Online Violin Classes In Hyderabad

Online Violin Classes In Hyderabad

Online Violin Classes In Hyderabad – Mr. is a famous musician. Shaik Chand Pasha playing 10 Instruments western & Indian Classic as Music Director composed for Swapna sundari, Asalem jarigindante movie.

He composed and acted as Hero for Swapna sundari & Asalem jarigindante directed by ES Venkat. As a musician, he has promoted and trained 5000 students through his music and film academy.

Online Violin Classes In Hyderabad

He was taught by Jc marthand & thimoty Marthand and benjmen Marthanad, Jhon Shamuel & Charitha Ben in piano, voilin, Keyboard, guitar, Wester vocal, Key Flute and theory of Music & Orchestration.

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He played Carntik and Hindushthani Music from Dr. Nukala Chinna Satya Narayana, V bhaskar Rao, Dwaram Satya naryana, manda balaram Sharma, T. Gopala swamy, thinaty Naraya vamshi Murali mohan, vittal Rao(Hindustani) from AIR Hyderabad. Movie Music by Rizwan Bombay.

As a musician he has had the opportunity to work with Tv Media and Films Music Directors Mani Sharma, Keeravani, Chakri, Vande mataram Srinivas, classical, Fussion and orchestration.

100,000 people joined Shaik.Chand Pasha and got SiliconAndhra in the 60 lst Annamachary Jayanthi Utsavam Laksha Gala sankeerthanarchana at Secunderabad Parade Grounds in Secunderabadn Andhra Pradesh, India on 10 May 2000.

Trinty College london : Shaik Chandpasha student at the musee school of Music “TRINITY GUILDHALL” Foundation Level Graded Examination in Music performance is awarded. GRADE2(DRUM KIT) , GRADE8(Theory Of Music), GRADE5(Electronic Keyboard), GRADE8(Voilin), Basic Singing And GRADE5(Guitar)

Violin Classes Online

The mission of the School of Music is to create an educational environment that provides balanced music education in all aspects of music and offers internationally recognized programs and awards. ”

Digital / acoustic Piano Labs are fully equipped for group and solo piano students. Guitars, Books, Stands and Chairs are provided in the classrooms for all students. We offer online private lessons, Group Carnatic violin classes via Skype for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced course learners of all ages and locations. Students can choose group classes or individual classes. Many prefer private violin lessons on weekdays followed by a weekend meeting to ensure that each student is fully engaged for group violin playing.

We understand that every student’s learning abilities are different. Our private violin lessons help students think deeply, identify their weaknesses, correct them and progress faster. The violin can mimic the volume of the human voice and forms part of Carnatic concerts. It is used as an instrument or Pakka Vadya in all Carnatic music concerts. It is one of the most suitable instruments for playing songs learned and adapted to suit Carnatic Music.

We at Saamaveda Music Academy, offer a special session on Carnatic Violin Basics focusing on explaining the important parts of the Violin, Guiding our students to different types of violins and strings for purchase, ergonomics of violin playing, Indian Violin Posture, Handling bow, Playing the violin, finger positions, Sruthi correction, identification of Sruthi types. Reading and understanding of languages ​​will be explained in the following tables for detailed information on the instrument. Violin tuning techniques with the help of audio, digital processing, and other software are also part of the course. Students can choose their own flexible times while studying comfortably at home.

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A violinist needs to develop musical awareness, rhythm, better listening skills and the flexibility to be creative in a short amount of time. All our students joining the instrumental classes are first trained with Carnatic Vocal Lessons to understand and perform the same on the Violin. This process further completes their progress in Carnatic Vocal and Instrumental. All students will be guided in a comfortable position to hold the Violin, bowing techniques, and attachment points on the strings for a comfortable sound. A student with determination, a combination of advanced techniques and constant practice for several years can become a famous violinist.

For more information about the Carnatic Violin class, contact us on WhatsApp or, Join us in the Free demo.

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