Online Parkour Classes

Online Parkour Classes

Online Parkour Classes – Our bundles offer comprehensive parkour training programs for beginners who want to learn parkour in a safe, effective way. These bundles are also a comprehensive parkour curriculum for coaches, leaders, and educators who want to study our training methods and incorporate them into formal programs or sports practice.

The Big PK bundle includes our complete online library of training programs and construction manuals. It’s the most comprehensive and best value way to get instant access to all of our key training programs.

Online Parkour Classes

The Get Up/Get Down Bundle includes the Climb Up Blueprint and Art of Falling: The Basics. These comprehensive training programs cover two universally useful parkour skills, the ability to quickly get up and over walls as well as the skills to land, roll and fall safely.

Parkour Visions Portland — Parkour Visions

Our programs offer comprehensive parkour training for athletes and artists who want to learn parkour in a safe, effective way. This material also doubles as a comprehensive parkour curriculum for coaches, leaders and educators who wish to teach and incorporate our training methods into formal programs or sport practice.

The Parkour 100 Series is a comprehensive online training program that covers the fundamental skills, concepts and mindsets you need to start your parkour journey safely, effectively.

Parkour Strength Online is 80/20 of everything you need to know about parkour strength and conditioning, in a new and improved digital format. Building on our 15+ years of research and development at multiple parkour schools IRL and remote, this course will help you accelerate athletic development, reduce injuries, and improve coaching skills.

As one of parkour’s most unique and useful movements, the climb up blueprint is perfect for anyone interested in functional, obstacle-based training. Highly relevant to real-world situations, it’s a wicked demonstration of both strength and agility. With proper training and attention to detail, climbing is your key to the urban jungle.

Get Jumping And Running! Benefits Of Parkour For Kids

The Art of Falling: Fundamentals covers basic falling techniques so you can react to the most common falling scenarios in your sport, discipline, or life in general. It accelerates progress toward your movement goals, reduces fear, reduces your risk of injury, brightens the vibe during training, and ensures better results for coaches and businesses involved in sports or movement arts. does

I live about 2 hours away from the nearest parkour gym so I’m looking forward to getting some work done in between visits. I’m going to be the “odd woman” rolling around in the grass at the park. 😉

I’ve always loved watching parkour and I remember being jealous of how much fun the kids in college were having, but I was too shy and too scared to ask to learn with them, or by myself. to try. This is the opportunity I was looking for.

I don’t think I’ve ever done an army crawl in my life but I love the feeling of doing something I’ve never done before.

Canada’s Parkour Gyms Change Course Of Outdoor Sport

I have been bouldering regularly for about 1 year now and I know I am going to combine these two sports and enhance them both with a more specialized strength training curriculum.

Want to join this group and start, have been wanting to learn for a long time, but can’t find any teachers here in Taiwan… problem solved, thanks! My daughter loves the intro videos and wants to train with me 🙂 Haven’t made it very far in the course yet, but appreciate the clear layout and instructions! Inspiring to learn more!

From the way you are designing your courses, I get the feeling that you don’t just want money like the feeling I got in other people’s “courses”. You want to do something good and really want to help people become better and safer at parkour and you manage to achieve that goal. With Parkour you will not only be a better athlete, but you will also be a better human being.

Get full access to Outdoor Learning, our online education hub that includes fitness, nutrition, and adventure courses and more than 2,000 instructional videos when you sign up for Outside+.

Private / Small Group Lessons — Parkour Generations Boston

You may have heard of parkour as a bit of a joke. But it is definitely a moment. Parkour-specific gyms are popping up around the country, and the training discipline that involves getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible—often by jumping, swinging, flipping, or rolling—is still a consideration. Below is how to become an official part. Olympic Games. Which got us wondering: Is parkour really more than just jumping buildings and pretending to be Spiderman?

It is actually a great exercise. Parkour is more dynamic than your average trip to the gym, uses your own body weight to build strength, and will make you more agile and flexible, says Vinny Coryell, founder of the Move to Inspire Parkour facility in Grand Junction, Colorado. says . “It uses every part of your body in a functional, unique way,” he says. “Instead of lifting a weight, you’re lifting yourself. It activates different muscle groups that we naturally use, and it makes functional movements easier.

Your brain also gets a workout. “My brain doesn’t need to curl a dumbbell, but if I’m jumping at something I better focus on what I’m doing,” says Matt Entis, owner of Revolution Parkour. Beaverton, Oregon. Because of this, parkour can be more engaging than many other exercises. “It’s not boring, even when repeating the technique, and it doesn’t get less fun with time.”

These movements will not stretch you; In fact, they do the opposite. “When parkour becomes a core training method, your body begins to eliminate unnecessary muscles and develop the ones you need,” he says. “This gives any player an edge.”

Adult Parkour Classes — Parkour Visions

And it’s easy to start, Entes says, because it’s so progressive. You can and should start with movements that are easy, safe, and close to the ground before graduating to more challenging, Daredevil-esque ones. (Advanced parkour stunts, we recently learned, can actually be very dangerous — sometimes even deadly.)

In a typical parkour session, athletes hit hard surfaces such as walls, blocks and the ground. When done correctly, these weight-bearing movements improve bone and joint health, and build lean muscle,” Entis says. “I’ve seen people whose bodies have changed without losing a pound of weight — They’re a little taller, the shoulders are a little broader, their whole body shape has changed.”

One of the most rewarding things about parkour is its community, Entis says. “We always share what we learned, what we changed, how we overcame that obstacle, and how we broke that jump.” While most Americans still don’t have access to a parkour gym, many can find local instructors or community groups using websites like or (Antes suggests checking out YouTube tutorials.)

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing and sneakers with minimal soles, Coriel advises. “Training in thick, full rubber bottom shoes gives you the ability to feel the pressure you’re putting on each obstacle,” he says. “Thick boots are the fastest teachers for good landings.” Find a place you can stretch from curb to curb, or from wall to wall.

Youth Parkour Classes

A good place to start with parkour is with the most basic form of movement, Coriel says: the quadruple movement, or QM. “You basically move around in all four directions, like a monkey—forward, side, back, as well as above and below obstacles, while remaining as still as possible with your movements,” he explains.

Other essential skills are the ability to hit the ground, jump to and from curbs while landing on the balls of your feet, climb over small walls and rails, and prop yourself up over an obstacle with your hands. “In parkour, repeating these movements over and over again is the best form of conditioning,” Coryell says.

Start with five minutes of shoulder rolls, arm rolls and ankle rolls to warm up your joints and muscles, followed by five minutes of QM. Next, spend 10 minutes focusing on accurate jumping. “Try to stick your landing!”

Next, find a waist-to-chest-high wall and practice getting up (and then back to the ground) without using your knees. Finish by practicing a variety of vaulting techniques on a waist-high wall, then cool down with a nice stretch. “If it’s your first time doing parkour, you’re going to be hurt,” Coryell says.

Parkour Classes For Beginners

Every parkour routine is different, and the possibilities are endless, Entis says. Try to manipulate yourself by adjusting the height or distance between obstacles, or by focusing on flow, speed, or acceleration.

Making parkour an Olympic sport would give recognition to the discipline, Entes says, but both he and Corel disagree about whether it would be good for the sport as a whole.

“Many of my students would want to train for the Olympics if it became a sport, and I fear that half of them would see parkour as a vehicle for fame and opportunity rather than as a vehicle to make themselves more useful to society.” , ” he said.

Coryell agrees. “For me, and for many others, parkour is about becoming better than you were before, expanding your creativity and your

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