers accounting and bookkeeping services to clients of all sizes with competitive monthly rates. We believe in developing a true partnership with our clients and provide each partner with a unique approach to their accounting needs. We make life easier for small business owners and help them grow a successful business. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

If hiring a full-time CFO doesn’t make sense for your business, but you’re still struggling…

Owning a business means you wear many hats, which can be a daunting prospect. In fact, 60% of small business…

When you hire an accountant or bookkeeping service provider to manage your finances, you’re investing in something important…Yes, you should hire an accountant for your small business when you need help.

When To Hire An Accountant

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