Rebounder Classes Online

Rebounder Classes Online – The Sand Barre is the first fitness studio in southwest Florida to use the world’s highest quality mini trampoline: the bellicon. The bellicon experience is like no other – the ultra-elastic bungees are low-impact, meaning you won’t feel the aftermath of what running on a treadmill would do to your joints once you’re done with your workout. Driven by great music, you’ll burn tons of calories, build stamina, tone your whole body AND have fun every minute of it. New to bounce back? Don’t worry – our Bounce classes are for everyone!

Barre + Bounce is a combo class that brings together the benefits of barre work and rebounding. In this class, you’ll go back and forth between barre exercises using the bellicon T-bar and bounce cardio.

Rebounder Classes Online

Choreo Bounce challenges your MIND and your body as you learn simple bounce choreography to the beat of the music that builds up during the class. You’ll start at a much slower pace (low BPM) and slowly increase the pace as you become more familiar with the routine. By the end of class, you’ll be bouncing like a rock star with everyone else in the class – it’s so awesome! (Weights, strength, and focused core work are also integrated throughout the lesson.)

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The bounce choreography changes monthly. A new routine is introduced on the first of the month. But don’t worry – you can get in at any time! The lesson ALWAYS starts simple and builds up through the class each time.

HIIT Bounce is all in the name! High Intensity Interval Training on the bellicon mini trampolines! This class challenges strength, stability, endurance, speed and coordination using HIIT during every minute of the class!

Get ready for a high adrenaline, low impact, trampoline fitness class that will leave you feeling happy and energized! The tone is set to upbeat, fun music as you work through Bounce cardio sequences that challenge your body and mind. Bounce includes strength training and balance work, while strengthening your core during class.

Gentle Bounce is made for all levels of bouncers as a rejuvenating, balanced workout. Take a deep breath and relieve stress with this easy workout. The goal of this class is to relax, strengthen the core, and gain flexibility while burning some calories! **Especially ideal for seniors, beginners and prenatal clients.**

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The GOOD NEWS is that if you’re new to Bounce, you’re not alone! Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lesson. Bring a water bottle, towel and socks with grip (also available for purchase in the studio

You can walk barefoot). Our friendly reception staff will welcome you and show you around the room. Your instructor will help you choose a bellicon and make sure you have what you need and feel comfortable before the class starts. Please note that our classes start on time and for the safety of our customers and to ensure the best customer experience, we do not allow later visitors. Please see our FAQ (under the “Information” tab) for additional information. Although Carve It® is based in New York, our sought-after and unrivaled classes are available 24/7, anywhere! With 400+ lessons and 9 classes ranging in length from 5 – 60 minutes, there is a safe and welcoming place for everyone in our community.

Carve It® is a series of trampoline-based classes and a systematic way of training. All classes include rebound or jumping/training on mini trampolines. Rebounding offers unique health benefits and an incredibly fun and effective way to train the whole body.

Carve It® Fitness offers virtual classes suitable for all levels. Classes range from rejuvenating to HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and include boxing, kickboxing, and body sculpting classes that will have you shaking. No matter where you are in your fitness or life journey, there is a place for you in our community.

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Rebounding is training/training on mini trampolines. It works every muscle in your body, down to the cellular level, with minimal and evenly distributed impact on the joints. Rebounding is also the most effective way to provide your body with full body detoxification through lymphatic drainage. While rebounding, you harness and use gravity to achieve amazing holistic and wellness benefits.

If there’s one thing you’ll learn about Claire, it’s that she’s passionate and driven in her classes and clients. Every aspect, from the music and class movements to the atmosphere in the studio, exudes a positive and supportive energy. You are not a number here, you join a close-knit support system and family. Free up time and space in your mind and day for you.

Carve It® has been a life-changing experience for me. Rebounding has not only helped me lose weight but has also helped me build muscle and improve my coordination. Claire always brings a smile to my face and her classes this year have really helped to motivate me. With Claire, you get more than a fitness instructor – you get someone who really cares about you and your well-being.

Amid the overwhelming number of fitness programs out there, Claire’s Carve It® classes are by far the best. She makes every session challenging, creative and above all enjoyable. As a direct result of my training with Claire, I have become stronger, healthier and happier. Not only did she help me tone and tone my body, she also helped me reach my goal of a marathon under 4:30.

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Claire’s classes are amazing, I was hooked from the first! I was so grateful that Carve It® started teaching online during COVID-19 and that I discovered her!! I’ve been recovering for over a year and Claire is the most inspiring teacher I’ve found. Each of her classes is so different and creative, working on different parts of the body. I can’t wait to do my class every day. I feel so much stronger and I have definitely noticed my body tightening up. Claire’s customer service is absolutely amazing – I’ve emailed her several times and she always responds so quickly and in such a friendly and helpful manner. I am so excited about Claire’s virtual studio!

Love, love, love everything about Carve It®! Claire is the most dedicated, caring, energetic, knowledgeable and fun instructor ever. She is very passionate about what she does and it shows in her willingness to put together live online classes 6 days a week and every class is different! And if you think, who wants to jump a trampoline for an hour like me, then you’re missing out! It’s a complete workout. It’s cardio from rebounding, strength training from boxing and kickboxing with weights, booty work with resistance bands, deep core exercises, planks, squats… you’re working on muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Claire is a phenomenal instructor – she brings a lot of energy, support and guidance to all students in the class. She breaks down each move in terms of proper mechanics and form and which muscle groups to target. The other students in the class are dedicated and supportive, it’s a very good community. The variety of classes is excellent and a different take on cardio, hiit and strength training as a combination. It has little impact and is a lot of fun. Really pushes you for the 60 minutes. Even for someone recovering from injury, it’s a great way to get back to training. You’ll feel like a kid again to jump on the rebounder.

During the Covid19 lockdown, Claire did her best to ensure quality education and support for students. She gave all members free use of a rebounder and she did live classes 6 days a week! She really cares about the people in her classes and you can see the quality of the results (without injuries!) in all the students in her class.

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Carve It® classes are stimulating, challenging and fun. Claire’s lessons were invaluable during the quarantine and remain a highlight of my days. Rebounding has so many benefits including cardiovascular and toning, but it is also a fantastic mood booster! Thank you so much Claire. I will be a lifetime participant with Carve it®!

Claire’s Carve It® classes CREATE. A DIFFERENCE. I was hesitant to start exercising again after I had my second baby, but Claire has helped me relax my body again in all things fitness.

She is very attentive and responsive, when I share the desired focus or problem areas. I am truly grateful to learn and grow with the Carve It® team.

I’ve tried many other workouts, but nothing compares to rebounding. I noticed immediate results not only with my body, but also with my skin and digestive system. What I love the most is that it’s a rigorous workout but gentle on the joints. I’m addicted! The s’mores my quarantine boyfriend makes me every night after dinner. And… my brand new trampoline. Since social distancing practices have confined all our workouts to our living rooms, we’ve all had to get creative with how we get into our cardio. While folding treadmills and home HIIT workouts are great, both are much less fun than bouncing

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