Online Lettering Classes

Online Lettering Classes – If you have enough calligraphy experience, this course may be too easy for you. To find out for sure, take this short test!

This self-study online modern calligraphy course for beginners is just as effective as my in-person calligraphy workshops. There’s no time or demo limit, so I’ve been able to include absolutely everything you need to know! As I shoot, I can relay ideas from different angles, and you can pause and rewind the video as needed. If you don’t quite understand how to do something, there is a “Discussion” section under each lesson where you can ask questions. Lessons include a short quiz and homework. Here is the course layout, including video duration (minutes/seconds):

Online Lettering Classes

Note that this lesson includes a 10-page printable workbook that is separate from the course workbook. If you choose to complete this lesson, you will need a printer.

Hand Lettering Beginner Classes For Kids (online)

The course ends with a short video explaining your post-course homework. The total review time for this course is approximately 4.5 hours, but I would recommend setting aside two months to do everything you are asked to do in the course.

Once you purchase this list, you’ll get full access to the course videos and worksheets! Please note that you must have or create a TPK account to complete the course. If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one at checkout (or create one now). After placing your order, you will receive an email with a link to the course, or you can find the course in your account. In this post, I’m going to share some of my favorite online lettering and calligraphy classes for beginners and a few for the intermediate level as well, so I promise you’ll find something that catches your eye. Whether you’re just catching up on new tools, learning new techniques, or starting from scratch, I’ve got you covered.

Below you will find a list of classes from some of the best websites where you can learn about lettering. Of course, there are tons of free lettering and calligraphy resources online, but quantity does not equal quality.

The teachers I have selected for this round are not only trained professionals, but also artists that I deeply admire. And it’s important to remind you guys that lettering and calligraphy are there

Awesome Hand Lettering Tutorials

The difference between calligraphy, lettering, brush calligraphy, etc. is important when looking at courses so you don’t buy a course that doesn’t really focus on THAT one thing you want to learn. If you want to learn how to create letters with a brush by clicking on it, you should check out “brush calligraphy”, if you want to learn how to create different styles of letters, look at hand lettering.

I’ve divided the classes based on where you can get them, as it’s handy to have most of them together, and although the list starts at 25, I’ve added more classes that I find very useful, so I hope you’ll love them too!

One thing I love about Skillshare is that you have access to so many classes for a fixed monthly fee, BUT if you are just starting out paying a monthly fee can be difficult, so the guys at Skillshare are offering all readers a special FREE PREMIUM TRIAL- SKILLSHARE VERSION!

So clean up your routine and drink lots of coffee (or tea if you’re like me). First, register an account at this link to be eligible for the promotion and start learning!

Modern Hand Lettering Course With The Everygirl

I should mention that I personally have an annual account with them because whenever I need to refresh something, I can log in – activate the content of the class, the teacher and start learning.

[ Important: This offer is only valid for those who are new to Skillshare Premium but are not currently Premium members. A credit card is required for registration, but you can cancel at any time. ]

DETAILED POST: Want to get started with brush calligraphy? I have a post where I talk about everything you need to know, and if you want to learn cursive, I also have a complete guide to American Cursive!

Ellen Lupton. While this is not a lettering course, it covers the basics of design and what you should know BEFORE delving into lettering and calligraphy. If you are new to design, I definitely recommend you start here.

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By Mary Kate McDevitt is a great course if you’re just starting out and I’m a huge fan of Mary Kate’s work so it was one of the first I checked out. And spoiler alert, I’m going to list ALL of her classes here because they all have hidden gems.

Mary Kate McDevitt – This class is the second part of the main class, here, as the name suggests, it focuses on color, texture and how to come up with your original resources.

By Mary Kate McDevitt – In short lessons, you’ll follow Mary Kate through writing from start to finish, addressing the 5 self-criticism flags. It will point to examples, common problems and ways to solve them.

By Mary Kate McDevitt – As you follow her step-by-step process of redesigning vintage packaging, you’ll learn the important skill of interpreting reference material without copying, and practice your own conceptualization, sketching, lettering, and layout skills. .

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Mary Kate McDevitt – This 35 minute sketching class explores 3 different approaches: illustration with typography, letters that take the form of objects, and subtle motifs in letterforms.

By Martina Flor – First, I have to mention that Martina Flor is an amazing lettering legend, so of course I had to include her 3 classes.

In this particular lesson, you’ll learn about her step-by-step process for turning spontaneous handwriting into writing. Martina will walk you through her lettering process and share tips on how to turn a spontaneous/imperfect handwritten expression into a personal and unique script design.

By Martina Flor is another one of her classes, and in this one she will introduce you to the art of lettering and teach you the principles of letter design, as well as effective techniques for thinking, drawing and creating lettering from scratch.

Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course

Martina believes that drawing letters is something that everyone can learn, and is ready to reveal all the secrets of this art. Martina also published a book called “The Golden Secrets of Handwriting”. I love the book, it has so many eye-catching and useful tips!

Martina Flor – This class is in addition to the previous class I linked to. Martina will talk and explain how to create your very personal library of inspirational letters and work on finding the right shape for the letter.

She will talk about the most popular lettering styles, not showing templates that can be copied, but understanding the logic behind them and revealing specific methods of working with each of them. Don’t forget to subscribe to it to be notified when new classes or resources are launched.

Eric Marinovich. If you’re not familiar with Eric’s work, he’s an amazing designer from San Francisco and co-founder of Friends of Type. He also founded a design studio with literary legend Jessica Guichet.

Online Lettering Class 2.0

This lesson covers almost 2 hours of lesson time, broken down into small lessons. It covers real-world reference material, drawing inspiration from street signs, materials and tools of the trade, lettering basics, two lettering styles: abbreviated sans-serif and regular, layout and composition, shading, shading, outline and finishing touches.

By Jessica Hische – I’ve been a fan of Jessica Hische since I moved to the US, so I was more than thrilled when she announced this course.

In this class, she will explore her personal lettering process and share tips and tricks from throughout her amazing career. You’ll learn to: sketch out your ideas to create a solid foundation for your design, digitize your work in Illustrator, including using the steering wheel and vector points, identify what makes a letter look organic and reproduce it in your own work, critique your work to get those solid finishing touches (even perfect curves).

Lindsay Meredith. One of the things I get asked about the most is the process I use for vectorization, and this Lindsay class covers just about everything.

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So if you want to learn three different vectorization techniques, this is the class for you. Each method uses a separate Illustrator tool and a strategic and efficient letter construction process. The choice of method depends on the style of the inscription.

Jackson Alves – I first came across Jackson’s work on Behance a few years ago and let me tell you, he is incredible! So of course I did a happy dance when he announced that he was holding these classes for anyone who wanted to start learning calligraphy.

This workshop is taught by Jackson Alves

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