Online Teacher Classes Professional Development

Online Teacher Classes Professional Development

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1.11 Organizations that often offer free webinars and online courses for teachers, hosted by experienced and educated educators:

Online Teacher Classes Professional Development

2.1 PS The shop and the free library are not the same – the free library has some extra materials like lecture presentations and webinar recordings which are not available in the shop ✨

Introducing Tela: The Pearson Teacher Education & Leadership Academy

Living in 2021 has many benefits and what helps us educators is online learning. We can learn or teach online for the comfort of our homes for free! There are many free online courses and webinars for teachers now!

Professional development is an important aspect of my teaching practice. Learning new research or interesting and innovative teaching methods allows me to keep improving.

I am very eager to plan my professional development. I am interested in inclusion, ICT in education, environmental education and innovative teaching methodology.

Find and select free webinars and online courses for teachers When it comes to free webinars and courses, I always choose them based on certain criteria.

Pdf) The Impact Of A Professional Development Program On English Language Teachers’ Classroom Performance

It may seem that I am asking too much for a free course, but I don’t want to read and complete courses that are not based on scientific research. Also, I don’t want to complete the courses that don’t offer a certificate as I want to show my efforts in my portfolio. The education of the speakers is also fundamental as it defines the quality of the presentation itself.

After completing a double master’s degree, I began to expect professional development presentations to be supported by academic research. I don’t always like presentations based only on the experience of an educator. Almost all seminars in my country are based on personal experience and I don’t want to attend similar online conferences or webinars.

I am not interested in earning CPD credit. My main goal is to learn and show my efforts in my portfolio. If you need credits, you will need to check with each website to see if they offer such credits.

If you are a non-native English speaker and teach English, EF offers a free language test certification. The EF test is the only valid free level test and many organizations accept it. You can take your test HERE.

Professional Development Services / Professional Development Services

The National Geographic Educator certification is a 20-hour course with hands-on lessons that you must teach. You must also submit a video reflection in a digital storytelling format. This is the best course globally and I will write about it in detail in another post. Mentors moderate the course and it is open twice a year. National Geographic also offers three additional courses in addition to this certification.

They recently opened two more new courses, so they now have six moderated online courses. All courses offer great content, an amazing community, a free certification, and the ability to purchase college credit.

Anti-Bullying Alliance from the UK offers free online courses for teachers on bullying prevention. They have a lot of videos and illustrations! The courses can also be used as teacher training material in your schools. Really great: I loved every single page.

Microsoft for Education offers great free online courses for educators related to ed-tech. They currently have more than 100 courses with many different topics related to ICT in education. They also have a Skype classroom where you can collaborate with classrooms from around the world.

Learn Professional Development With Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons

OpenUniversity offers free online courses for teachers on many interesting topics. However, they are usually long, so take your time to complete them. Here is a list of my favorite courses:

EdWeb offers many free webinars and you can also watch old webinars and complete a test to get your certificate. They have webinars almost every day. Be sure to check the qualification of the presenter. Sometimes I like the webinar topic, but I end up skipping it. It may sound harsh, but instructors and coaches are titles anyone can give themselves nowadays.

The British Council offers two free courses and a special discount for paid courses each month. If you join the official British Council teacher group, you will receive a different code every month. With this code, you can purchase their featured course for just £ 3. Here are the two courses that are always free:

Canvas offers many MOOC courses presented by various universities. You can actively participate in discussions with other participants. Interesting courses for educators are:

Online Professional Development For Teachers

EF offers six teacher development webinars, after which you will receive an EF teacher development certificate. Their free webinars take place twice a year. You must answer the questions after the webinars to get the certificate. You will receive the certificate after watching all six webinars, not for every webinar. The topics of the webinars are:

PBS Teacher Line courses are AMAZING! They are self-paced and you can complete them on Canvas LMS. They are very interactive and offer a lot of great content, presented in a visually appealing way so that you can learn easily.

What do you think of this list of free online courses and webinars for teachers? What is the most important thing for you when looking for a free online course? Share your experience in the comments or via the contact page!

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Creating Successful Professional Development Activities For Online Faculty: A Reorganized Framework.

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PS The shop and the free library are not the same – the free library has some extra materials like lecture presentations and webinar recordings which are not available in the shop ✨

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“There is such a wide variety of courses available. The courses are tailored and cater to the needs of the staff following them. I love knowledge and application worksheets. I have used them often to further develop skills; facilitate group discussion. ; and develop additional projects for discussion. Before Paraeducator Online Training I spent HOURS / DAY doing research to develop PowerPoint, handouts, worksheets, activities to address skills that need improvement. Now, I simply click on the courses that I want to assign to my staff and I’m done! Now I can spend more time facilitating group discussions and activities based on the content of the assigned courses. This program is very easy to use. I like being able to track who has completed which courses. I like also being able to assign specific courses based on specific individual needs Para educators are thrilled to have this program as option. They completed courses in both small group settings and individually. They indicated that they appreciated that I could provide them with specific professional development. “

Baltimore Teachers Union

“The online training for para-educators has provided our district with a cost-effective way to offer our teaching assistants relevant professional development. Before using this training, our TAs were often placed in training situations that involved only their work in

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