Pc Thomas Online Classes

Pc Thomas Online Classes

Pc Thomas Online Classes – “There are many definitions of education. The definition I like best is that “education develops the abilities of the body, mind and spirit”. Many schools focus primarily on the abilities of the body and mind to some degree. focus on developing but very few souls then it cannot be called holistic education. A holistic approach to education will develop a student into a holistic human being. In our institutions, we provide education in 3 phases namely (1) formation (2) transformation and (3) information.”

India’s Oldest Entrance Coaching Centre. Serving around the world for over 60 years turning millions of young minds into dedicated doctors, engineers and other professionals. Join and experience the power of dedicated and systematic education through the power of modern technology.

Pc Thomas Online Classes

We emphasize not only on education but also on broadening the horizons of young minds who will be intellectually, emotionally, morally and spiritually well-equipped to face the challenges of the future and ultimately make them great. Will lead to create professional, dedicated and knowledgeable leaders.

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A legacy of over 60 years. Turning young minds into dedicated professionals. Experience the power of dedicated and structured learning through modern technology.

Prof. P.C. THOMAS CLASSES is one of the oldest entrance coaching centers in India with an excellent, time-tested efficient system of coaching with academically experienced and committed faculty and a proven track record of results since 1960. A committed team of 88 teachers forms its core intellectual strength.

We provide online test training for JEE – Main and Advanced in our labs. Our online test training labs are equipped to conduct tests for up to 200 students in a session. Online test training simulates exam conditions and helps us test students in the updated JEE Main pattern including numerical type questions.

All humans are born with a natural capacity for spirituality, which is an integral aspect of whole human development. Spirituality promotes a way of being that provides a foundation for a young person’s intellectual, emotional, moral, social and physical development. There is overwhelming empirical evidence that nurturing children’s spirituality supports their health and happiness and helps them become more engaged, higher achievers, and better citizens.

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Spiritual and moral development not only benefits the individual child; It is important for building a society of citizens committed to the common good. Encouraging spirituality in children before it becomes dormant is very important if the nation is to produce the quality of future leadership that is urgently needed in all sectors and institutions.

Prof PC Thomas Class Rank Holder. We strive to inculcate outstanding achievements in students through our dedicated work attitude.

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