Pineapple Dance Online Classes

Pineapple Dance Online Classes

Pineapple Dance Online Classes – Founded in a warehouse that once housed the fruit of the same name, UK-based Pineapple Dance Studios has pioneered several times since 1979, opening a dance studio in London, launching a fashion label with retail partners, and selling direct to consumers through in-store the line. Its founder, Debbie Moore, a famous model and officer of the Order of the British Empire, was the first female chairman to list a business on the London Stock Exchange. Nanas has hosted celebrity dancers such as Janet Jackson, Hugh Jackman and Dua Lipa in his studio.

Frustrated with constant interruptions, poor performance and the high cost of maintaining its on-premise website, the company made a change. Now with Plus, Nanas has enjoyed:

Pineapple Dance Online Classes

Physical retail has always played a role in Pineapple’s sales strategy, but as consumer buying habits changed, the company began to focus more of its efforts online. It quickly became clear that Pineapple’s existing platform wasn’t working.

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Slow, complicated, labor-intensive and unreliable, Pineapple sites forced the management team to spend long hours working to solve problems. In one clear example, the simple task of adding a new top-level navigation item had to be outsourced—and cost around $1,300. The platform made it difficult to deliver the customer experience Pineapple wanted, leading to a high number of customer service issues. .

As retail conditions changed, the brand made a conscious business decision to close all but one of its brick-and-mortar stores to direct its investment online. But online needs to be better. Pineapple knows it needs to make a change.

Our site before would always go down on weekends, or [during] sales—whenever we had more traffic. It’s not intuitive. The reporting is terrible. Small changes are a struggle. We are faced with spending tens of thousands of pounds on simple product or content updates. We know we made the wrong choice. Simon Nicholson General Manager, Pineapple Dance Studios

Pineapple seems like a natural fit. It was happy with the quality and simplicity of the POS that powered its flagship store, so the company also looked to Plus to power its online store.

Pineapple Performing Arts School

Underwaterpistol’s Plus Services Partner helped Pineapple create a dynamic new store that is focused on conversion, customizable and integrated with its current business systems.

The migration covers all existing software integrations, including Klaviyo and Shipwire, and brings relevant customer data and content back to Plus. A bespoke app was also created to replace Pineapple’s class schedule to make it easier to manage on the back end and more user friendly on the front end. Importantly, Pineapple’s long-established SEO position was protected during its redesign.

The migration coincides with changes to Pineapple’s 3PL partner, changing warehouses and distribution channels. Despite this added complexity, the migration went smoothly and successfully.

As an agency, we chose Plus because it works well. It frees us up to focus on tasks that move the needle and help brands grow audiences and revenue, rather than spending idle developer time making simple changes or fixing bugs. Sophie SeatonHead of Commercial Development, Underwaterpistol

The Next Step’

That number immediately showed Nanas that it had made the right move. In the first two months after the migration, its sales have increased 207% thanks to products and collections on its new site loading 40% faster, bringing the average page load time from five seconds down to three seconds. Pineapple also enjoys no longer having to pay expensive developer fees to make changes to its site.

Believing that its online store will finally work smoothly and efficiently at all times, the transition to Plus has allowed Pineapple to focus on growing its brand.

The team is now spending time finding ways to improve Pineapple’s business, expanding international sales, launching a collaboration with Hello Kitty, the television show “The Next Step,” and a new streaming class service called Pineapple LIVE.

Pineapple is exploring ways to leverage POS to connect its online and offline businesses by using its Covent Garden store in London for local pickup. Working with Underwaterpistol, the company is also learning new ways to better leverage search, social and other marketing strategies.

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There are no borders since we migrated. We can be excited about change and implement new ideas to grow our business, because with Plus it’s possible. Simon Nicholson General Manager, Pineapple Dance StudiosIf you’re new to the city of London and want to attend some amazing dance classes, or you’re a performer and need a practice space, the wide range of options in London can be overwhelming! So, we’ve put together a list of our favorite London training studios, taking into account their new safety rules due to COVID.

BASE is a relatively new studio as far as London institutions go, but it does everything right as far as we’re concerned in keeping its customers safe. You book your class / studio rental in advance online, everyone is temperature checked on arrival, they have a solid one way system and the studio is fairly well ventilated. Additionally, studio capacity has been reduced to avoid overcrowding.

There are several options to choose from, and all are creatively named after famous dancers/performers. It’s modern and clean, although sometimes you have to shout over the trains running overhead – the BASE is built right under the tube tracks! The prices are quite reasonable and their best availability is during the day and on weekends, because of their regular dance classes, which run at all times but are most popular on weekday evenings. They sometimes have last minute availability which is well worth checking out.

HOW TO BOOK THE STUDIO: You book by emailing them, contact details here, instead of an automated system.

Adult Dance Classes In London For Beginners

To be honest – most of the dance classes at BASE are aimed at professional dancers – however, there are a few beginner classes on their schedule that are definitely worth checking out. If you’re a go-getter with some dancing experience, try one of the ALL levels classes – but for complete beginners, don’t approach the All Levels class with caution, as they can vary massively in difficulty. Luckily for everyone, every day BASE posts a snippet of their class on their instagram story – so you can check your class in advance and see if it’s at your level!

Pineapple is really taking the time to come back after COVID, and is working hard to keep the studio safe and not overcrowded – at least half of their classes are currently online only. For those who want to learn in person, you must book your class in advance, and are not allowed to wait in the studio (you are collected and taken to your class). Once inside, there are regular sanitizer stations to use.

Due to the studio’s central location, they’re significantly more expensive than most others on this list, without a low price point for their smaller space. It’s also an older building so while the studios do the job, they’re not fancy and don’t have air conditioning so it can get really hot in the summer. If you need somewhere central, their location can’t be beat, and they usually have great availability at all times because they have 10 great studios on site of varying sizes.

YES! There are many beginner classes available at Pineapple in many different styles – it’s one of the best places to learn to dance. It also has a great network for people with dance experience, as well as professionals.

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Currently, they have minimal classes so there are less people walking around than other options on this list. Sanitiser stations are around the building and staggered booking times are available for cleaning between tenancies.

They only have two studios, and it’s an old building, so don’t expect fancy air conditioning, or fancy sound systems. But the studio is great and excellent value, and definitely does the job – plus the staff at reception are always friendly and kind, and with the children’s artwork on the walls (the place doubles as an art centre) it makes you feel like you’re back at school (in a good way!) They also have a music room and an art room that can be rented.

Usually possible, but at the moment due to COVID there are very minimal classes running (find out what by calling or emailing Islington) so we recommend trying one of the other studios on the list until the new year.

Flow Dance is a relatively new structure compared to many of these other studios, and easier to keep clean! When we visited recently it was clean and felt very safe, with sanitiser stations all around. Since most of the classes they do are partner work, it’s best to have someone you know/from your household visit if you’re taking the class. They even have online streaming of their classes so you can study from home!

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As with Academy Mews, the studios are well kept, clean, modern and there are quite a few of them so Flow has pretty good availability, and for good value too.

Yes – specifically

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