Online Typography Classes
Online Typography Classes

Online Typography Classes

Online Typography Classes – In this post, I will share some of my favorite Online Lettering and Calligraphy classes for beginners and a few intermediate ones as well, so I guarantee you will find something that will catch your attention. Whether you’re just getting hold of new tools, learning new techniques, or if you’re starting from scratch I’ve got you covered.

Below you will find a list of classes from some of the best websites you can get writing information from. Fortunately, there are a TON of free resources about lettering and calligraphy on the WEB, but quantity does not equal quality.

Online Typography Classes

The teachers I have chosen for this section are not only experts but also artists that I admire a lot. And it’s important to remind you guys that letters and calligraphy are

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The difference between Calligraphy, lettering, Brush calligraphy, etc. is important when looking at classes so you don’t end up buying a class that isn’t really focused on THAT one thing you want to learn. If what you want to learn is to make letters with a brush pen, you should look into “brush calligraphy” if what you want to learn is how to make different colors, look into handwriting.

I have divided the classes according to where you can buy them because it is useful to have many of them together and while the list started with 25, I have added some classes that I found very useful, so I hope, you will like them too!

One thing I love about Skillshare is that you can access so many classes all for a monthly fee, BUT if you’re just starting out committing to a monthly fee can be difficult, so the guys at Skillshare are giving all readers a great deal. FREE PREMIUM TRIAL OF SKILLSHARE!

So clear your agenda and get plenty of coffee (or tea if you’re like me) sign up for an account with this link first to get promoted, and start learning!

Logo Design: New Ways To Create Custom Vintage Type

I have to say, that I personally have an annual account with them because whenever I have something that I need to fix, I can log in – the internal classroom equipment, the teacher and up to learning.

[Important: This offer is limited to those new to Skillshare Premium, not current Premium members. A credit card is required to sign up, but you can cancel at any time. ]

MORE POST: Looking to get started with brush calligraphy? I have a post where I go about everything you need to know, and if you’re looking to learn cursive, I have a full guide to American cursive too!

By Ellen Lupton – While this is not a calligraphy class, it covers the basics of design and things you should know BEFORE you dig into Lettering and Calligraphy. If you are not familiar with Design, I highly recommend you start here.

Class Of 2021 Graduation Cap Typography

By Mary Kate McDevitt – This is an amazing class if you’re just starting out, and I’m a huge fan of Mary Kate’s work, so it was one of the first ones I checked out. And spoiler alert, I’m going to list ALL of his classes here because there are hidden gems in all of them.

By Mary Kate McDevitt – This class is the second part of a special class, here as the name suggests, she looks at color, design and how to come out with your original materials.

By Mary Kate McDevitt – In bite-sized lessons, you’ll follow Mary Kate through creating a piece of text from start to finish, considering the 5 flags of self-criticism as you go. He points out examples, common occurrences, and fixes along the way.

By Mary Kate McDevitt – As you explore the step-by-step process of editing a vintage package, you’ll learn the art of interpreting reference texts without copying, while practicing your own ideas, drawing, letter writing, and editing skills. .

Q0460 Online Class Small Typography Planner Stickers

By Mary Kate McDevitt – In this 35-minute class focused on drawing, you will explore three different techniques: drawings on the side of type, colors that take on the shape of objects and subtle motifs within color formats.

By Martina Flor – First, I have to say that Martina Flor is an amazing writing legend, so of course I had to include her in three classes.

In this class, you will learn his step-by-step process of converting random text into a piece of text. Martina gives you an insight into her process of creating letters and shares tips for turning individual/imperfect handwritten expressions into a unique and unique script design.

By Martina Flor – This is one of her classes, and in this one, she will introduce you to the Art of Lettering and will teach you the principles behind letter design as well as practical ways to think, draw and create a letter piece from scratch. .

The 5 Best Free Online Typography Courses

Martina believes that drawing characters is something that anyone can learn and wants to reveal all the secrets behind this art. Martina also published a book called “The golden secrets of hand-letting”, I love that book with many eyes and good tips!

By Martina Flor – This class overlaps with the previous class I linked to. Martina will share and explain how to create your own personal library of text inspiration and work on finding the right letter format.

He covers the most popular letter styles, not by showing templates that you can copy, but by understanding the concepts behind them and finding specific ways to work with each of them. Remember to follow her to get notifications when new classes or resources are launched.

By Erik Marinovich – If you are not familiar with Erik’s work, he is an amazing designer from San Francisco and co-founded Friends of Color, He also started a design studio with the legendary Jessica Hische.

Type Design Class

This class covers approximately two hours of subject matter, broken down into larger lessons. He covers Real-world reference material, taking inspiration from street signs, tools & tools of the trade, initial letter strokes, two letter styles: condensed sans serif and casual script, layout and composition, shading, shadowing, detailing, and final touches.

By Jessica Hische – I’ve been a fan of Jessica Hische since I moved to the USA, so I was very excited when she announced this class.

In this class, he walks through his letter writing process and shares tips and tricks from his extraordinary life, you will learn how to: Draw your ideas to create a solid foundation for your creation, put your work in digital, including using contacts. and vector points, find what makes a letter look and repeat it in your own work, analyze your work to find those strong finishing touches (even perfect curves).

By Lindsey Meredith – One of the things I get asked the most is the method I use to vectorize, and this class by Lindsey covers everything pretty well.

Fascinating Online Courses To Dig Deeper Into Typography

So if you want to learn three different methods of vectorization, this is the class. Each method uses a different Illustrator tool as well as a systematic and effective way to create characters. The chosen method depends on the writing process.

By Jackson Alves – I was first introduced to Jackson’s work on Behance a few years ago, and let me tell you, he is amazing! So I – of course – did a happy dance when he announced that he was holding these series of classes for anyone who wants to start learning calligraphy.

In this workshop, Jackson Alves teaches basic calligraphy techniques to help you create beautiful letters. You will learn the alphabet based on the humanist script from the 15th century and the Foundational Hand developed by Edward Johnston in the early 20th century.

By Jackson Alves – This is the second part of Calligraphy for beginners. This class is for Italic Letters.

How To Choose And Pair Fonts

Jackson’s interpretation of the ancient Italic Script from the 15th century. Italic is not the easiest script to learn, but you will learn some techniques to make the process easier.

By Jackson Alves – Brush lettering is a much freer style than Italic or Foundational Hand, and there is more freedom and wiggle room when writing with this style compared to others.

Because of this, and to make the learning process easier and more consistent, you will use the same skeleton from the last class, the Italic letters. So make sure you take the right classes 😉

By Teela Cunningham – I love the way Teela teaches, she shares amazing tutorials every Tuesday on her website. In this class, she will teach you how to create your own water-brush colored greeting cards using ink or watercolors.

Working With Typography

He goes over the basics of calligraphy, creating letters with a watercolor brush, creating typographic watercolor mixes, and finding your own water-brush lettering style. He also has a Masterclass in Watercolor Brush Calligraphy on his website if this is not enough (He offers different packages, check them out here).

By Molly Suber Thorpe – This class covers the basics of calligraphy and lettering on the iPad and the Procreate app, and also presents.

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