Puppy Training Classes Online

Puppy Training Classes Online

Puppy Training Classes Online – Welcome to the exciting world of online dog training! Harmonious Hounds is here to bring you the best online dog training options. We offer live, weekly classes and workshops, self-paced video tutorials, and virtual one-on-one consultations.

Aren’t we tech savvy? OK! We use easy, intuitive platforms for online education. It’s as easy as pointing and clicking! Platforms we use:

Puppy Training Classes Online

ZOOM is a live video conferencing platform. This allows you to watch and hear your instructor giving demonstrations, as well as observe and give feedback as you train with your dog in real time. We use this for weekly online group classes, workshops and virtual consultations.

Online Training Course

Facebook Groups – This is a part of the popular social media platform. In private groups, we provide support materials for students, including PDF guides, links and instructional videos. It also creates a supportive community for posting videos to ask questions or provide feedback.

To participate you will need: a laptop, smartphone or tablet with internet access. That’s it! Before using any of our training options, you must complete our owner-only training course. After registration, we will email you instructions and access to meetings and groups. Select one of the following options for details:

Not sure if online training is for you? We invite you to attend one of our free online training sessions. There is no obligation to register for a class after attending, so there is no risk! Do you have any other questions? Please contact us: Honestly, I just moved and I have a little “puppy-itis” and yes, I believe Webster’s Dictionary should add this to their dictionary. This means that every time you see a puppy or smell a puppy, you want to have your own bundle of fur.

It seems like everyone at my vet clinic has gotten a puppy lately, and those who haven’t gotten a puppy or haven’t been rescued seem to be considering getting one.

Puppy Training Classes

And, I haven’t had a puppy in almost 8.5 years. I watch old videos of him when he was a year and a half old and it breaks my heart to see him learning and building the foundation of obedience. My male dog was given to me at 6 months or 9 months (I can’t remember, ha ha) and he just turned 7!

Anyway, I have a big “puppy-dog” story. Last week I almost adopted a Doberman Pinscher puppy (7 months).

After all, 25 years of experience and hundreds of dogs and puppies in my home during that quarter of a decade has taught me a lot. First, please don’t assume that I have worked with several assistance dog programs and fostered many dogs in my time. Fortunately, he taught me general success with puppy training, dog training, and dog obedience.

Let’s face it, not everyone is a good dog handler or trainer. Click here to learn more about it https:///blog/dog-trainer-hour-owners-beware/

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Not everyone knows how to teach their dog or puppy impulse control and respect, and these are the basics of being a good canine citizen. These things should start as soon as your puppy steps into his new home.

But dogs are not people, and they are not even close to being like people when it comes to their thinking.

If the dog thinks he’s going to grab your freshly made sandwich before you get to it; he won. He does not understand that there is anything wrong with this behavior. In the wild, this is what keeps a dog alive and well.

I can also tell that puppies understand that it is wrong to go “potty” in the house and won’t come home. He pees and poops when he needs to; this is how he was raised for the first 6-8 weeks. Babies don’t leave the womb on the toilet, or they never make mistakes.

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But somehow the species barrier disappears and it’s up to us and the dog owners to learn how to communicate effectively when our new puppy comes home.

There’s a fine line between throwing a tantrum when your puppy has an accident or stealing something, and allowing him to continue this behavior for months. Personally, I like to fix as little as possible.

I teach puppy daycare, don’t get me wrong. I love my puppies lessons!!! But my puppy classes don’t go too deep into your potty training, clamping, or impulse control issues. Of course we discuss it and I ask every week what problems people are having. But I will not live with you or spend an hour with you; I have to share my time with all my clients’ issues.

First of all, I don’t want you to wait 4-6 weeks before your puppy is in a nursery puppy training class.

How To Diy Obedience Train Your Dog

I want you to reward your puppy when he’s chilling with his toys in the toy box (yes, get him a toy box). Chews are his toys, do you want him to chew?

We spend a lot of time telling our puppies what they’ve done wrong. Come on, stop chasing the cat, drop it, drop it!!!! NO, THERE IS NO BAD DOG!!!

But how often do we reward a puppy for being good or a good way to say it; for things we “expect”. We might expect him to lie down and chew on his toys, but how will he know you if you don’t praise and reward him?

Please remember that this is a different type with different rules. Even if he wants to like you, he won’t know how to until you tell him! Imagine traveling to another country where they slap you or add to the pain when you do something wrong. You can quickly learn what causes pain…but can you know what these people want if they never praise or respect you? In fact, you live in a world of uncertainty and fear of correction.

Can I Train My Dog Online

Personally, I like to keep my puppies on a leash when they are indoors, it helps break the house and forces your puppy to train. If you’ve ever signed up to foster a guide dog puppy, they’ll make you do it, and within hours, days, weeks, you’ll understand why. A dog on a leash is not allowed to engage in misbehavior with complete freedom, and this helps to condition it and build good behavior instead of constant restraint.

Let me tell you, keeping your puppy on a leash is a pain in the ass, but it’s so important in their development. It also prevents them from eating and swallowing the wrong things. At my vet clinic alone we have seen or heard about 8 obstruction surgeries from dogs chewing or eating things they shouldn’t. I guarantee that if your dog is on a leash and he grabs your $30 pair of underwear, you won’t let him chew it up!!!!

Lishki is also great for indoor training. When my puppy is tied up with me and we are watching a movie, he with his toys and I with my wine… I notice that when he starts doing the “potty dance” it keeps him from wandering off and causing accidents. He’ll still make mistakes, but they’ll certainly be fewer! When he comes to his senses, I can teach him to ring the bell and tell him he needs to go outside.

Online dog training allows you to understand more about where your dog is coming from and focus on the day-to-day until they are ready to move on to more advanced obedience.

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Trap dogs, dogs with potty training issues, and dogs with impulse control issues are euthanized at the shelter. It’s never that the dog doesn’t “sit” fast enough or “return” well enough.

This does not mean that you should prolong this phase too long, create homework for yourself and practice at least 5 times a day, but work at home in a place where there are no distractions. This is the best environment for your dog.

People often think that they need to get their dog “out” to train; this is another myth. We learn better when there are fewer distractions and we are more comfortable. We don’t take our kids to the zoo and expect them to learn!! We place them in a quiet classroom where there are few distractions and learning is easy.

A puppy kindergarten class is like asking your child to learn at the zoo or at Chuck E Cheese’s… that kind of environment is not conducive to learning. YOU may learn some basic things, but you may be disappointed that it is not useful for dogs to learn.

K9 Logic Online Dog Training Program

I have taught impulse control and basics and I have a dog

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