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Real Estate License Classes Online – All New York real estate courses can be completed 100% online from the comfort of your home or office. Do you have questions while studying? Our teaching staff is ready to answer questions by phone or email. Explore our New York real estate school online and learn how it can be a key ingredient to your success!

To start a new career and become a New York real estate agent, you must first complete state-required pre-licensing courses and pass the New York real estate exam.

Real Estate License Classes Online

We offer the most comprehensive, efficient and successful way to meet these requirements and take the New York Real Estate Exam! Real Estate Exam Prep and live instructor support are always included.

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With over 75,000 licensed students since 1997, we are one of the nation’s most trusted online real estate schools.

Get ready to pass your exam the first time! Our 100% online exam preparation courses are an effective review of all the topics and questions you need to know to pass the New York real estate license exam.

Each course in the program has vocabulary, questions, and examples similar to what you’ll see on the national and state portions of the exam. Plus, we include tips on how to prepare for test day, what to bring to the test center, and the mindset you need to pass the test!

Serve your customers and clients to the best of your ability, stay on top of news and industry trends, and create an educational path to success. All of our New York professional development courses are offered online and you can complete them from the comfort of your home or office.

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We offer AQB-approved, online New York appraiser continuing education courses, including the 7-Hour USPAP Course, to help you complete the education requirements for your New York appraiser license.

Our Assessment CE lessons are written by nationally recognized authors Henry S. Harrison, MAI, ASA, IFAS, DREI and Burton S. Lee, MAI, MRICS. The Real Estate School offers a Standard and Premium 75 Hour Pre-License Course Package. Meets the educational requirements required to become an approved and licensed real estate agent by the New York Department of State (NYDOS). Our school has successfully educated more than 75,000 real estate students and has 25 years of experience providing high-quality real estate education. Get your license online, anytime, anywhere, on any device and start your new career today!

Our pre-licensing courses in New York have an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1,800 student reviews.

Your real estate career starts right now! Our students thrive in an online environment where they work through their classes at their own pace and on their own time from any device. With the highest pass rates in the industry, you can trust that the School of Real Estate provides more than just a course; provides education that you will carry with you for life.

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To obtain an online New York real estate license, you must first complete the 75-hour New York Sales Associate License Course.

Then, you must pass the New York Real Estate Exam with a score of 70% or higher on the final exam of both courses. Finally, you need to apply for your license online and choose a sponsoring broker to work with. After completing these steps, you can become a seller and represent buyers and sellers in the real estate buying and selling process. We make it easy for you to comply with the state’s licensing requirements by teaching thousands of aspiring New York agents and brokers. .

This real estate licensing information summarizes the minimum real estate education requirements established by the New York State Department of Licensing Services Division. We encourage you to contact the Department for more information or changes.

Planning to get a real estate license in multiple states? If so, we recommend checking each state’s requirements.

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You must be at least 18 years old to obtain a real estate license in New York. In addition, you must have no criminal convictions and provide proof of residency in the United States.

To become a real estate broker in New York, you must be at least 20 years old and a US citizen (or lawfully admitted permanent resident alien).

You must have at least two years of full-time experience as an active salesperson or three years of full-time experience in general real estate.

Complete 120 hours of approved training (broker applicants will be required to provide proof of completion of a 45-hour salesperson course, a 30-hour remedial course, and a 45-hour broker course OR a 75-hour salesperson course and a 45-hour broker course).

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New York has reciprocity agreements with nine states. In some of these states, reciprocity is only for brokers, while in others, reciprocity applies to both brokers and sellers. Applicants from these states must submit their completed application along with the application fee, a current certificate of good standing from their state of licensure, and an irrevocable certificate of consent. Applicants for a mutual seller license must be sponsored by a local state broker who holds a current New York State broker license.

All real estate licensees in New York must complete a 22.5-hour course of study every two years. The New York Department of State (NYDOS) requires the following steps to obtain a New York Real Estate Salesperson License.

However, the time required to obtain a real estate license depends on whether the student takes the pre-licensing coursework online or in the classroom, and how much time the student devotes to studying and progressing in their classes.

Depending on the real estate school a hopeful licensee decides to attend, it costs between $200 and $425 to get a real estate license in New York. The most expensive and vital purchase is property school. The cost of undergraduate courses depends on whether the student chooses to attend in-person classes or enroll in an online course. Here are the required fees:

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New York State offers license reciprocity for real estate brokers, associate brokers and salespeople for Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

In addition, persons applying for a license based on reciprocal relationship, attorney status, or holding a previous, expired license must submit a paper application to the DOS by regular mail. Real estate licensees who have completed their pre-licensing education outside of New York State and who have waived their education must pass the state examination and submit their application to the DOS Licensing office for review.

Broker and Associate Broker. Current license. (Business and residential addresses must be in Colorado). Colorado Associate Brokers must submit a vendor application and a $55 fee along with the certification and irrevocable consent form.

Brokerage and Sales – current license only (business and residence must be in Georgia). Must have obtained his license by passing the Georgia exam. Real estate agents licensed in New York can obtain free online Continuing Education approved by the New York Division of Licensing Services by taking free, online courses provided by Inter (see below).

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Log in to the course with the username and password you created in step 1. Choose any approved course. You can enter your Inter inspector ID number and get instant access to the course. Sample ID #: 97010101

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Can’t wait to start your new career as a New York real estate agent? That’s the spirit! This hustle will serve you well!

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