Party Planning Classes Online

Party Planning Classes Online

Party Planning Classes Online – Organizing an event is no small task. There are a lot of details to keep up with, from pre-event planning to post-event follow-up, no matter the size of your event. That’s why having a plan to share and track is a must if you want to organize a successful event.

We’ve created 2 free event planning templates designed for events of any scale. Many events follow a similar pattern, so templating the process will help you save a lot of time when planning future events. Just make a copy of the timeline and adjust it to fit your current event.

Party Planning Classes Online

Choose your template based on the level of detail you want to include in your event plan. Use these templates to plan corporate events such as client meetings, offsite retreats, seminars, or product launches. Or adapt them to charity events, holiday parties and more.

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This template is perfect for creating your big picture plan. Create a high-level timeline for your next event so everyone knows what needs to happen when and can easily track progress.

Use this template to keep track of all the little details and to-dos. Keep all your tasks organized and on track so that every event you plan runs smoothly.

If you’re looking for a high-level event plan that you can use to map out and track key activities, our event planning template is a great place to start. This template allows you to establish a general timeline for the major tasks that need to be completed, so you can track how your plan is progressing along the way.

There are 4 stages of event planning and management that you’ll want to include when writing your event plan: planning, promotion, execution, and closing. Feel free to go into as much (or as little) detail as you like, as long as you keep these general phases in mind when organizing your plan.

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The purpose of the planning phase is to obtain all necessary approvals, logistics, processes and services to proceed with the event. Some examples include finalizing a budget, developing a guest list, arranging transportation, and establishing the event registration process. As an event planner, this is the heart and soul of what you do and where most of your efforts will be focused.

This stage is all about getting the word out so you have a strong presence at your event. It includes all marketing, PR and promotional activities. Having a shareable plan for promoting the event, coordinating initiatives and keeping everyone informed is much easier.

Need to build an in-depth promotional plan for your event? Try our event marketing and promotion plan template.

Event execution is less of a phase and more of an on-site to-do list for all the moving pieces that need to come together on the day of the event. Documenting these activities in advance minimizes stress on the day of the event and helps ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish (barring the unpredictable accidents that will happen from time to time).

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Once your event has come and gone, your work isn’t done yet. You’ll need to tie up loose ends, track attendees, and keep track of how the event went so you can improve your process next time.

Ready to plan your next event? Save time by using our event planner template to set a timeline so your team knows what needs to be done each week with important milestones to hit. It’s flexible enough to adapt to any process and can help you start knocking off that to-do list faster.

This template can be especially useful if you already have a set of internal documents that you use for event planning and simply want a high-level timeline of the process and key deadlines. The bonus is that you can attach or link any internal documents (eg budget, event proposals) to your plan to keep everything organized in one place.

Your event plan is your road map to a successful event. Let’s look at 2 examples of how you can schedule and manage event execution in .

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A Gantt chart provides a visual timeline of your event plan. You can group tasks by type or phase and set the estimated time frame for each task you need to complete. That way, your team and stakeholders have a clear picture of what’s going on when you can make sure tasks stay on track.

Bonus Tip: Each task in the sample event planner below is color-coded to indicate status. In this example, green tasks are on track, yellow tasks are at risk, and red tasks are behind schedule.

At , we’re a little partial to Gantt charts, but we know they’re not for everyone. That is our place

Visualization is helpful. Viewing your project as a simple list can be useful for status meetings with your team, boss or other stakeholders.

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This Event Planning Checklist is a very detailed plan that guides you through every step involved in planning and executing a successful event. Use it to schedule all the essential tasks you need to complete before, during and after your event, so you can feel confident that you’re on track and in control of your event.

An event planning checklist allows you to break down your plan and tackle all the individual tasks needed to get your event off the ground.

This is all about getting the nuts and bolts of your plan in order. Budget, schedule and guest list are important factors here. Don’t forget to include less glamorous tasks like shipping and handling if needed.

If you don’t have an existing relationship with a venue, it takes time to find the right venue for your event. Pursue vendor research, RFPs, and bids until you find a winning venue that’s on budget and available for your event.

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The vendors you work with will depend on the type and scale of your event. Common event suppliers include caterers/food and beverages, photographers and florists. You may want to track the entire process, from research to submission, in your checklist and note any follow-ups you’ll need to make to ensure everything is fine when the day of the event rolls around.

Some venues include furniture and decor in the packages they offer. That makes things easier! But you’ll still want to track the time it takes to pick and order these items. If on-site rental isn’t an option, set up tasks to rent or purchase items like tables and chairs, linens, and specialty lighting.

This is the main attraction that attracts guests! Whether you’re planning a sales meeting or a talent show, you’ll need to make sure everything is booked and the proper equipment is ready to go. Consider things like A/V services, presentation and/or entertainment programs, and music (even if it will just be in the background).

What’s the point of an event if no one attends? How you promote your event can make or break turnout, which is often the key indicator of success. Emails, social media and PR will help you get the word out from the start. You may also want to distinguish your event with event-specific branding and materials.

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Capturing attendee information is essential for finalizing headcount, managing on-site registration, and following up with post-event thank yous, pictures and/or sales calls. So make sure you have a solid system in place to make registration and tracking seamless, whether you create your own process or use tools like Eventbrite or Facebook for your event.

You have a lot of things to keep up with on the big day. Creating a checklist on the day of the event helps you stay calm and focus on the most important things. Jot down a list of tasks and reminders for the day, such as clients or stakeholders you need to check in with, suppliers you need to meet on-site, or items you need to pick up. If tasks need to happen at a specific time in the event schedule, be sure to note this in your plan.

You can extend a positive experience to your guests even after the event dust has settled. Send thank-you notes or emails to attendees, settle outstanding payments with vendors, and take time to reflect on what went well and what you can improve on for the next event you’re planning.

We know it’s not easy to build such a detailed event checklist from scratch, so we’ve created a template to help you out. Use this event planning checklist template as a starting point to organize your event plan so you can manage and track important tasks and milestones at a granular level.

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This template outlines the basic activities outlined above, but can be adapted to work for any event planning process across a fairly wide range of events, from small engagements to large corporate meetings.

Want to plan a conference? See our conference event plan template for specific guidance on this topic.

Let’s go through some examples of how you can use our checklist to plan and track your event.

Just because this event plan acts as a checklist, no

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