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Pr Classes Online – Are you a business owner who would like to be featured in the press? Or do you work in PR and want to find out what kind of stories journalists are talking about and to improve your relationship with the media?

As a journalist with 12 years of experience writing for titles such as the Observer, Stylist, Metro, I, BBC and Guardian, where I run a PR Masterclass, and a media trainer with my own workshops and webinars, I have used my experience and knowledge to create an interactive course designed to help you or your client secure media coverage and build relationships with journalists.

Pr Classes Online

So whether you’re a small business starting out or working in PR or marketing, the course will help you feel more confident than ever about pitching to the media and be full of new and fresh ideas on how to engage the media. . coverage via TV, newspapers, radio, magazines, online titles and podcasts.

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“What an amazing course! Not only did it give me some insightful advice, but more importantly it helped me secure interviews and get the job at this difficult time! I would highly recommend to anyone starting out in PR or those wanting to to acquire some deeper knowledge.” -AmeliaVevers, PR and Marketing Manager, London Central PortfolioSuzanne is an experienced journalist with a huge passion for supporting businesses. The PR course helped me gain great insights from a journalist’s perspective and changed the way I approach PR strategy and practical tactics. The course delivers great value and offers very useful tips for entrepreneurs. Maggie, Partner at Tech Startup, London.

“Running a small business usually involves wearing many hats and rarely having any free time to devote to marketing. Susie’s course breaks down the basics into a no-nonsense, accessible format that can be picked up when time permits. Her advice, based on her extensive experience as a journalist, provides practical insight into opening doors for small businesses.” – Katy Roberts, lighting designer, OR Consulting Engineers

Throughout the course, which is packed with text, videos and exercises based on insider knowledge from me and other journalists – the ones who write the stories and choose the experts and case studies – you’ll discover:

The course is continuously updated with additional content so you’ll also have access to even more exciting tips and instant press opportunities at no extra cost.

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“I’m starting to go through Susie’s course. Even though I’ve been doing this for years, I’m still learning about the new PR opportunities that are available. Since you’ve never had formal PR training (or established agency experience), this has tremendous value.” – Julia Gifford, Founder, PR and Content Marketing Agency TrueSix

“I purchased Suzanne’s online course when I reached a point in my business where I was ready to raise my profile and share my expertise as a recruitment specialist. Susan’s course made everything so clear and manageable. Templates and honest advice helped me understand how to ‘think’ like a journalist. As a result of the knowledge, confidence and excitement gained, I have appeared on local radio and TV where I live in Nottingham, as well as on BBC Radio Leicester. This has definitely increased my credibility and raised my profile.” – Judy Bullimore, Business Coach

This course is for anyone who wants to be featured in the media. Whether you’re a business founder who’s never spoken to the press before, or a PR with 15 years of experience (I run global press assurance workshops that attract a mix of founders and PR agencies with decades of experience), this course is designed to help you or your client discover the tricks of the trade when it comes to media coverage, be it national newspapers, business titles, radio, TV, podcasts or consumer magazines. With powerful case studies, this fun and interactive course is for anyone interested in securing more media coverage, whether you’re a startup, entrepreneur, PR or big business.

You’ll leave with an understanding of how the media works, what journalists are looking for in a story, how to present yourself or your client as an expert, fun and creative (and easy!) ways you or your client can get media coverage – without press coverage – without that. even the need to put together a press release – how to pitch to a journalist (including what to include in a press release and simple tweaks that can help grab a journalist’s attention), how to take advantage of digital platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and lots of relationship building tips with in-house and freelance journalists, which I know can be harder than ever given how busy journalists are.

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We also explore common mistakes PRs and companies make when approaching the media, as well as dos and don’ts when it comes to working with the press. I’ve put together a whole video full of tips to help you improve your relationship with the press.

This course comes from 13 years of experience as a journalist and working with PRs and business founders who want to share their stories or the stories of their clients. One of the benefits of taking the course is that you hear all of this valuable information directly from the journalist – the one who actually takes the emails and writes the stories. Thanks to my experience I can explain exactly what works and what doesn’t.

So whether you’re a business founder who’d like to be featured in a consumer headline your audience reads, a press or PR officer who wants an inside look from a journalist who writes for national publications like the BBC, the Guardian and Refinery29 about what kind of stories they want or how to become the go-to PR in the media they call whenever they need a case study or expert commentary, then this course is for you. By the end of the course, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident than ever about pitching to the media and bouncing around with new and fresh ideas on how to get media coverage across TV, newspapers, radio, magazines, online titles and podcasts.

I’m Suzanne Bearne, a freelance journalist for national titles including The Guardian, The Observer and the BBC. Like many freelancers, I have many side gigs. I’m also a media consultant, mentor to the Guardian PR Masterclass and run a copywriting/press release/media bio and blog/guest posting service (more info on the Services tab).

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I started my career writing for media and fashion magazines, working my way up through the ranks from editorial assistant to senior reporter. During that time, I worked on press desks, reported from national and international trade shows and fashion events, published front-page stories and wrote features and profiles of some of the biggest people in the industries I covered.

I have been working as a freelance journalist since 2011 and have written for titles including The Evening Standard, The Independent, The i, The Metro, Stylist, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Positive News and the Guardian, where I worked as a commissioning editor. This course is created from the perspective of a journalist with 12 years’ experience writing about small and large companies for titles such as the BBC, The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, InStyle, Vogue, Drapers, The Business of Fashion, and many more. I have also worked as assistant editor at Professional Beauty and news editor at Drapers.

As a freelancer I have covered many topics. I planned my funeral for The Telegraph; interviewed the female codebreakers at Bletchley Park for the Guardian; visited Myanmar to look at its growing startup scene for the BBC; wrote about the most modern place in Bali for Refinery29; highlighted the impact of volunteering in a long feature for Stylist; won a media award in 2016 for my article in the Guardian about how the tech community helped with the refugee crisis; researched wedding attendance costs for the Guardian; researched the rise of effective altruism for The Observer; researched the best independent shops for Vogue; covered getting a custom dress in Vietnam for The Independent; handled alternative funerals for the BBC; he explored how technology has dramatically changed the fashion industry for The Guardian and reviewed hotels and spas around the world for numerous headlines. It’s always a tough gig.

The course is not live – you can access and start it at any time – but I am available for any questions about the course. I am also available for consulting and can recommend excellent PRs for short and long term projects, if required.

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You can also follow me on Twitter at @sbearne, Instagram and join my Facebook group. You can email me at [email protected] I also host regular live webinars and run workshops for businesses and PR across the UK and around the world.

There are also pre-recorded webinars that you can access through my website that you can watch at any time. For more details visit .

The key difference is that the course has much more content. There is a whole chapter on how to pitch guest posts to the likes of Forbes and Entrepreneur, another section on how to pitch

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