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Online Mandarin Classes – These are designed from beginners to get to HSK 4 level. You can study in 12-week modules. In each 12-week period, you will go through half an HSK level.

1) – You will be placed in a group with 5-9 other students according to your level – there are 8 levels from beginner to HSK 1 – 4

Online Mandarin Classes

2) – It is taught in a modular format, every 12 weeks. You can register for 12 weeks, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. Each module is at half HSK level. So after 8 part-time modules you go from 0 to HSK 4.

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3) – The form of teaching is part-time, “a little study every day goes a long way”. By doing a little bit over time, you can see quick gains in Chinese. The teacher is your coach, and you’ll also have classmates to work with and help inspire you – it makes learning fun, so you can just relax and follow the lessons!

Beijing Language and Culture University is China’s No. 1 Chinese learning university for foreigners. Based in Beijing, BLCU teaches thousands of international students each year.

Founded in 1962, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is the No. 1 university for teaching Chinese to foreigners in China. Its main mission is to teach Chinese language and culture to foreign students. In addition to teaching Chinese, it also undertakes the tasks of teaching foreign languages, computer science and technology, finance and accounting to Chinese students. It offers training courses for teachers who specialize in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and it offers pre-departure language training to candidates who intend to live and work abroad.

It is the only international university in China whose main mission is to teach Chinese language and culture to foreign students. As an international university, BLCU’s vision for the past 40 years has been to “popularize Chinese language and promote Chinese culture.”

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BLCU has the longest history, the largest scope and the most qualified teaching faculties of its kind in teaching Chinese language and culture to foreigners. BLCU is distinguished by its unique cultural atmosphere of diversity, which attracts a large number of students from both home and abroad. Since the foundation of the university over 40 years ago, more than 60,000 students from over 160 countries and regions have confidently set out into the world from here. Some have become renowned diplomats, sinologists and journalists; 14 have worked as foreign ambassadors in China and more than 30 are diplomats working in the embassies of China.

Once you have completed the program, you will receive a certificate and transcript from BLCU that is internationally recognized.

You can start from beginner level, or if you have learned Chinese before you can start later. Each module (12 weeks) will cover one of the following levels.

Places on the program are limited. You are advised to register as early as possible, as students will be admitted on a rolling basis. Here comes the summer vacation! Are you wondering how you can fulfill the summer? Learn something new and expand your knowledge seems like a good idea to invest yourself. How about learning a new foreign language and experiencing different cultures? Or are you planning to learn Chinese but haven’t done anything? If you are planning a trip to Asian or Chinese-speaking countries, you will want to learn some basic Chinese. will be giving away FREE 1-on-1 Chinese language learning classes this summer!

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Offers complete teaching services in 1-to-1 Chinese classes to learn Chinese online, available on PC and mobile app. Chinese course level from beginner to advanced with content in daily communication, HSK preparation and business Chinese. Also, we have many Chinese e-books, PDFs, videos and Chinese-related blogs for you to learn Chinese language!

Now comes the summer giveaway competition! We’re going to give you 10 Chinese classes, worth a total value of $200, for free! Do you want to explore your talent in Chinese language learning or fulfill your interest in Chinese culture, this is your chance! The competition process is simple.

The competition ends on 14 July, until then we will draw the lucky winner at random from a computer programme. And we will live stream the selection process to prove its fairness and authenticity. So make sure you enter the competition and complete the process before July 14th!

If you weren’t selected, don’t worry! We are still giving away 1 FREE lesson to every student who signs up on our website or app. Depending on competition attendance, we may select up to 5 other participants to give free classes, so take a chance and good luck!

Online Mandarin Classes (24/7 Live Taught)

How to Write in Chinese – A Beginner’s Guide 7 Tips on “How to Choose the Right Chinese Teacher?” The 5 Best Chinese Apps to Learn Chinese in 2017 Chinese New Year Traditions – A Beginner’s Guide to CNY Traditions Typhoon Season: Preparations to be done. Which online Chinese classes are the best? I’ve created an Online Mandarin Class Comparison chart of five companies that are popular in my Chinese learning circles. All the companies have experienced and qualified teachers, so what sets them apart? Check out the chart below or click the links to jump to my review.

The four companies were selected based on how legitimate their website looks. All of these companies use their own proprietary software and do not require users to log in through a third-party platform. They all offer fun and easy one-to-one online Chinese lessons.

Based in Singapore, LingoAce is the only company offering 55-minute online Mandarin Chinese classes for students aged 6-15. They now offer 25-minute preschool classes for students ages 4-6. Make sure your child is able to follow the teacher’s instructions and sit through the entire class. The curriculum is taught in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

My first account didn’t let me book a trial class. I had to sign up with a different email, but their ordering system was confusing. It actually shows dates that have already passed so I spent some time trying to book a trial class but no teachers were available. I found the site difficult to navigate, but there is a notice that they are updating the site, so hopefully they will improve the user experience.

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The teacher was friendly and very patient during the trial lesson. She seemed experienced in teaching younger children.

My son was finally able to take the trial class on their proprietary iPad app. Again we experienced technical problems. During the lesson a chat box appeared and neither the teacher nor I could close the box so it covered part of the screen. My son was unable to interact with the class with the chat box open and at times could not see any of the lessons.

My son is fluent in Mandarin and can read about 300 traditional Chinese characters. After answering a few questions about his Chinese speaking and reading ability, he was placed in Advanced Chinese Level 3. The content of the lesson was more academic than he is used to. The curriculum focused on reading in Simplified Chinese. He didn’t recognize many of the characters. The teacher mentioned that we could request a traditional Chinese lesson. So exciting to finally find online Chinese classes offered in Traditional Chinese!

Lingo Ace uses a points system instead of a dollar system to purchase classes. It is complicated and not clear whether one point equals one US dollar. I’m not sure why companies do this. Their basic pricing model is $30 per class or package deals starting at 25 classes for $750.

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If you’re interested, use this Lingo Ace referral link and get 300 points redeemable for two 25-minute classes or one 55-minute class.

Lingo Bus is based in China with headquarters in Beijing. They offer fun online Mandarin Chinese courses to students aged 4-15. Parents can choose between the fluency course, which focuses on listening and speaking, or the reading and writing course, which focuses on reading and writing. The curriculum is taught in Simplified Chinese.

The teacher was warm and made the class very fun and engaging. The interface was well designed and the curriculum suited my child’s level. The Lingo Bus lesson was well planned and focused on teaching the same set of characters with 4 different activities.

Lingo Bus offers game-based lessons that are engaging and interactive for young learners. Although their classes are aimed at ages 4-15, my daughter started taking Lingo Bus classes before her 4th birthday. She speaks fluent Mandarin and can read around 300 characters.

Online Learning, Face To Face With Teacher!

I get a lot of questions about whether Lingo Bus is suitable for pre-school children. I would only suggest online classes for kids who are able to sit through the class and follow instructions from the teacher. If they can’t attend the class, it won’t be worth your money.

Classes are tailored to each child’s Chinese level. My daughter has already surpassed her big brother by a whole level!


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