Online Personal Training Classes

Online Personal Training Classes

Online Personal Training Classes – Attending Zoom training classes from your childhood bedroom — detergent bottle weights in hand — can feel intimidating and inconvenient. But for Astrid Swan, a NASM-certified personal trainer and the overall curriculum manager for Barry’s, being able to connect with clients while social distancing has been “a gift.”

That’s not to say Swan hasn’t faced challenges — like learning the right camera angles to demonstrate moves or recognizing when a client is faking a bad WiFi connection just to catch a break (yes, that really happened !). But her optimistic attitude stems from the many benefits she’s found Zoom training offers to both clients

Online Personal Training Classes

Months into classes via Zoom, Swan has developed a unique perspective on the experience, and chatting with her has changed the way I view digital personal training as a client. Her point of view could also help other skeptics feel more comfortable.

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Being separated from her energetic work family and gym was the most difficult roadblock Swan faced when Barry’s temporarily closed its doors. But when the brand launched Zoom classes at home, she felt her community come back together: “The energy was back!”

“[I] feel so fortunate to continue to help people get their endorphins up, stress down, and goals accomplished,” explains Swan. “With our home platform, I’m also able to train people from all over the world and many beginners who don’t live in an area where we have a location.”

As a self-described “hawk for fitness,” Swan wants you to know that just because a personal trainer is sitting staring at a screen doesn’t mean they aren’t prepared for your session.

“Time is always something we say we don’t have enough of—but with Zoom, we don’t have to worry about cutting workouts short because of [a] commute,” she notes.

Online Personal Training And Classes

A messy room and makeshift weights are also no excuses to postpone a Zoom training session – almost everyone experiences similar conditions.

Like physical fitness classes, everyone in a Zoom group workout works at their own level – Swan is adamant that people don’t judge you.

“We love having you in our home, and we love it if your pet or child comes along! We understand that it takes a minute to get used to the format, but you also know, like any training, that you won’t regret it when it’s over,” she explains.

Personal training allows her to get creative as she works toward a person’s specific goals, while group training provides more of a social experience.

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During group sessions, Swan always checks to see if any moms-to-be or people dealing with injuries need extra coaching or changes. She also encourages people in the group to chat, even if it’s to say something about how challenging the class was.

“At the end of the group practice, we turn the sound on for everyone, and it’s nice to catch up on jokes, encouragement, and see how everyone’s doing,” adds Swan.

“I think Zoom fitness sessions will remain popular because of the ease of just opening your computer to start your workout,” says Swan.

She notes the convenience factor for stay-at-home parents who can continue to schedule workouts around their kids’ naps, and for working clients who can work up a sweat between meetings and during lunch breaks.

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And it doesn’t hurt that the app has made adapting to virtual training a breeze. Trainers can sync music to workouts, there’s no limit to the number of people who can participate, and it gives customers the freedom to customize their video settings.

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Online personal training is the perfect solution during the current COVID-19 pandemic, during this time I will work with you to ensure you are healthier and happier. I help you become more active, create endorphins (brain chemicals), and create a diet and lifestyle plan that will serve you long after social isolation has ended.

“I love online 1-2-1 P.T sessions. It’s like having you there. The benefits to my physical health are obvious, but also the psychological benefits of online meetings can never be underestimated. Without your continued encouragement, I would easily slip back into my old habits” -LINDA NEWMAN -Online PT Client

“Online sessions have been a blessing. I’ve struggled in the past to motivate myself to exercise, but knowing that Andy is there at the click of a button is not only reassuring but means I’m able to focus on my health and fitness goals and move forward!” – SAMANTHA LOUISE- Online PT Client

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Here’s my client Trish smashing the kettlebell rack and pressing, working her leg, glutes, core and shoulder muscles! go trish!

This is my online personal training client Samantha. She practices her side plank as her goal is to improve core strength. -Cameo appearance by Kaiser 😀

Here at Three Pillars of Fitness, we are passionate about the benefits of exercise for everyone – not just those who have it easy! If you’re post-natal, dealing with a medical condition, need your training sessions to be chair-based or have little experience with fitness, get in touch – we’ve got all the skills to help! To check out our online gallery of personal training CLICK HERE.

1. You are uncomfortable being in the gym or working out outside. Working in your own space is a great way to improve your self-esteem.

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2. You do not want to leave or are unable to leave your house because you have responsibilities as a parent or carer.

4. You have enjoyed the gym in the past, but now cannot visit because of the corona virus and would like expert guidance.

Below is a snapshot of our most popular services which are available in both single sessions and packages, our best seller is the Gold plus class package, however we realize that your needs are specific to you and are more than happy to create a bespoke offer tailored to you.

If you would like to join one of the millions of people worldwide who work with their personal trainer online and smash your fitness goals, click here and start today. Would you prefer to train and achieve your goals as a family or in a small group? Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements TODAY. P.S: Remember I’ve been there! Andy The advent of the internet and social media has connected the world in ways that were not possible just decades ago. We can earn full degrees, certifications and teach – all online. Even fitness classes are available virtually and on-demand.

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As more of the United States goes into quarantine to limit the spread of COVID-19, trainers and coaches have gone virtual, using services like Zoom to connect with clients and stay afloat.

In addition to moving your body and getting all the endorphins that come with it, exercising in a group provides positive energy, a sense of community and a common goal. It may not be the same as going to a gym or studio, but hopefully it can help fill the void and get you and your clients moving during long stretches at home.

Virtual personal fitness training takes many forms. It can be a collection of streaming videos that are live or pre-recorded and shared via a platform or app like Zoom. It can include live training and coaching sessions offered in a variety of ways. There are even some hybrid trainings where coaching is mixed with personal and online training.

Virtual personal training can also take the form of training program design and instruction. In other words, virtually

Personal Training Classes

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