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You can find a rewarding career in nursing in as little as one year by enrolling in one of Grand Canyon University’s accredited online nursing degree programs ().* Offered through the College of Nursing and Health Professions, our online nursing degrees are designed to help you promote best practices and patient success care

Rn Classes Online

Prepare to serve others as future leaders in healthcare by choosing from a variety of undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. By choosing one of our online nursing programs, you can prepare for an exciting career in healthcare while enjoying flexible online learning offerings to fit around any schedule.

New Pre Nursing Certificate Offers Essential Courses For Essential Careers

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Become a leader in the nursing profession and enhance your knowledge of patient care. Accredited online bachelor’s degrees in nursing help you gain knowledge in community health, healthcare management and professional nursing practice, and offer specialized programs to prepare you for your desired field.

Develop your knowledge in a major area of ​​nursing by continuing your education and improving your skills in one of our online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs. These graduate nursing programs help you grow, serve, and lead at a higher level in nursing.

The MSN Fast Track Option simulates the duration of the RN to MSN program. Complete two graduate courses from your chosen MSN focus as an elective to meet BSN requirements.

Free Online Nursing Courses With Certificates In 2022

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is designed for practice-oriented leaders who are interested in translating current research into innovative solutions that lead to positive outcomes. A DNP helps you achieve your personal and professional goals as you prepare for a career as a nurse or educator.

If you’ve already completed your master’s degree in nursing but want to continue your education with a specialized certificate in one of our online master’s degree programs in nursing. Our programs focus on applied skills that will prepare you to work with diverse populations throughout your life or to mentor and train the next generation of nurses.

Teaching is committed to providing quality, affordable education. To view our tuition and course fees for online students, visit the online and evening education page to see how you can afford your tuition.

Financial Aid Financial aid is available to students through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Learn more about financial aid through the FAFSA.

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Scholarships and bursaries We offer a range of scholarships and grants for our students, no matter what level of education, to make your education affordable.

Offers online nursing programs for military spouses, military personnel, and veterans. Explore our nursing programs for military spouses and military personnel.

The time it takes to complete one of our online nursing degrees will depend on your previous education and your individual schedule. RN to BSN candidates who wish to earn an MSN can accelerate their nursing education by choosing the BSN to MSN Fast Track Option. Speak with an enrollment representative by calling 855–LOPE to learn more about your options.

Online nursing programs complete 100 percent of their classwork online, and practice core hours are conducted in your area. Clinical research is an essential part of most nursing programs because it allows you to apply your knowledge and gain practical skills. Many online nursing programs include clinical practice and an evidence-based core course designed to help you put your knowledge into practice. The Office of Field Experience can help you build clinical/practical experience.

Online Nursing Degrees Programs & More

Students enrolled in the RN-BSN program are exposed to community and public health content in their Community and Public Health Concepts course and have the opportunity to apply their learning to a community teaching project, but the program does not produce graduate specialty certification in community or public health, which is regulated by individual state boards of nursing . Students are encouraged to contact their individual boards of nursing for specific information regarding additional content and clinical requirements for community/public health certification in their state.

If you are a registered nurse with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, you can enroll in one of our Bridge to MSN pathways. Students can enroll in bridge tracks that accelerate toward a master’s degree in nursing. Students who complete the bridge pathway do not receive a BSN degree upon graduation, but complete the program with an MSN. Nursing Bridge Pathways consists of six “bridge” courses designed to help you gain the knowledge you need to successfully complete your MSN program. Each program can be taken online. Please contact your enrollment representative for more information about our Nursing Bridge Pathways.

Does an RN to BSN degree also prepare me for nursing roles other than direct patient care in a clinical setting?

This degree can prepare students for a variety of career paths in nursing. Graduates will have the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills not only at the bedside. Graduates can become clinical nurse educators, unit managers, care coordinators, nurse navigators, and clinical instructors. Graduates can also move into leadership positions within the health care system. The critical thinking skills, knowledge of evidence-based practice, and impact of research principles gained in this program are valuable and applicable to many nurses.

The 230 Cheapest Rn To Bsn Online Programs

All nursing degrees require some form of direct clinical experience or practicum that allows students to demonstrate that they have achieved the clinical competencies of their baccalaureate or master’s degrees. Therefore, both land-based and online nursing programs require clinical or practicum experience. Many online nursing programs have students complete their clinical requirements in their local community. Many students find that this experience not only enhances their knowledge of leadership and public health, but also leads to significant change in their local health organization or community. Contact the Office of Field Experience to learn more about the specialized support offered to students completing nursing clinical experience.

* You must transfer 90 semester credits to the required 120 credits to complete the program within 12 months. Whether you enroll in our ABSN program in Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus, you’ll learn the fundamentals and theories of the profession through online accelerated nursing. coursework.

These online courses set the foundation for your nursing education, allowing you to learn at your own pace and attend “classroom” when it best fits your daily schedule. Note that instructor deadlines still apply.

Although you will complete a total of 21 online courses in four semesters, it is important to note that it is not possible to earn 100% of your BSN online. As an ABSN student, you will regularly attend practical skills labs at the ABSN Learning Center associated with your program of registration.

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During nursing skills and simulation labs, our clinical instructors will teach you how to put the basic concepts you learn online into practice. These labs also help remove the fear of the unknown, making it easier to transition to clinical rotations at local hospitals and health care facilities.

Each online accelerated nursing course, delivered through an intuitive e- curriculum consists of different learning modules. Each course module has a series of assignments that you must complete within a specified time period. Module components typically include:

In addition, via e-mail learning platform you will need to prepare in advance for your nursing skills and simulation labs. We provide you with a lab guide and checklist so that you arrive at your ABSN labs fully prepared.

And remember, even though you’re taking your major coursework online, you still have access to the same resources as if you were in a traditional classroom. Our online tutors are very approachable and passionate about what they do, so feel free to call, text or email. as many letters as you need.

How Hard Is Nursing School? 5 Things You Should Know

Everyone learns and stores information differently, which is why online accelerated nursing coursework is beneficial. Because no matter what learning style you prefer, our intuitive e-learning learning platform gives you the tools for success.

The platform includes various forms of media to immerse you in the subject matter and reinforce your retention of important nursing concepts. You can go back and review the content as many times as you like, and everything is organized and easily accessible at your fingertips. Not only that, you have access to e-mail. learning specialist who can help you with technical issues related to the platform.

While online learning has its advantages, it also requires a lot of discipline on your part. It’s easy to fall behind when you have the freedom to choose when and where to complete assignments and lectures. So make sure you stick to your regular study schedule so you don’t get interrupted.

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