Ran Online Classes
Ran Online Classes

Ran Online Classes

Ran Online Classes – Ran Online is an older MMORPG that blends traditional fantasy gameplay and mechanics with a modern, urban setting. Players take on the role of students at one of three schools and complete missions to clear the area and compete with other schools through PvP.

In Ran Online, players take on the role of students fighting to clean up their schools and competing with other schools for dominance. Enemies take the form of junkies or gangsters, while character classes are explained primarily as areas of study. While the game’s bones are identical to many other MMORPGs, these details help Ran Online stand out from the crowd. While the graphics are dated, the stark contrast of the modern urban environment makes Ran Online particularly interesting for players who are tired of the same fantasy aesthetic.

Ran Online Classes

Archers attack from a distance, using shortbows and longbows to stuff enemies like pincushions. Archers typically invest in Dexterity to achieve high evasion rates, making them particularly useful in groups.

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Assassins use shuriken, scythes and dual spears to quickly take down enemies. Their abilities allow them to hide, disappear or quickly attack enemies. His strength is to perform many quick attacks to deftly reduce the enemy’s health.

Brawlers specialize in melee combat, using powerful punches and kicks to inflict devastating damage. They equip gauntlets to add power to their attacks and are masters of close-range combat.

Extremes are special students, able to use a variety of skills and weapons from other classes. They are particularly strong and can specialize to meet a range of needs. They are only available to those who have leveled a different character to 100.

Magicians have a variety of weapons and abilities at their disposal. Using wands, they create illusions to distract and attack their enemies. Using whips, they can summon animals to protect them in combat. And using cubes, they can summon mystery boxes to attack enemies with powerful area-of-effect spells.

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Scientists use their knowledge of biology, physics and chemistry to take down enemies. And if your skills aren’t enough, scientists use a variety of hand weapons, rail weapons, and portal weapons to blast their enemies to pieces.

Shamans channel primal energies to cast spells, as well as use spears for close quarters combat. They are also capable of using healing spells, making them a popular choice for parties.

Swordsman uses blades, swords and energy swords to take down his enemies. They are strong melee fighters, and each weapon type differs in style. Swords require high dexterity, while blades require high power. Power swords rely on high Intelligence, which means three swordsmen can have very different strengths and abilities.

Ran Online is an MMORPG developed by Min Communications, Inc. and published by GameSamba. It was released on April 20, 2004, and its age is one of Ran Online’s biggest flaws. Being over a decade old, the player base has dwindled a lot and the graphics and gameplay are dated, with low resolution textures and heavy gameplay. However, the low requirements for the game make Ran Online accessible to most low-end computers and laptops. The game’s urban setting also helps it stand out from more traditional fantasy-themed MMORPGs. The game is also available globally through the developer on the “Ran Worlds” server, which has a larger player base than the North American service.

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Upon starting the game, players will create their character by choosing their school (Mystic Peak, Phoenix or Sacred Gate), their gender, one of eight classes, and a basic hair and face style. There are few options for the hair and face, which will be disappointing for anyone hoping to create a unique looking character. After naming their character, players are sent to campus, where their tutorial takes the form of an orientation.

Players will run around the campus, talking to different NPCs and learning the basics of Ran Online. Movement is done by right-clicking on the ground, and players can move continuously by holding down the mouse button and moving the cursor. For convenient travel over long distances, players can also click on a point on their map to automatically move towards that location. Clicking an enemy hits them and holding A initiates the auto attack. This can alternatively be attributed to left-clicking and is similar to combat in Diablo. The A button, or left click, must be pressed on the enemy to continue attacking them automatically. Skills can be assigned keys 1-5 as well as Q-T. Keys 6-0 are assigned as shortcut keys for the item.

The first levels of Ran Online are fast paced. Since the level cap is 260, starting levels require very little experience, and the nature of Ran Online means players will gain that experience very quickly. Players can reach level 10 within minutes of grinding through enemies, and reaching levels in the 40s or 50s will only take a few hours.

Players will need to learn how their class handles stats and specifically what their weapons need. For example, for Swordsman class players, the main stats needed are Dexterity for Swords, Power for Blades, and Intelligence for Energy Swords. Adding points across all three stat categories will allow players to use all three weapons; however, they will need to outperform their weapons to gain enough stats to use them. However, investing entirely in Intelligence will allow them to use Energy Swords as they become available, etc. spots.

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Ran Online is not like many western MMORPGs, which emphasize some level of story or narrative to move players through the game. Ran Online is like many older MMORPGs on the Asian market, where the quests are little more than reasons to switch between different mobs, and the game’s satisfaction comes from reaching higher levels through this routine. While some players may be put off by the relatively “barebones” gameplay, those who are looking for a time to worry them while being easily manageable would do well to give Ran Online a chance.

Again, because of the age of the game, there are relatively few resources to attract players to the game. There is a relatively weak PvP environment because of the lower player base, but some PvP can be found during periods of “indiscriminate PvP”. Co-op events are much more manageable and fun enough with sociable players.

PvP in Ran Online is stifled significantly by the low player base. Players can play cross-school PvP anywhere in Ran Online, although this only happens at specific times. A notification saying “Indiscriminate PvP between schools started/ended”, which signals these PvP times. However, outside the school zones, other players are lacking, due to the game being eleven years old. Fortunately, though, Ran Online has a vibrant community of private servers, so those looking for some PvP action may find busier servers outside the official ones. For some reason, some games (think Dekaron and Mu Online) thrive on private servers, and Ran Online is one of them.

In addition to individual PvP, there is the Power Plant Tyranny game mode, where all three schools compete in a king of the hill style game. Each school tries to attack and capture the three power plants around the map. Captured power plants left unattended can be captured by a different school. The team with the most points for holding captured power plants wins. In case each team captures a power plant, the game will end in a tie. Players must be level 197 or higher to participate in Power Plant Tyranny.

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Finally, there is the Club Death Match, where 2-8 players from a club (Guild) from each school will fight in PvP. Players earn points for kills, and the club with the most points after 30 minutes is the winner. Players must be above level 195 and the club must have an S grade or higher.

In Extra Stages, players take the bus to a bonus map, where they clear the stage to save an NPC, who will reward them. There are several stages, separating players by levels. Players level 100 and below have access to Extra Stage C, players from levels 101 to 170 have access to Extra Stage B, players 171 to 200 have access to Extra Stage A, and players who have completed Stage A 5 times have access to Stage Extra S.

In the Forbidden Tower, players work in a team of 5 to clear 30 stages and defeat a final boss. Players must be above level 190 and can only participate in the Forbidden Tower twice a day. Upon completing the tower, players receive a large amount of gold and experience. The final boss also has a chance to drop special tower gear, which is some of the most powerful gear in the game.

The Cash Shop at Ran Online doesn’t offer much. There are a handful of pets, mounts and costumes, plus customization

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