Questions To Ask A Divorce Lawyer During Consultation
Questions To Ask A Divorce Lawyer During Consultation

Questions To Ask A Divorce Lawyer During Consultation

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Questions To Ask A Divorce Lawyer During Consultation

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Best Initial Questions To Ask A Co Divorce Lawyer

Are you considering hiring a family law attorney? Your attorney will play an important role in your case. This list of questions will help you get all the information you need to make an informed decision when hiring a representative.

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What Questions Should I Ask At A Divorce Consultation?

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Uncontested Divorce Checklist

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In a few circumstances, time is more valuable than a lawyer’s office. You pay for a divorce attorney’s time, so cherish every moment by asking all the right questions from your first visit.

The Pros And Cons Of Filing For Divorce First

Most teachers will tell you that children don’t ask enough questions. The same is true of any biased relationship. Your lawyer is the authority and you are the unknown client. Shouldn’t you just believe what a lawyer says without asking any questions?

Wrong! Most teachers will also say that no question is a “stupid question”, so ask whatever you want. The worst thing that can happen in a classroom or a lawyer’s office is that there are no answers to your questions. great deal!

Another teacher’s advice: Ask questions with answers that provide information on which you can act. Asking hypothetical or irrelevant questions is a waste of money and time. Keep the laser focused on the problem at hand.

Questions are a great way to avoid getting caught up in reciting all the wrongs she has done to you. Making a list is better than just letting what pops into your head for very specific reasons. …

Key Questions To Ask During A Divorce Attorney Consultation

In most cases, Virginia divorce attorneys are billed on an hourly basis. Ask about the fee structure. There is no need to be shy or shy about this. You are paying for the time you spend with a divorce attorney, so you need to know how to claim it.

In some cases, lawyers may charge a fixed fee for certain services, and in many cases they will work on a maintenance basis. Find out what it is and ask about their supplement policy.

This is your first divorce, unless you’re particularly unlucky or have a particularly bad judgment on women. You will be much less familiar with Virginia’s legal system and divorce proceedings than a lawyer.

Ask for an elevator talk (2-3 minutes) to explain the process. Get a clear picture of the steps involved, how long the process will take, and possible outcomes. For example, in our office we have process flow charts that are 8 feet tall!

Divorce Advice (and It Won’t Cost You A Thing)

Ask how you and your attorney or legal team will communicate. When is a good time to call? Is email the best? Should I worry if I haven’t heard from a lawyer for two weeks?

In your case, it will take at least several weeks if not months or years. During that time, you may receive information by phone, email, registered mail and face-to-face contact. If you’re going abroad for work or military service, you’re probably using videoconferencing or Facetime.

In Virginia, property settlements are a common means of dealing with all aspects of a divorce, including the division of marital assets. Virginia is a state with equitable distribution, not community property. Equitable doesn’t mean “even”, it means “fair”.

Get a 30,000-foot clear view of what this means financially. While your attorney may not be able to spend the first meeting examining every retirement and bank account you have, you can get a general idea of ​​how your assets will be divided.

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Ask your attorney how you will treat the divorced wife’s attorney. Should I refrain from contacting my soon-to-be ex-wife and her lawyer? If I hire a divorce attorney, does everything have to go through a divorce attorney?

Ask your wife, her attorney, or your attorney what to do if you are contacted by a Virginia court.

Ask a divorce attorney how your child will be affected by the divorce and how you will manage the divorce. Does the lawyer recommend a specific counselor or therapist?

Would lawyers want to interview children? What can happen with child custody? Can I move to another state with them after the divorce is finalized?

Questions To Ask During A Consultation With A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce also takes time. If you start a divorce with your elementary school child, you may not reach the final verdict until your child is in middle school. What strategies does your attorney have to help your child handle delayed proceedings?

A first visit clears up many of your worries, but you keep asking questions during your divorce. If you hire an experienced lawyer it should be worth your money.

The best way to get all your questions answered is to contact the Men’s Office or call our office at 757-383-9184. We will meet with you to discuss your case and answer any questions about your divorce.

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