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Online Master Classes – I created this interactive tool to give you a step-by-step playbook for your first live online masterclass – the easy way…

❌ WITHOUT the need for a high-quality website (in fact, if you don’t have a website at all, you can still do the content of this plan!); and,

Online Master Classes

So, before we jump into planning your online masterclass, let’s talk about WHY online masterclasses are the best solution when giving a masterclass to everyday women:

Online Film Courses And Masterclasses To Make The Most Out Of Being In Lockdown

In short, offering a LIVE online masterclass is the best way to not only start selling tickets quickly (because you’re not tied down by watching a bunch of “tech stuff” technology), but live online classes also give your students a better experience. as you can help your students survive, and in real time! It’s just like they have you in person!

So, now that you understand why I recommend live teaching, let’s take a look at your actual classroom:

In a later step, I will share two platforms that I recommend for hosting your class, but for now, I wanted to share a quick sneak peek of what the inside of a live masterclass looks like to get you started. imagine how the event will feel to your attendees.

As you teach, you will be shown in the center of the screen and your students will be shown on the right-hand side of the screen.

Artist Frank Kelley, Jr. Hosts Art Master Classes Online

Depending on which software you choose, the person speaking will switch to the main window, which comes in handy when you’re giving 1-1 critiques to your students.

Alternatively, you can switch to “gallery view” during your class so you can see all your attendees at the same time (again, this depends on which software you choose – more on that later!)

“Gallery view” is the option that allows you to see all your entries at the same time. This can be useful if you have a part of your class where you see all your students applying their makeup.

Now, that you understand the situation, go ahead to the next step where I share the three things you need to have to start your online masterclass.

Ica Chess Academy

My goal with this Implementation Blueprint is to show you how to launch your Live Online Masterclass with as little fuss as possible. As such, you will see that I emphasize SIMPLICITY + EVERYTHING.

Because the truth is, online teaching doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be difficult! To get the ball rolling you just need these three things:

1. A SIMPLE sign up page for people to subscribe to your page + a SIMPLE thank you page that you will send your customers to once they have made the payment. You can build these two pages on the platform of your choice (ie Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, etc.) If you do not currently have a website, in the next step, I will share a tool that you can use in it.

2. Payment or receipt of payment. You will especially want to use a tool that allows you to redirect your customer to your Thank You page after they have paid.

The Complete Sibo Solution

3. Video conference software to host your live masterclass. This allows your students to see you, and you will be able to see them, too, giving your class an “in-person” feel. More on this in a later step.

Continue to the next steps to get clarification on who your class is for, what to teach in your class, how to make your class relevant to your customers, how to market your class and more!

There are five key principles I want you to keep in mind when you start planning your Live Online Masterclass. I will walk you through each of them within this Implementation Blueprint.

Understanding these principles will not only make planning your Masterclass easier, but will allow you to create a KILLER class for your clients.

Master Class: Let’s Start From The Beginning

As you begin to plan your Live Online Masterclass, the most important things that you first understand are:

Often, when offering a class, Beauty Pros make the mistake of believing that their clients are buying the class itself. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

As such, you should not start planning your class based on what you want to teach (because your class is not about what you want.)

Instead, start your thinking by thinking about what YOUR CUSTOMERS (or customers you want to attract in the future)

How Masterclass Built A $2.8 Billion Edtech Empire [case Study]

In other words, don’t create a class topic first, then try to go out and find class clients. Agree

Why? Because your customers will only enroll in your class if/when they feel like it addresses an EXACT need or desire they currently have!

One of my favorite business books is “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding”. In it, the author sets 22 important rules (or rules) for branding a business or product.

In other words, if you want to create a KILLER masterclass that sells like crazy, you have to get it

Who Is Masterclass For? Talking To The People Who Take Online Classes With Big Name Celebs

You must first decide who your class is for and then build your class content just for them!

Many Authors are afraid to “niche” their class for fear that they will leave potential buyers. And to that I say “GOOD!”

Excluding people by focusing on a niche! Because by being laser-focused on a specific sub-set of your clients, you are allowing yourself to create a class that works EXACTLY for them and creates real change – and it is! (And remember…you can always create another class for a different customer group later!)

[Option 1] “The Online Glam Masterclass! Learn my top tips for creating an easy look for everyday glam makeup”

Your Master Classes, Now Online. Prepara2 To Prepare You. Medical Education Unit

[Option 2] “The Eternal Beauty Online Masterclass For Older Women! Learn how to turn back time with makeup in 3 VERY IMPORTANT steps – even if you haven’t picked up a makeup brush in YEARS!

With older women because you really called them and told them exactly how you are going to solve their problems!

Now that you understand the importance of choosing a niche for your class, let’s start clarifying exactly what you want your first Live Online Masterclass to serve.

After watching the video above and completing the exercise, you should now be clear about the exact type of client you want to serve with your first live online masterclass, and in general, what topic you want to cover.

Wine Business Online Master Classes

If you are still not clear, if you have a hard time getting your head down, don’t be afraid to ask your audience!

I recommend using the Instagram Stories QUESTIONS and QUIZ features to analyze your audience in a fun and interesting way! Here are two examples:

Because the truth is, people can just watch free Youtube videos to “understand” their makeup (or hair… or whatever topic you plan to teach).

As an Expert, you have the opportunity to truly transform your students by going deeper than a YouTube video ever could!

Master Degree Gold Medal Ribbon For Online Classes Stock Vector Image & Art

So, once you’ve made a solid decision about who your target audience is and what topic (or skill) you’re going to cover, the next step is to plan exactly what you’re going to teach in your class.

The purpose of your class is to take your students on a journey from where they are now (

Your class should cover every skill they need to master in order to have the change they want. To gain clarity about each skill, you should…

I want you to imagine that your client has sat down in your chair and asked you to teach them exactly what they need to know in order to become confident [

Spotlight Online Master Classes — Spotlight Dance Cup

What would be the first thing you could teach him? What would be the second thing? Third? Fourth? Fifth?…

This is your signature, and these are the exact steps you teach in your Live Online Masterclass.

Each step you take out of this exercise becomes a teaching point that you cover in your Live Online Masterclass!

These steps will also be the bullet points you write on your class registration page (more on that in the next step!)

Online Master Class (members’ Choice!)

Note: when planning yours, try to limit your steps to no more than 7. Why? Because this is usually about the amount of information a person can store. My personal “sweet spot” is usually between 3 – 5 teaching points.

For example, let’s imagine that these are the steps I planned to create “10 Minute Face”:

… But I wanted to reduce the number of steps I taught in the live class in order to save time, but also not to overload the students.

As an option, I could remove Step 6 from the curriculum I would teach during the live class, but instead, turn it into a separate pre-recorded video lesson that I would offer as a free bonus to everyone who signed up. of class.

Part Time Online Voice Over Courses

This way, they would get some additional information, but they would not be burdened with learning it during the live class.

Your students will feel like you are going above and beyond

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