Online Quilting Classes

Online Quilting Classes

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Online Quilting Classes

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Hydration should be considered when it comes to overall health. Water, as we know or are just beginning to learn, is the foundation of hydration. This means that water is needed by the general population, students and workers, children and adults, and in general all people. This is what we had in mind when we listed […]Our online class “Embroidered Patchwork Block” with teacher J. Marsha Michler covers patching and embroidering an 8″ square quilt block and is designed to introduce you to the technique of using embroidery in patchwork making. blankets.

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For those who love to embroider, it seems like every available surface might require a stitch, two or three. Making a quilt is another opportunity to apply decorative stitching. Several types of quilts naturally lend themselves to hand embroidery, and these include appliqué, woolen, pictorial, art, and crazy quilts. In this course, you will learn how to embroider on a crazy quilted surface.

The lessons cover two types of stitches. First, you’ll be introduced to hand sewing along the overlay stitches, combining different embroidery stitches to create intricate stitch patterns. Use the stitches you already know or refer to the stitch guide to learn new ones. The second consists of motifs – sewn patterns made in quilt patches. You can use the included motif templates or create your own original designs. Patterns are provided for stripes and motifs. Instructions on how to embroider or how to make or finish a quilt are not included.

Class Schedule: Lesson 1 will be published on August 26, and the next lessons will be held on September 9 and 23.

J. Marsha Michler is the author of 13 printed books and 9 self-published e-books on crazy quilting, embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, wire embellishments and knitting. Her quilts have won awards at quilt shows and her work has appeared in national magazines and other publications, including Needle Arts EGA. With a degree in business marketing and a three-quarters degree in fine arts, as well as an EGA color master, she has taught classes in crazy quilting, embroidery, and jewelry making. She is active in quilting, embroidery, fiber spinning, knitting, writing fiction and poetry, ballroom dancing, building stone walls, and living with her husband and cat in the beautiful and inspiring foothills of Southern Maine.

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When I started quilting, I had a small child, I was a full-time student, and I didn’t have the free time to spend a whole day or weekend in quilting lessons, not to mention I was on a tight budget.

Generations of my family don’t have quilts, and I’m the first quilter in the family. Although we are a generation of seamstresses. Quilting is not accepted in Malaysia, as there is a tropical summer all year round.

So, when I fell in love with all the little quilts I saw in a quilt shop (in Australia), I knew I had to learn this no matter what.

Quilting History: Practical Art

The most formal ones I had were probably taken from the Craftsy/Blueprint platform as they are as organized and formal as possible.

Currently, if you choose to subscribe ANNUALLY, you can choose 12 classes to keep forever, even if you canceled your subscription at some point, you will still have access to those 12 classes.

Today, I can confidently state that I am a confident quilter and while I still have a lot to learn, I am also confident that I can easily learn them when I need to.

In fact, I’m still learning and still digging through online classes, YouTube and blogs. However, now that I have the opportunity to join the present

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