Online Martial Arts Classes For Adults

Online Martial Arts Classes For Adults – New York Taekwondo, a martial arts school located in Rossville, is keeping its young martial artists active and fit amid the coronavirus pandemic.

NYT hosts online classes on its YouTube channel (NY TKD), which are free and open to the public.

Online Martial Arts Classes For Adults

“Most of the children are stuck at home, but we want to continue to help,” said teacher Soon Chan Park.

Online Classes Now Available

“Everyone can join in, the kids love it,” Park said. “We can’t teach at school right now, but I, along with the other teachers, still want to help out and offer fun activities.

“Your kids will be able to learn fun new exercises to keep them active, martial arts skills to train their bodies, and learn musical routines to challenge their minds,” added Park.

For Park and his colleagues, who work without pay, they understand the importance of sticking together.

“We’re all in this together, so we want to do our best to keep everyone active despite being stuck at home,” Park said.

Karate Built Martial Arts Free 2 Weeks

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Youth Classes (ages 8 12)

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Start karate as soon as possible and watch your child develop the foundation for a healthy, motivated and active life. We create confident and disciplined children through our martial arts teachings.

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Pallen’s Martial Arts

“We are very grateful for the confidence that Mr. Gary helped instill in our daughter. Through Mr. Gary’s karate instruction, our daughter gained not only the discipline to work at something that was not easy for her, but also the belief. in herself that she can achieve anything and the desire to keep going. Mr. Gary demonstrates a passion for the children’s successes and shows them mutual respect, making them want to work harder and be their best. We couldn’t ask for a better instructor or role model for our daughter.”

Our son was Sean Gary’s student for almost five years. Mr. Gary was not only a wonderful teacher but a great influence on him. He connects with his students on many levels, creating an environment where students want to give their all in karate and become better individuals outside of their school. You’ll be amazed at how much you can teach your child in just a few hours a week.

Mr. Sean Gary was instrumental in our girl’s growth as a martial artist. He has a strong work ethic and is an excellent instructor. In the dojo, he demonstrates and teaches the fundamentals of martial arts with great knowledge and compassion based on various skill sets. Just as significantly, it also instills the importance of responsibility, self-confidence and respect, which are all life skills that children need to understand outside of learning to “kick” and “punch.”

“We have entrusted the care of our son to Mr. Gary for almost seven years. During this time we have never had a complaint with the way he and his staff treat him. He has a passion for teaching martial arts and makes it fun for the students. Parents and students love and respect him.He is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure goals are met.Highly recommend him to parents looking for an after school program and a fantastic martial arts instructor.

Learn Shaolin Kung Fu, Qigong, And Meditation With Online Classes

“We have known Mr. Gary for over 7 years. He has been a fabulous instructor for our kids and is a main figure in class and with other instructors. He knows how to work with all ages so we can trust him at all levels class with our children. He is a person who has given time and patience over the years to all the children we have seen come to his classes. There is no doubt that Mr. Gary has left a positive mark on our children and as parents we give our deepest respect to a person who takes as much pride in the way he works with children as he does.”

“We initially enrolled our boys in karate to teach them self-defense. In the world we live in today we feel it is necessary. Karate and Mr. Sean Gary were two of the biggest influences in our boys’ lives. Mr. Gary taught them both for many years, helping them reach their goal of black belt. I am proud to say that they both accomplished not only their goal, but learned much more from Mr. Gary, who is an excellent instructor who truly cares about those he teaches. He inspires and motivates while teaching self-discipline, respect and perseverance. Enrolling our kids in karate was one of the best decisions we ever made.”

“My children have been taking karate lessons with Mr. Gary for the past few years. I am very pleased with what he has instilled in each of them. He is patient and has the ability to connect with the personalities of each of my two children. The drive and discipline he instilled in them have flourished both at home and at school. I am eternally grateful for the positive impact he and his organization have made on my family.”

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