Parents Feedback To Teachers For Online Classes
Parents Feedback To Teachers For Online Classes

Parents Feedback To Teachers For Online Classes

Parents Feedback To Teachers For Online Classes – I want to share my impression of the videos posted by the first grade teachers. These thoughts have been running through my mind since watching these videos. But due to my own hectic schedule with online courses I have not been able to teach them yet. But I think better late than never, especially when it comes to good words of appreciation.

What struck me the most about the videos was that one teacher (ANAMIKA MAM) felt the need to post a video on how to pronounce letters. No lesson, not even the pronunciation of words, but the emphasis is on the pronunciation of letters – vowels and consonants. A good start is half done. Therefore, starting to learn a language with the correct pronunciation of the letters is the best way to master speaking skills in it. There are many ways to learn and improve English pronunciation. But as a parent from South India with several misleading videos on YouTube, a video made by the teacher is really trustworthy and reassuring. The teacher’s confidence and liveliness arouses children’s interest and boosts their energy.

Parents Feedback To Teachers For Online Classes

Equally commendable are the English and Math videos by JENIFA MAM, SIVASANGARI MAM, PADMAPRIYA MAM and PRATHIKA MAM. The staging of the story “The Sun and the Wind” is really a treat. My daughter likes to hear it when she falls asleep. So while her mother is busy preparing for online classes the next day, she listens to bedtime stories from her teachers.

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The value education course is very useful. Thank you for teaching good values ​​to students. That’s more important in her life.

I would like to thank the school management and the school management for this. Please make these classes compulsory even after the school has opened. Many Thanks.

It is good. My child benefits from it during the quarantine days. He is familiar with the Zoom app. Interaction between students and teachers just keeps getting easier and smoother. He is able to understand the lessons and does his homework regularly.

Online classes for the 10th Standard of The Study have been running for 10 days. It’s a historic event of conducting classes with technology rather than blackboard instruction. The need arose due to the pandemic situation due to the spread of the Corona virus, the so-called COVID – 19. From my point of view, the online courses are useful in the following ways:

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1. They restore the academic ambience to the students, especially during the long leave of absence declared for 21 days.

2. It offers the possibility to converse with the teachers and classmates using the technology tools, therefore useful to clarify the doubts through interaction.

I thank the Headmistress and School Management for this innovative initiative by engaging the students throughout the week. I hereby humbly state that the chemistry class taught by the principal was very engaging and liked by the 10-B students. As parents, I ask you to continue teaching the subject of chemistry for 10-B.

The appreciative and indebted work of delivering online courses is real and heartwarming. It provides an insight into how the virtual school works and demonstrates the value of a student/school place in becoming part of a supportive school community.

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The work of the teachers is phenomenal. It offers an engaging, fun and organized deep learning of the subject. This has installed love learning and has a greater impact on student learning. It is more convenient and flexible to mold the kids about the virtual classroom as they are excited about this online platform meeting.

Additionally, it offers the ability to schedule study time around the rest of the day, rather than the other way around. These benefits help students balance their work commitments. It improves their interaction with each other and their ability to concentrate. Learning in the virtual classroom offers shy and reticent students the opportunity to engage in class discussions with ease and then engage in face-to-face discussions with the help of their parents on hand.

Conducting these classes through applicable links has invariably allowed students to develop a sense of pervasive technology and further strengthened their technical skills through understanding connectivity. Students feel more comfortable with the solid education that virtual learning provides and the inclusion of audio/video materials in the lessons/tasks are highlights.

The efforts of the principal, management and teachers are all the more remarkable for this efficient alternative despite the vexing epidemic situation and it has been a wonderful start to the 2020 academic session.

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K.VAITHEKI B.E., M.Tech (IS)., (P.hD) Asst. Professor, Department of Computer Science Pondicherry University, parent of B.Krish Raghav, Class and Section: IV ‘C’

I would like to thank the principal and teachers of The Study for taking up this online teaching initiative.

As parents, we did not know how to help our children continue their education during this unprecedented crisis. While we were striving to keep our kids busy, the online courses came at just the right time as a blessing.

The teachers have gone to great lengths to make the lessons engaging and informative. Homework is given in the form of worksheets and practical tasks. Online teaching has avoided disruption to the academic year and will support the smooth transition to face-to-face teaching.

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Another important aspect that needs to be mentioned is the psychological impact on children due to the current scenario. They have lost their freedom of movement and feel trapped in the claustrophobic environment. Online courses have given them relief from this situation. Being able to see their friends and teachers every day gives children a sense of familiarity and normality. They look forward to their lessons every day.

I appreciate the timely decision to start learning online. Kudos to the management, principal and teachers for their tremendous effort.

First of all, I appeal to everyone to join the Government of India and the Government of Pondicherry in fighting against this unexpected situation. Stay at home and stay healthy.

Ok, secondly, I really appreciate the work of the management, staff and concerned authorities for the effort they have put into donating their time and energy so that the next generation can learn and be active even in this time of need.

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I would like to thank everyone who took this initiative and made it a success. The effort of teaching online is very challenging and requires patience and great effort as students should also get used to this environment. But I really appreciate the efforts of the teachers to solve the task very successfully.

As for the lessons, the lessons are uniform and the information provided by the teachers during the lesson is even fruitful. The assignments are also very useful for the students so that the students can summarize what they have learned during the class and send it in a timely manner so that they understand the value of time and even parents take responsibility to take care of theirs even more effectively wards to take care of .

A small suggestion is that classes can take place twice a day, e.g. B. in the morning from 11.30 a.m. to 12.15 p.m. and also in the evening.

Overall, the online teaching and tuition is really remarkable and a good effort by the school authorities.

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Hi everyone, I’m Krishna Priya from the 6th EL. So these are my learning thoughts on the online courses. We were actually arrested at home as our mum and dad said if you go out you will be hit with the Covid-19 disease, it was actually a fast spreading disease that anyone could get if it was school this time were, every child would get this disease & would suffer for life. Because of this, the Indian government said it would be vacation until this disease is under control. So, I was really bored. At that time, I was told by my teacher to start taking online courses from April 1st. I thought it would be boring but it was really good and we were able to control social distancing from each other, maintain a hygienic environment without leaving our homes and stay safe, clean and save our Indian economy from the fuel consumption of our school transport by you will learn with these online courses. I could see the class and right here and I love the zoom class because the teacher was nice, polite and friendly. The class was happy to meet my friends, ask doubts, etc. etc.

The main things that have made online teaching more useful is that only a few schools are keeping this teaching, including our school, while the others are not. The benefits of this are when they run online courses we take notes, do worksheets and class assignments that are published in our school group. Therefore, when the school reopens, we can easily use up our portions and enjoy our vacations, but other schools that do not have online classes will have great difficulty using up their portions due to the late reopening of their schools.


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