Pregnancy Classes Online

Pregnancy Classes Online

Pregnancy Classes Online – Thanks to AdventHealth for Women for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions expressed are my honest thoughts. I value your trust and only partner with brands I truly love.

Pregnancy Labor and childbirth and motherhood are beautiful experiences; But I can tell you from personal experience that each of them can be confusing and overwhelming in their own unique way. That’s why it’s so important to get the right help and support for every step of the journey to parenthood. There are three easy steps all moms should take when they find out they’re pregnant: Find a good OB/GYN and obstetrics practice for prenatal care; Visit the hospital where the birth will take place and sign. Attend pregnancy and parenting education courses.

Pregnancy Classes Online

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, Summer, I made the big mistake of skipping pregnancy classes. I was completely unaware of my options or what might happen in labor and delivery, and I was extremely stressed trying to learn how to care for a newborn while on the go while recovering from a C-section. I felt overwhelmed and insecure, and while I was on track with motherhood along the way, I knew I wouldn’t make the same mistakes with future pregnancies.

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When she became pregnant with her second daughter, Luna, she went to AdventHealth for Women Orlando (the hospital where she was born and where she would give birth); My newborn experience coordinator highly recommended the courses at Baby. pregnancy Join the Academy to learn more about labor and birth and newborn care. I immediately signed up for some affordable classes – conveniently available to take online – and downloaded the free Baby Place Academy app.

Today I’m sharing the best online pregnancy and parenting education classes I took while pregnant at Baby Place Academy and an amazing free app for moms. Every class I recommend is affordable; Very informative and available to access online from the comfort of your home.

I attended AdventHealth for Women’s Baby Place Academy during my second and third pregnancies. Attended labor and delivery and parent education courses. I had two wonderful experiences. Their classes are affordable; Information and easy access. Instructors for all classes are labor and delivery nurses trained by AdventHealth for Women Hospitals. I learned so much from every class – even as a mother of two already.

At this time, They offer all of their classes in a convenient online format and I couldn’t be more grateful. With two kids at home, finding a babysitter for the weekly class was difficult. The online format allowed me to learn at home without disrupting my kids’ evening routine or having to find a babysitter.

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Every new mother has to know about the labor process. I personally believe that you should learn about the options and comfort available to the patient and what it really looks like in various situations (gynecology and C-section, epidural and non-medicated births, etc.) postpartum care; I also think it is very important to be fully informed about newborn care and breastfeeding techniques.

Knowing all of these basics will help you put in the work with confidence in your delivery and prepare for whatever comes next. In addition, You can go home with your child knowing that you have the tools to keep them safe and healthy.

Yes. I’m a mother of two girls and have been through labor and birth and breastfeeding twice in the past, and I’ve learned a lot from the online pregnancy and parenting classes I’ve taken during this pregnancy. .

Each pregnancy is different and the labor and delivery experience will be different. It never hurts to prepare for new and different situations. In addition, medical developments since the birth of your last child; There may also be changes in hospital procedures and offerings and updates to newborn care guidelines. My eldest daughter is not even four years old. There are so many new things with the birth of baby #3 that weren’t possible or even possible four years ago.

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I also want to keep in mind that a person will change from child to child. I am not the same mother I was four years ago when my first child was born, or four years ago when I had my second child, or two years ago. Being able to take online parenting education classes through the lens of a third time mom was incredibly informative and I learned new information and details that I would never have thought to ask during my previous pregnancy. your labor childbirth There may be things that have changed your mind about breastfeeding or infant care since the birth of your first child; Taking a class can give you access to new information and expert guidance.

Here is a summary of my top recommended online pregnancy courses. I also encourage you to download the free Baby Place Academy app. I will share the app closely after discussing the classes. But the app also has tons of free tools and videos for expectant new moms – covering everything from pregnancy to labor to newborn care.

The Gift of Expectant Mothers Childbirth Class: This online class is my #1 recommendation for expectant moms. during pregnancy labor and delivery; It is specially designed to help expectant mothers with all the basics of postpartum recovery and newborn care while in the hospital in the comfort of their own home. This course is a three-week series of very intensive classes. I really think this is something every first time mom should do.

Beyond all the basics, Professional instructors (both teachers are labor and delivery RNs from AdventHealth) teach our pregnancy, Available to answer all questions about labor and newborn care. Even as a third-time mom, I’ve learned quite a bit. So I know this class will be very beneficial for first time moms.

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It is highly recommended that you attend this class with your sponsor; Therefore, each of you is a worker; Be confident and informed about childbirth and newborn care. pregnant I also strongly encourage you to come prepared for each class with a list of any questions you may have about newborn and infant care. The instructors are truly experts, and they can provide amazing information to help you along your journey to motherhood and connect you to helpful AdventHealth for Women resources specific to your situation.

Click here to learn more about The Gift of Motherhood Childbirth Class and register at Baby Place Academy.

Relaxation Measures for Labor and Birth: This online pregnancy class covers a wide range of relaxation techniques you and your partner can use during labor and birth. Some of the topics covered include breathing exercises; massage techniques; Includes childbirth tips and exercises and many additional relaxation techniques. You can also learn about the different comfort measures available to you at different AdventHealth for Women locations, as well as learn all about your pain relief options.

I attended this class in person during my last pregnancy (read my full experience here ); I love that they are now offering it online! You and your support partner can really learn about techniques you can use during active fatigue that can make a huge difference to your physical and mental state. This course was an eye-opener for me when I was at home when the pain first started and when I was in the final stages and in the hospital. We got a professional laborer and nurse’s thoughts on epidurals and learned the ins and outs of having an epidural and an unmedicated birth.

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This semi-structured class helped me ask the questions I didn’t know what to do along the way to the birth of my second child. Learning about all of my options has helped me feel confident and well-informed; Only then can you make informed decisions every step of the way. If you’re a first-time mom, I am.

Click here to learn more about comfort measures for labor and birth classes and enroll in the Baby Place Academy.

Childbirth Recovery Course: If you are a mother with previous labor and birth experience. This three-hour course is the perfect way to refresh your knowledge of the childbirth process and stay up-to-date on anything. It may have changed since the birth of your previous children. Evenings are offered online, so you can easily study from home with your kids by your side or in another room with your partner.

Florida Childbirth Class: If you are planning to deliver your baby at AdventHealth for Women’s heart of Florida location. This childbirth class

Best Prenatal & Birthing Classes For Expecting Parents

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