Screen Acting Classes Online
Screen Acting Classes Online

Screen Acting Classes Online

Screen Acting Classes Online – Our online acting offerings are short-term classes designed to help people 18 and older begin their Method journey or continue their Method journey.

As the only acting school in the world to teach Lee’s work in its entirety, The Lee Theater & Film Institute® is home to all actors who wish to study method acting.

Screen Acting Classes Online

Unlike digital learning platforms that only provide one-way learning, this program is fully interactive, tailored to the growth of our students. All classes, workshops, lectures and events offered as part of this unique training series are conducted live!

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Please note that the following online acting offerings are separate from regular campus programs and do not count as credit toward conservatory or degree completion.

Absolutely. The shift to virtual programming in response to COVID-19 has proven how effectively this method can be taught online. The necessary changes smoothly modernized the teaching process to better reflect the demands of today’s acting and to accommodate the many students from around the world seeking to study method acting.

All our online classes, workshops, lectures and events are conducted via Zoom! You can sign-up for a free account at

Method 101 is open to anyone 18 and older who is interested in beginning their method acting training. Simply submit an enrollment form along with a non-refundable fee of $350 to join.

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Yes! Unlike other online platforms, Zoom allows for two-way interaction. Teachers are able to monitor students during online classes and provide adjustments in real time.

Our New York and Los Angeles campuses are currently offering their regular courses online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Method 101 will be available online to new students regardless of in-person classes!

Intensive and Complete terms offer a range of classes including improv, movement and character work. Our Method 101 course is dedicated solely to learning the foundations of Lee’s Method Acting technique.

Yes! Our online acting platform will continue to offer classes for alumni to stay connected with The Method and for new students to join us from wherever they are.

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While nothing can replace the experience of taking an in-person class, online acting programs offer some advantages. Online classes allow you to establish a consistent practice from home. With the unique ability to control the environment in which they take classes, students also report that online learning can be less distracting. Most importantly, online classes give students the flexibility to study with us from anywhere in the world, without having to relocate to New York or Los Angeles.

No. Your registration is valid for 1 time only – morning or evening. You must attend all of your Method 101 classes during the time slot you are registered for.

No. Completion of Method 101 is not required for admission to the regular Institute program. However, Method 101 will provide you with a great foundation to jump into your training from day one!

Enrollment in Method in Focus requires completion of Method 101 (or another institute program). “If you’re like me and you like to get that feeling when you watch a play or a movie or whatever, it’s not like being an actor. performing for you, but you’re being given a sneak peek into someone’s private life…if you want to know what it’s like to do that at work…then Barrow Group is the place for you. And moreover, what they teach is simple, without ego.”

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Teen Film/TV On-Camera Acting Class I Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue from a play, television or film script for the first class.

In this class, students use Barrow’s group tools to create monologues and on-camera scenes and watch the playback each week. Students are introduced to film terminology and how a professional set works.

This class teaches our unique approach to acting and introduces students to the same tools that our mature professional actors work with.

What sets The Barrow Group School apart from many other studios in NYC is that all of our teachers have gone through an intensive teacher training program with TBG Co-Artistic Directors Seth Barish and Lee Brock. So when your child takes a class with us, the teacher has been trained for years at The Barrow Group in our unique approach.

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A follow-up to Teen Film/TV Class I, students will focus on prepared and cold-reading on-camera audition techniques. Students will experience auditioning for lead, guest star and under 5 roles using film and television scripts. Students will review taped work at the end of each class – no video tapes or links will be provided.

“TBG was the first place where I could believe that I was truly enough, just as I was.” – Alison Wright

“I attribute my entire career to what I learned at TBG, which is essentially how to be yourself.” -Lola Kirke Taking online acting classes can be new to many actors. With over 30 years of training and directing, the last decade has included online classes. Kimberly has coached actors around the world online to book roles, win callbacks, prepare for jobs and develop their skills!

Working online provides an intimacy that builds technique and provides valuable lessons. Because film, TV and digital media work is filmed, online training is realistic for camera-specific lessons for actors. Each actor performs in front of the camera, and this intimate, online training offers a precise and engaging experience unique to the profession. While working on a scene with a cast partner, Kimberly works closely and coaches with detailed, personal tips for each actor’s unique challenges and strengths.

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You are an artist first. The importance of your development and growth is the challenge of living to your full potential. Acting Online with Impact is a place to work with other artists who are like-minded and want to grow and succeed in the entertainment industry.

“Master your craft. Don’t buy into any distractions. This is the moment. It’s time. Make a promise now.”

“Highly recommended. If you want truth in your work and someone to push you to your success, yet support and nurture you as a creative person… this is the place. To take risks and do scene/character work beyond your comfort zone. The classes are filled with other supporting actors, creating a safe environment. Many working actors have trained with Kimberly, which gives a great insight into where the work can take you.”

“Kimberly Jantzen is the type of acting coach who sees you not as the actor you are, but as the actor you can become. Whether an actor has been with her for two months or two years, she is constantly uncovering new information about them and in turn pushing them to the next level. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear to grow.

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Throughout my time with her I went from being a surface level actor to one who deeply understood and felt the emotions and lives of my characters. Thanks to the Jentzen technique, I was able to overcome obstacles in my acting I didn’t even know existed. I am more confident in my craft and bolder in my choices. Kimberly’s Power Tools and Essence classes have completely changed the way I approach work; I can’t imagine tackling the project without them. As an added bonus these tools are incredibly useful for me as a writer. I constantly refer to them when developing my characters.”

“This is the best class I’ve ever taken. A two-day intensive course is good. We go into great depth about different techniques and ourselves, along with understanding character and function. Kim will find out where you really are in the arts and improve you!!! And much more. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants a real change in their acting skills! Be prepared, she’ll tell you exactly how it is, if you’re not true to the script and character, only to make you better! So don’t take things personally if you attend! So show up, listen, redirect yourself, learn and enjoy the journey. Acting with love!”

“For starters, Kimberly’s technique is beyond compare. I’ve seen amazing changes and progress in people every week and noticed that in myself. Not only do I feel more prepared to play a character, but I also feel more confident going into auditions and on set. Kimberly is more than just a coach. There’s more. She helps us understand the industry, our inner artist and is a wonderful resource for advice! I feel lucky to have her class!”

“Kimberly is a wonderful teacher and person. I’ve studied with her for over a year now and I’ve grown quite a bit as an actor, but even more as a person. She has an uncanny ability to recognize where an actor is in their training; What they are good at and where they need to grow. She then caters to your strengths and weaknesses equally so that you can be confident at the same time.

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