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Online Spanish Group Classes – A second language is one of the most important gifts you can give your child. It has long been known that children absorb language more easily than adults, using the same parts of their brain that control unconscious actions. Start them now, when their minds are little sponges, and they’ll benefit from improved brain function, attention and focus levels, and even increased empathy throughout their lives.

Any second language will open doors for your child. However, there is growing evidence that Spanish is a very smart choice. It is considered a “great language” – the second most spoken language in the world! It is also one of the easiest for English speakers to learn.

Online Spanish Group Classes

Above all, Spanish language skills will set your child apart from the crowd when they enter the job market. According to PWC’s global report, the economy of Mexico – the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world – is set to surpass Germany, Britain and France by 2050. It is still thinking ahead, but by then the child of yours that strikes in their midst. -job, those Spanish language skills could be paying dividends!

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There are many options available, it is important to find one that suits your children’s needs and learning style. You don’t want to waste time, energy and money on something that won’t help them get off to a strong start, and feel real progress.

We’ve put together an up-to-date list of top-quality Spanish classes for kids for different needs and learning styles below.

If you are looking for customized Spanish classes for your child at a reliable price, this is a good option to consider. Of course we’re a little biased –  but hear us out. offers 1-on-1 lessons with personal language tutors over our secure video chat platform. They are often based on speech, which is a great bonus for children. As we all know, young people can learn new languages ​​quickly by speaking. Many parents have told us how surprised they were when they heard their child talking in a second language after just a few weeks.

How does it work? You and your child take a trial lesson only once with the tutor you like. We are committed to helping you find a tutor who works with your child – if the lesson is not what you expected, we will offer you a free lesson with another tutor or a full refund. When your child finds their perfect Spanish language teacher, you can choose to buy a package of weekly lessons, which you can schedule whenever you like.

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For parents, the biggest advantage is its flexibility. If your young student can’t concentrate for long periods of time, read a half-hour lesson! If they can’t attend the lesson, reschedule or cancel any lesson up to four hours before the start time, and you won’t be charged a dime. Best of all, we have tutors in every time zone, so whenever your child is learning well, there will be a Spanish tutor.

Unlike many other online learning platforms, instructors have the freedom to create their own curriculum and bring their own materials. This means that you and your tutor can work together to come up with a customized learning plan that works for your child. As seen here, some instructors like to teach using songs, some tell stories with animations, and some prefer online training. There is a great collection of free lessons for kids, so your child can practice in between classes.

Every child is different, and so is every tutor. Classes start at just $5 an hour, so you’re sure to find someone you can learn with for a long time.

Can you choose classes accredited by a reputable institution? If so, LAE Kids might be what you’re looking for. All its courses are officially registered by the Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish government organization for the promotion and teaching of the Spanish language.

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LAE Kids is actually a traditional language school, based in classrooms in Madrid, Spain, but the years of the pandemic have moved almost all of its courses online. Lessons take place via Zoom, and can be 1-on-1, or shared with siblings. As with most online language courses for kids, the emphasis is on play rather than language training. Your child will be asked to write and draw on a digital whiteboard, watch videos and listen to music.

Lessons can last 25 or 50 minutes, depending on your child’s age and language skills. According to LAE Kids, a short lesson is usually suitable for beginners and children under 8, while children over 9 can be more comfortable with a longer one.

There’s no denying that LAE Kids is at the cutting edge of Spanish language classes. However, for some parents, an online language school with an old reputation that doesn’t work feels worth the cost!

Kids Club Spanish is a video conversation-based Spanish course designed for young children. The course is based on 25 minute 1-on-1 lessons, conducted by native speaking instructors. Teachers are encouraged to be very active, which will suit little people with short attention spans!

Best Online Spanish Classes For Kids [2022]

Your child uses a structured curriculum with several colorful characters including a friendly green monster, a little girl and a talking ice cream. Kids Club Spanish is aimed at 5 to 13 year olds, but it seems to be aimed at the lower end of that bracket. Older 13-year-olds may find funny stories a little comforting.

As online tutoring services go, it’s not the most expensive, or the best value for money. A single 25-minute class costs $20, a 5-class pack costs $19 each, and a 10-class pack costs $18 each. Rescheduling is free, but you must give 24 hours notice. Most of the teachers live in America, which will help US-based families a lot.

As “online language schools for kids” go, they seem to be on the small side, with hundreds, rather than thousands of users – but that’s not a bad thing! If you can look past the old website, Kids Club Spanish is a fun, conversation-based course that may be perfect for your child.

My Lingo Kids offers 1-on-1 online language classes over Skype for children aged 3 to 17. Packages are divided into three age brackets. “Kiddos” for 3-8 year olds, “Bacha” for 9-12 year olds and “Youth” for 13-17 year olds. Regardless of what your child enters, they will work with a curriculum aligned to CEFR standards, with standardized tests to assess their progress. As a parent, you monitor their studies, homework and overall progress using the Parent Profile.

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To register, parents must purchase a lesson pack. 60-minute lessons are recommended for children over the age of 10, and 30-minute lessons for younger children. At level B1, the prices are:

One thing that sets My Lingo Kids apart from many other courses here is that it offers programs for both older children and teenagers. If you’re buying lessons for a 15-17 year old, it’s probably because they’ll start thinking about qualifications and starting over. With that in mind, My Lingo Kids offers bespoke learning support. However, it’s important to note that if your child is old enough to work on long-term career goals, he or she may be ready to take test-oriented Spanish classes at the all-ages level. such as, which tend to be cheaper, than those designed for children.

Lingo Kids places a strong emphasis on measurable progress. For some parents, this may be encouraging: a way to see if your child is really receiving the gift of a new language. Some may worry that all this talk of CEFR standards and certifications may cause undue stress on their young learner. It totally depends on what you want, and your child’s personality!

121 Spanish offers 1-on-1 Spanish classes over Zoom for children ages 5 and up. As with many other online courses, parents choose longer courses of 25 or 50 minutes, depending on their child’s age and skill level. The first lesson is free, but after that, you can expect to pay:

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Unlike other online Spanish classes, 121 Spanish comes with a companion app, called Ouino Spanish, with additional exercises and games for home study. It’s also important to note that most online instructors teach Latin American Spanish, and they teach in US time zones. As an added bonus, if you have more than one child, they can share the tuition at no additional cost.

The website is messy, which may not fill parents with hope, but 121 Spanish is a cheap option with a good attitude.

Let’s Speak Spanish offers online Spanish lessons for adults and children ages 6 and up. Your child will use a structured learning program with a regular tutor. Unlike the many options available in this package, you can choose the tutor that your child will work with. Each instructor has a detailed profile, including their qualifications and other details about their personality. However, it is impossible to see information about their presence until you are already there

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