Online Millinery Classes

Online Millinery Classes – Ignite your creativity and be sure to be guided by Louise Macdonald, who has over 30 years of teaching experience.

Build a Buntal Boater without using blocks. When you first venture into the world, building up a collection of good blocks happens over time. In the absence of an extensive collection of blocks, the ability to craft and create a diverse range of hat shapes is a bonus.

Online Millinery Classes

In this 3-part workshop, you’ll create a sailor hat and bandeau support for the perfect fit and curve. You’ll learn two very useful techniques: creating a structured hat without using blocks and a supportive bandeau underneath, which can be adjusted to any hat you want to lift, tilt and fit on your head. Finally, participants will aim to build an untrimmed buntal boat with a strap support for the desired positioning.

Millinery Classes & Events Online

Building on her Contemporary Bows (available from Hat Academy), Ribbon Beret and Ribbon Halo courses delivered via Zoom, Louise Macdonald will expand your repertoire by demonstrating multiple ribbon folding techniques and applying them to other materials to create beautiful embellishments and contemporary headdresses.

Learn how to prepare and manipulate Paris straw to produce contemporary organic headboards without the use of blocks. This great technique produces unique, flowing pieces that free you from the confines of a hat block. At the end of the session, you will receive instructions on how to prepare, shape, reinforce, secure and finish your unique headdress.

Buntal rugs are one of Louise Macdonald’s favorite materials. She offers 3 online courses on HatAcademy that show you how to create structured hat shapes without blocks. In this live stream class, you’ll learn how to prep, assemble, and shape to create more organic mat hats and headdresses. Because it is hand shaped, your piece will be unique to the creator. Channel the sculptor in you and enjoy the wonders of buntal rugs.

Drawing on her knowledge of ribbon cockades from the 1920s, Louise Macdonald reveals clever techniques for twisting and folding ribbon to cover a beret with previously blocked buttons. The result is beautiful contemporary trans-seasonal headwear. You will learn how to prepare, measure, fold, place and transfer the manipulated tape into the 3-dimensional form of the beret, before it is sewn into position – effectively in plain or striped tape.

Top This! The Art Of Millinery

Create an intricate trans-seasonal halo head in this 2.5 hour live streaming course. Louise Macdonald draws on her 30 years of experience (read more) to teach you how to achieve this traditional tape folding technique and apply it to contemporary ‘on trend’ designs. No special equipment is required, making it suitable for beginners to advanced students.

Louise Macdonald began her career making hats for the BBC series The House of Elliot (read more). This gave her a taste for the beautiful ribbon bows of the 1920s. In this live streaming workshop, she will share her love of ribbon embellishments with you. Learn twisting and folding techniques to create a selection of embellishments that can be applied to hats, headbands and fascinators for a vintage or more contemporary look.

Make yourself a beautiful ribbon head in the professional studio of milliner Louise Macdonald. Based in the iconic Nicholas Building in the heart of Melbourne, Louise will guide you through bending, twisting and sewing ribbon to create a raised headband to enhance your wardrobe.

This is a common refrain heard by Melbourne fashionista Louise Macdonald. Come and learn how to find the perfect hat for you. Face shape, hairstyle, height, personality and occasion: everything affects what suits you best.

Classes & Workshops

In this one-hour presentation, Louise will help you navigate and have fun trying out the awesome! You’ll leave knowing what type of hat suits you!

Is your hat looking tired? Crushed? Lackluster? Have you bought a beautiful piece that needs to be rejuvenated after so many years of wear? Do you have a sad vintage hat that needs a new life?

We need to think about how we can repair, repurpose and recycle to make fashion more sustainable. Louise Macdonald will show you how to bring your hat back to life.

Bring a felt or straw hat along to this evening demonstration at Louise Macdonald’s studio in central Melbourne where she will talk about some basic first aid you can apply to your hat to give it a new lease of life.

Reasons You Should Take Millinery Workshop

Learn how you can clean, repair, restore or reinvent the shape of your old hat to put it back on your head! Get some retrimming ideas. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible! It’s a chance to be creative, share ideas, learn some tips and tricks, and have fun.

Learn traditional techniques while making a turban. You will block and reinforce the base of the hat, then shape and drape to create a delicate flowing turban of lustrous silk abaca.

Learn to make hats and berets from buntal mat, using the flat pattern technique and sewing machine. These stylish hats are easy to wear and can be dressed up or down for everyday wear. In this two-day course, you will have the opportunity to create 2 hats.

The saucer hat suits every face shape and can be trimmed in many ways to reflect the wearer’s personal style. Learn how to manipulate basic buntal material to create this versatile shape. The only block needed for this piece is a simple turret block. This workshop gives you a great set of skills and forms to add to your repertoire.

Set Up Machine For Sale!

Perhaps you have a contemporary or vintage piece that you would like to refresh? Bring it along to this evening’s demonstration and milliner Louise Macdonald will show you how to breathe new life into your old hat. Learn how you can clean, reshape, repair and refurbish giving your hat new life. This demonstration focuses on felt and straw hats.

Create a structured hat with a “Dior”-style brim from a buntal mat without using blocks. When you first venture into the world, building up a collection of good blocks happens over time. In the absence of an extensive collection of blocks, the ability to craft and create a diverse range of hat shapes is a bonus.

In this one-day workshop, you will learn techniques that allow you to create a structured large brim hat without blocks, giving you the skills to create your own shapes.

Understanding bias weave and how it can be manipulated to create 3D shapes is one of the keys to using traditional materials. In this weekend workshop, you’ll come with a pre-blocked base and make several embellishments including a double-sided patterned trim. You will also be shown how to make a sinamay rim without blocks.

Where Can I Learn Millinery?

Sinamay rim extension is a light and delicate way to extend or finish the rim. Learn this technique from Louise Macdonald to complete a brimmed Parisian straw hat. Suitable for intermediate or advanced students. I previously wrote about “Milling in the Time of the Coronavirus” and talked about several opportunities to learn milling online.

It may not be a great time to be a miller, but it is a great time to learn new skills to mill.

Currently, several mills and other milling sites offer online training – with more on the way. Here’s a sampling of what’s out there: Hat Academy

This site has been around for a few years now and it’s just awesome! You can buy the whole package for beginners or courses only on specific techniques and materials.

Virtual Millinery Courses Online Archives

I bought 6 courses. Everyone was phenomenal. I have more on my wish list. Since the courses are pre-recorded, you can watch them whenever it suits you. And look again if necessary.

Check the time zone! Some courses are presented at 6am in Melbourne, Australia, which is late in the evening in the UK and perfectly 4pm. in the US Others equate to 3 or 4 am my time (US East Coast). No thanks!

Brenda and her husband Doug have done a great job recruiting instructors and offering these classes. They are also presented at a very reasonable price: 65 AUD.

I was going to get more than one, but it just so happened that I didn’t sign up for one until I got “Foss N Feathers” just yesterday! The course instructor was Carole Maher, who also teaches at Hat Academy.

How I Became A Milliner

It was a great class, and I learned a ton! The second session of the course is already sold out. However, there are currently open seats in the third session.

My feathered headdress after learning the technique from Carole Maher. I need more practice, of course, but I’m happy with this first attempt!

I learned from Lina in person at the 2018 Millinery Meet-Up and this spring in her online “mini-sinamation” class. She is another great tutor who offers online Zoom classes.

Another instructor who also offers courses at Hat Academy. She now also has a website – – where she hosts a mix of pre-recorded and live online classes.

Millinery Courses In Scotland, Uk

Louise offers multiple courses at Hat Academy. And I had the pleasure of learning it

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