Online Virtual Classes

Online Virtual Classes

Online Virtual Classes – Although students around the world have been asked to follow social distancing, universities in an attempt to cover the syllabus, and not throw their exam schedules into complete chaos, are encouraging their faculty to use the virtual medium to connect with students. From a student’s perspective, their classroom schedule has shifted to the confines of their residences.

Several factors determine the learning process that takes place between the teacher and the student in a classroom. Discipline, decorum and variety are the key factors that enhance learning in the classroom. In the virtual classroom scenario, it is these 3 DSs that can be compromised.

Online Virtual Classes

Here are some simple techniques for students to ensure that their learning process is not hindered by the illusion

Let’s Talk About Virtual Classes!

Understanding communication channel: When taking live classes online, the teacher has a one-way conversation, and is aware that the student is logged in and wants to actively participate.

When there is two-way communication in the classroom, students automatically maintain discipline by not interrupting the teacher, sitting attentively, listening and taking notes, keeping the classroom decorum intact and listening to what students have to say others (representing various views) to say when contributing to class discussions.

Therefore, being aware of this change in the medium of communication will help students direct their ways and methods to understand what is being taught. This will ensure that learning is uninterrupted.

This can be done by observing the following: A virtual session can be issued along with a series of instructions. The instructions will vary from Do’s and Don’ts – for example, a Q&A can be taken between or at the end of the session.

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Several links to additional readings or videos may be prerequisites before joining the session. The instructor may choose to make the session linked, linking concepts from previous sessions – in which case students must be up to date. The instructor may give an unexpected assignment during the session to test readiness.

Interaction and engagement: Since the medium of communication is virtual, students may have difficulty understanding the channel. However, the virtual medium has some advantages for those students who are hesitant and shy to interact in a class full of fast learners.

Therefore, these virtual sessions offer a gateway to slow down learners to catch up with their peers. The online sessions enable students who are skeptical about voicing their opinion, to do so without hindrance. This can help them clear doubts, gain confidence and actively participate in the learning process. The interaction can take place through a typed message or audio input.

For this to be most effective, a student needs to be aware of the methods of the session. If the instructor has indicated that students can start typing their queries as the session progresses, then the student can comfortably post their queries. If the instructor opens the session to voice or video messages, after the lecture is over, the student can ask questions in that window.

What Are The The Unexpected Benefits Of Virtual Classes ?

For the virtual session to be most effective, students need to interact and contribute thoughtfully to the discussions. Students should maintain discipline, decorum by giving other students equal opportunities to participate and not interrupt or interrupt when others are speaking. Other students may have relevant questions or interesting comments to make, so tune into what they are saying and embrace the diversity through these sessions.

Finally, dress up neatly, sit comfortably at a desk with minimal sound interruptions, check your internet connectivity, don’t let your family members come into the frame and show up for these virtual sessions to hold a formal setting.

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Montgomery County Public Schools said it will decide whether schools should transition to virtual learning amid a surge in coronavirus cases on a case-by-case basis.

Montgomery County Public Schools said it is dumping a formula that involves temporarily moving schools to virtual learning if 5% of students and staff test positive for COVID-19.

Instead, the Maryland school system said it will decide whether schools should transition to virtual learning amid a surge in coronavirus cases on a case-by-case basis.

In a letter Friday to parents and other members of the school community, MCPS interim Superintendent Monifa McKnight and interim Health Officer James Bridgers said state officials have advised against using an automatic trigger or threshold to determine a switch to virtual learning.

Online Virtual Classes

The 11 county schools that have already moved to virtual classes will receive more information by Sunday afternoon regarding the next steps, the letter says. They were originally supposed to stay in virtual mode until January 18.

The colour-coded, three-tier system introduced this week led to some confusion. On Tuesday, 11 schools were listed in the “red zone” – meaning more than 5% of students, teachers and staff have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

By Wednesday, more than 120 of the school system’s 209 schools were reporting COVID-19 rates of more than 5%.

Looking for more information? DC, Maryland and Virginia are all releasing more data every day. Visit their official websites here: Virginia | Maryland | D.C.

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The threshold to move to virtual was dependent on parents reporting the results of COVID-19 tests and led to some concerns that parents would underestimate results to prevent school buildings from closing entirely.

The letter Friday said the school-by-school approach brings MCPS “in closer alignment with how large school systems across the county are keeping schools safe amid similar challenges related to COVID.”

Moving forward, the school system said it would consider a number of factors before moving to virtual classes, including the number of positive cases of COVID-19; the number of students and staff in quarantine; the number of staff absent for reasons related to COVID; and the level of spread of the virus in the school.

The school system has distributed KN95 masks to all teachers and staff and plans to distribute those higher quality masks to students as well. In addition, by the beginning of next week, the school system said it will begin sending home rapid COVID-19 test kits to all students and staff.

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“These easy-to-use tests will reveal the prevalence of the virus in every school community,” the letter stated. “They will quickly identify positive cases, allow COVID-19 positive individuals to isolate and further reduce the spread of the virus in schools and offices.

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Teachers and students can work together within an App and they do NOT need to download any other APP or access any other tool.

A holistic platform for communication and collaboration with students and parents. Live classes and online homework ensure uninterrupted learning.

Students can join the classes online through the integrated timetable from their mobile devices using iOS and Android apps

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Similar to the beat of our school. They always rise to the occasion, one example being the start of online classes at a time of pandemic. Despite the uncertainty and obstacles, it is like a bean bag, a durable support but like a rock to run a virtual school. Their dedication and support is worth mentioning.

The app is very easy to use, affordable and provides excellent convenience. It is stable and reliable with very good features. Uploading photos and videos helps share all the activities and celebrations with parents. It helps our organization to communicate effectively with parents. The customer support is good and very fast.

Provide us with a simple solution to a complex problem. They made our communication with parents easy and effective. It is very easy to use and I appreciate the team for their constant support.

Online classes are a comprehensive software suite that can digitize your entire school’s academic operations. If you have more questions, send us a message

Benefits Of Virtual Classroom Software

Not only provides a video conferencing and collaboration solution. As well as facilitating the online classes, it provides a comprehensive question bank, digital content for teachers and online homework/assessment/exams.

Teachers can conduct classes either from mobile devices or Laptops. Laptops are highly recommended as it helps to organize the

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