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Oru Online Classes – At the Mabee Center on the afternoon of May 4, 2019, a five-year-old girl looked up at her mother, who was wearing a black robe and cap, and said joyfully, “Mom, you’ve graduated!”

With tears in her eyes, the mother answered: “Me!” as she held the Bachelor of Science degree she had just received.

Oru Online Classes

Javana Middlebrook was one of 780 students to graduate from Oral Roberts University in 2019, but unlike most graduates, she’s also a wife and mother of five who graduated online.

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“I can’t believe this is happening,” Middlebrook recalls thinking as she walked across the stage to receive her diploma. “I set the standard for my children. They’ll remember it and shoot at the same targets.”

In 2011, Middlebrook was a nursing student on campus before deciding to start a family and return to her native Texas. After the birth of her first child, Sarah, she decided to continue her education online with a degree in business administration. She and husband Rahim have grown their family to five children: Sarai, Joshua, Judah, and newborn twins Christina and Naomi. Middlebrook juggled being a wife and mother while working full-time in retail and taking online classes.

“As a manager at Target, I sometimes had to be at work at 4 a.m.,” Middlebrook said. “During my hour-long lunch breaks, I tried to get work done by reading a textbook or answering questions.”

After work, she would return home to prepare dinner and put the children to bed before continuing with her studies. The 26-year-old recalls nights when she stayed up until 3 a.m. doing schoolwork.

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Despite her busy schedule, Middlebrook also remained involved in her local church, attending services during the week and volunteering to clean the sanctuary in the mornings.

Middlebrook is grateful to professors for creating interactive online classes; it is extremely easy for students to get lost during independent learning. However, the collaborative nature of the classes went beyond her professors; Middlebrook received emails of support from her fellow students about completing the coursework.

“They’re amazing,” Middlebrook said when asked about the online department’s administration and advisors. “They always loved and encouraged me. If I didn’t have them, I don’t think I would have continued because there were times when I wanted to quit.”

Middlebrook’s challenges weren’t always routine, either. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year during her pregnancy with the twins, so she decided to have surgery after giving birth, which resulted in the surgery being scheduled two weeks after she was due. She is still being treated.

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“I was extremely excited, but also extremely nervous about other parts of my life, so I had a lot of emotions.”

Middlebrook believes her story is a testimony that will encourage others to “acknowledge God in all that they do, for His promises never fail.”

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We are proud to offer a tuition discount to military personnel and veterans who enroll in one of our online programs. We understand the difference earning a degree can make in your life, and we want to offer this discount as a way to honor your dedication and the sacrifices you’ve made while serving as an integral part of our military.

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LOAN OPTIONS is committed to helping you reduce the cost of attendance in any way possible. Whether it’s financial aid, scholarships or grants, we’re ready to discuss financial aid options with you. Below is a brief overview of some types of financial aid.

They are offered on an as-needed basis and must be repaid with interest. Students will need to complete the FAFSA to qualify for federal loans.

These are non-government loans that banks provide to students and parents to pay for college expenses. They must be returned with interest.

We offer a flexible, interest-free monthly payment plan that can help you reduce your borrowing needs while paying off your remaining balance over time. Payment plans vary from 4 to 5 months each semester.

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Let one of our online admissions representatives help you determine a financial plan that works for you. Contact them today to get started!

We use cookies to offer you a better experience. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. Click “Reject cookies” if you want to refuse to accept cookies. We are so glad you are here today to walk the campus. Use the map below to guide you in the right direction as you learn more about what makes our university so special. Your tour will take approximately thirty minutes.

Welcome to the John D. Messick Learning Resource Center (LRC) and the Marajen Stevik Graduate Center (GC). Inside, you’ll find undergraduate and graduate classrooms and departments for nearly every major, our passenger lounge, veterans lounge, library, mirrored hall, lecture halls, dining, student accounts, financial aid, reception, registrar, bookstore, and much more!

For students, this is the place! Grab a bite to eat, play pool, or watch TV on the big screen. Although it is one of the main student recreation centers, it is also home to the Student Union, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Jazzman’s Coffee, and the Office of Alumni Relations.

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Here is a snapshot of some of our athletics buildings. The athletic complex, tennis courts and JL Johnson Baseball Stadium—home of the Golden Eagle baseball team—are right in front. The aerobics center, to the right behind the trees, promotes the full training of a person. Here you will find many physical discipline classes such as weightlifting, badminton, racquetball and more. In addition to classes, the facility features an indoor track, four full-size basketball courts, three racquetball courts, a spinning room, a swimming pool, weightlifting areas and a dance studio, as well as all Golden Eagle women’s volleyball courts and indoor games.

Has several hostel complexes around the campus. Here are the Residence Towers, which consist of four: Susie Vinson Hall, Susie North Hall, Frances Cardone Hall, and Michael Cardone Hall. Soon you will see several more residences and the newest addition, Niko Hall!

The beautiful stone and glass building ahead is Timko Barton, one of Russia’s original buildings, first built in 1965 and housing the first dining hall and classrooms. Behind Tymko rises a building that may resemble a giant golf ball, an igloo, or even Epcot Center™, but there is little to say, it houses theater, opera, drama and dance performances. This is Howard Auditorium! It accommodates 1,000 people for classes, theater productions and dance performances. On the other side of Howard is Gabriel Christian Salem Hall, a dormitory for women.

Take a picture! Before heading to your final stop on the tour, take a moment to document your campus visit in front of the centerpiece of our campus, the Prayer Tower. Don’t forget to share the post on social media! Follow us and tag us @headedto.

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Welcome to Christ Chapel. Twice a week we gather here as a community for joint worship. The sanctuary seats 3,500, and the building houses offices for worship, music missions, and missions and outreach.

Did you know that the Praying Hands statue is 60 feet tall and weighs 30 tons? It’s true! We advise you to park in the lot to your left and take a photo in front of the Praying Hands statue. Don’t forget to share on social media! Subscribe and tag [email protected]

This facility is home to the Nursing and Engineering Department directly across the street at the southwest corner of 81st Street and Delaware Avenue. ’s golf team is also housed here with new state-of-the-art equipment.

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The College of Arts and Cultural Studies will teach you to bridge the cultural gap and build purposeful relationships with diverse groups of people through a range of tools, including communication and

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