Reflexology Online Classes

Reflexology Online Classes

Reflexology Online Classes – This course is approved by the NCBTMB, FL, SC, GA & TN massage boards and all states that accept NCBTMB hours. The FL Board accepts this home study course because massage technique is a “regular” practical experience associated with CE credit.

If you are taking this training for CE credit, please check with your board to make sure you will receive the credit you need BEFORE registering or paying for this class. Home study training is non-refundable and the 12 CE home study course must be completed within one month of purchase before the account will be deactivated.

Reflexology Online Classes

We have an extremely robust and reliable online learning system as we deactivate user accounts after one month of login to provide the best/strongest possible service to all students. If you are not ready to complete it in one month, please do not take this course. It is recommended to use a computer or laptop to take this computer-based course. Regardless of the manufacturer’s claims, cell phones are not well equipped to handle 12 hours of online training.

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After purchase, you will be emailed your access to the course. Check your email within 5 minutes of purchase for your online login and if you don’t receive it, contact us immediately at [email protected] so we can assist further. We do not provide login time beyond one month for any reason, so please contact us immediately if you experience any problem. Thank you very much.

3 hours of the class are Ear Reflexology, 3 hours Hand Reflexology and 6 hours Foot Reflexology. Learn ALL about providing these unique yet popular therapeutic services and becoming well-versed in the world of REFLEXOLOGY!

In this AMAZING 3-part class, 1/2 of your class time will be spent on foot reflexology. You will look at several different foot reflexology charts as part of the class and learn to decipher which charts are “more legit” than others. We’ll also go over lots of foot reflexology facts and statistics, and you’ll watch a live foot reflexology instructor demonstration. This demonstration includes the colonic flush, spinal twist, lunge press, ankle boogie, toe walk, and several other foot reflexology maneuvers. Students will learn these reflexology maneuvers as well as learn, practice and watch instructor demonstrations of a classic foot reflexology relaxation program. Students will be given time to practice alongside instructor demonstrations during notes.

This class also includes an interesting timeline of reflexology practices specifically focused on ear reflexology. You will be shown ear reflexology points and various anatomical points of the ear, plus you will learn a basic ear reflexology routine that you can practice on yourself, a plastic mannequin piece or a live model with instructor demonstrations.

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You will also see instructor demonstrations and hands-on time of a basic hand reflexology program with additional research scientific studies on the therapeutic benefits of hand massage. This comprehensive reflexology class is to introduce you to the most common reflexology strokes, points and routines so that licensed practitioners can start practicing reflexology the next day after completing this class!!

Selena Belisle, the instructor who gives this reflexology home education training, has been featured in Massage Magazine for her thoughts on the practice of Reflexology. Please see the article below or Massage Magazine’s website by clicking HERE.

This reflexology class is written and taught by Selena Belisle, founder of CE Institute LLC. Selena has been practicing many bodywork techniques for 30 years and first studied Reflexology in 1995 at the New England Massage Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts – home to other schools such as MIT and Harvard University. In fact, one of the Massage Institute’s required textbooks in 1995 was a Eunice Ingham publication long before Reflexology became the popular modality it is today.

Selena began her bodybuilding career in 1989 as a sports massage therapist – she was part of Team USA and won 3 WAF World Championships among various other junior track and field titles. He also founded and operated an alternative health practice of over 40 massage therapists, 4 acupuncturists and 4 chiropractors in Braintree & Quincy, Massachusetts from 1996-2005 (which he successfully sold). He then coached for another 5 years and directed 2 of them

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Selena’s reflexology practice, research, and training over the past 25 years includes learning techniques such as Body Reflexology Simplified in 2000. Selena has completed multiple Traditional Chinese Medicine Certificates (in 1995 and 2000) to learn more about the use of various points and applications. From places like Peking Hospital and NE Acupuncture School in Beijing China to create holistic healing and wellness. She has studied with many different reflexology teachers who present many different reflexology philosophies and approaches in both live and online theory classes. You can view a more complete list of Selena’s publications, training and experience by clicking HERE. Finally, and with the creation of a worldwide network, Selena did her own research: analyzing randomized control trials, case studies, and reading hundreds of scientific reflexology publications to create this Reflexology course backed by evidence-based scientific research. , extensive work experience, practical application and objective information.

CE Institute LLC is proud to provide the best instructors and educational experiences for our students. Sign up today and prepare yourself for an incredible 5-star learning experience. Reflexology is an ancient healing method that involves foot and hand reflex points to reduce pain and stress and improve bodily functions. Anyone interested in natural healing methods or professionals who already provide bodywork services can learn this skill to offer a wide range of healing treatments. Check out the course list below to end your search for the best Reflexology Courses, Lessons, Tutorials, training and Certification programs. Check out our list of Best Health Courses.

10 Best + Free Reflexology Courses & Lessons [AUGUST 2022] 1. Fully Accredited Diploma in Reflexology – Heal with Your Feet! (Udemy)

Healing the body without medicine seems difficult, but not impossible. Anyone with an interest and belief in the natural healing power of the human body can enroll on this fully accredited Diploma course in Reflexology. Udemy’s best-selling instructor Dr Karen E Wells has over 20 years of experience in the field and has already helped over 120,000 students on Udemy through her courses. You can qualify for this course even if you have no knowledge of Reflexology. With the various techniques and tools covered in these video lessons, you will not only learn how to heal your body through points on the feet, but you will also be able to start your own practice as a Reflexologist.

Hand Reflexology Course

Review: I found the course very informative and demonstrated good and easy foot massage techniques. It has an in-depth knowledge of reflexology and is easy to follow and learn. Thank you, Karen – Danwantee Bundhun – Ramsaha. 2. Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Certificate Course (Udemy)

This is a comprehensive Certification program on Udemy to help natural healing enthusiasts or spa and spa owners add this unique form of massage to their services. An advantage of taking this course is that it is fully CTAA accredited and you can take advantage of the added benefits of Insurance discounts, a free listing in their directory and use their logo for your website or social media to practice as an authentic Reflexologist. The course covers all techniques to help clients become familiar with Thai Reflexology and stimulation of energy lines in the body to treat or complement them without medication.

– Learn mobilizations, reflex points and energy lines to increase energy flow in the human body.

Review: You completely captivated me throughout your course. I learned a lot and practiced a lot. I promise to help everyone as much as possible with your tutorials. Thank you very much. I will pass all your courses. Sincerely, Sarah – Sarah Carmichael.

Four Facts About Reflexology

Highly recommended for massage therapists and doctors, this Udemy course will help such professionals understand the advanced concepts of Reflexology and apply them during treatment. Instructor Peter Caughey states that it is good to know the meridian channels in the body and practice Qigong daily to better grasp the concepts covered in this course. With this step-by-step guide to reflexology treatment, you can learn how to work the body’s reflex points to treat your patients. Yiou may want to check out our curation of the Best Acupressure Courses.

Review: This course is quite rich and the instructor is well experienced and responsible, he calmly takes you through the steps and makes it easy. – Ignatius Ugonna Uzoma.

Hand muscle problems and joint problems can be treated with Reflexology without drugs or surgery. You can check out this Certification course in Thai Hand Reflexology on Udemy to try this natural treatment for yourself or your loved ones or clients. This CTAA-accredited certificate program is ideal for people in the Spa and Massage business. Such professionals can incorporate this special Thai hand reflexology treatment to improve clients’ body energy flow and rejuvenate them. In addition, you will also learn about acupuncture meridians that give better hand and wrist massages.

– Give Thai hand reflexology to your hand or hands

Facial Reflexology Module 1

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