Online Glass Blowing Classes
Online Glass Blowing Classes

Online Glass Blowing Classes

Online Glass Blowing Classes – Glassblowing is one of the most beautiful, practical and versatile art forms. Since the 1st century BC, mankind has recognized the importance and value of forming glass, for its many applications ranging from practical to artistic. We have developed several techniques to make the best use of this wonderful material.

If you are interested in learning this craft, either as a profession or a hobby, you have to start somewhere.

Online Glass Blowing Classes

That’s why we’ve brought you this quick guide, where we’ll cover some of the important aspects of glass blowing, to give you a better idea of ​​what this craft really is – and what you need to do to get in the right direction.

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Glassblowing is the craft of forming glass by blowing air into molten glass with the help of a blowpipe.

With great glass-blowing skills, you can create all sorts of glass objects from plates to large statues.

Glass blowing is not only a highly satisfying art form in which you can freely express your creativity, but being a glazier is also a leading profession with the potential to earn a living.

Glass is so versatile that you can make almost anything with it. That makes it an excellent hobby, if you want to make some side money, or make handmade gifts for family and friends.

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Walking into a glass blowing studio, you will immediately notice a lot of hot objects around, reminding why people say glass blowing can be dangerous, if proper precautions are not taken.

After the glass begins to harden, it is taken to the glory pit (another furnace) to be reheated. This is done continuously during the glassblowing process to prevent the glass from cooling.

When reheating and blowing the glass, the blowpipe must be rotated continuously, or the molten glass will sink down due to gravity, losing its shape.

Next, the glazier blows air through a blowpipe into the glass until the piece reaches the desired size.

The Furnace A Glassworks

Next, it’s time to remove the piece of glass. With a clamping device called a jack, the glass is cut across the funnel, allowing the glass to be removed from the blowpipe with one solid tap.

Learning the craft at home is not recommended as handling a glassblower without experience can be dangerous and tedious. It’s best to work with experts until you build solid glassblowing expertise.

A master glass artist will help you break bad habits from the start, and provide insights for improvement. You will also have confidence that you are making glass art proficiently. Due to construction, we will resume selling glass blowing grades in February 2023. Fused Glass Grades are still available. If you previously purchased a class and still need to schedule it, please email our class coordinator at [email protected]

Fused glass consists of cutting different colored glass pieces later and placing them to create one of your own masterpieces. It is then burned in the kiln at 1200-1300 degrees for 24 hours to blend your designs.

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Glass on a personal scale. Let’s make a unique plate in our 2 Hour Fused Glass Workshop. Students will choose a color and create our stacked quilt plate. You build your masterpiece by cutting, shaping, and stacking stained glass. Your share is then burned! Students from 10 and above who can participate in Pieces need 1 week to be fired and degenerate.

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Gift me to someone who loves glass, art, class, or fun quirky products. Make your gift cards wiser by supporting small businesses. Use me online ❤️McFadden Art Glass is a Baltimore gem. Located just off I-95 in East Baltimore, this hotel is easily accessible. McFadden Art Glass is a specialty glassblowing studio and art school that focuses on multiple approaches to glassmaking. We offer one-off workshops for ages five and up and advanced courses for ages 11 and up. Whether you’re looking for a quirky Date Night, planning a school field trip or celebrating a birthday, McFadden Art Glass is the place to be. We strive to provide each participant a fun, educational and unique experience.

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McFadden Art Glass opened its doors in 2006, with one staff member, Tim McFadden. Tim’s hard work and perseverance has grown his small business to what it is today. McFadden Art Glass expanded in 2016 by building a new adjoining studio that allows more production work to be created and larger groups can now access space for interactive events. It is a must-see destination for those visiting Baltimore and a place for people around the world who are looking for handcrafted glass crafts.

Tim’s skill and thoroughness is demonstrated in his beautiful work. McFadden Art Glass is not only an art school to learn about glass-making techniques, it is also a studio that houses the purchase of custom-made glass crafts. We work with clients step by step in helping their ideas become reality. We have a broad approach to glassmaking that enables us to turn your vision into reality. Whether it’s a lighting fixture or a fire-breathing dragon, we can make one for you.

Baltimore native Tim McFadden discovered his love of glass blowing in 2001 while attending the University of Salisbury on Maryland’s East Coast. He was introduced to glassblowing by his older brother, Marty, who discovered the glassblowing course offered at Salisbury University. His interest in this medium grew rapidly. In the spring of 2005, he won first place and $5,000 through the University of Salisbury’s Annual Bernstein Business Plan Competition to open a glassblowing studio and qualify for the Fortune Small Business Magazine Student Showdown Competition. Tim McFadden’s business plan gave him the first step towards realizing his plans immediately after graduating from Salisbury.

By the fall of 2006, he had re-installed a dedicated glassblowing studio and gallery on an existing property in Southeast Baltimore, Maryland on Eastern Avenue. Tim McFadden began teaching local glassblowing courses privately, through Towson University, and the Community College of Baltimore County, while refining his craft at the same time. Tim’s work is heavily grounded in Italian techniques he has learned and developed at some of the most distinguished glass schools in the country, most notably the Corning Glass Museum and the Pilchuck Glass School. His work is sold internationally and has been exhibited in several top galleries and museums, the most recent of which is the Walter Museum of Art in Baltimore.

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In 2011, Tim co-founded a new company with Aric Wanveer called Zero Gravity Creations. From which has spawned Tapologie and Magma Build Studios, our new workspace/showroom in Port Covington that opened this summer. With Aric’s background in metalworking, these companies bridge the gap between metal and glass to create works that transcend the boundaries of each individual material. You can also visit the website to see what innovative works we create using our patented technology.

Today, Tim McFadden has created a local hot spot for the people of Baltimore and beyond. The local glassblowing event is sure to attract large crowds and build a lively creative atmosphere for the glassblowers and onlookers.

Today, you can find Tim in his glassblowing gallery with his wife Rose and their three young children. McFadden Art Glass really is a family affair. In fact, if you attend one of their regular public events, you’ll find Mom, Meg, at the Gallery selling glasses and Dad, Joe, helping out in the studio and always one of Tim’s three siblings or extended family there to support his success!

Rosemary found the glass when she found love. Owner Tim McFadden’s wife Rosemary had to quickly learn the ins and outs of helping run a glassblowing studio. Today you will talk to Rosemary by correspondence or meet her at the glassblowing workshop in the studio.

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Benjamin studied the applied arts of high-performance metal machining and manufacturing in high school. Ben’s interest in making things by hand led him to glassblowing. He took a beginner glassblowing class at McFadden Art Glass while in high school. He pursued this passion and went on to earn his BFA in glassblowing from Salisbury University. He then worked as an assistant at the Chrysler Museum of Art. Ben travels the country working for a number of private and public glass studios. With his vast expertise, Ben is a true asset to Tim McFadden. He is an enthusiastic and talented instructor, along with a confident and comfortable glassblower/fireworker.

Julian discovered glassblowing in 2013 when he took a beginner glassblowing course at McFadden Art Glass. After a few more years of taking classes and helping Tim at the Hot Shop, he became an employee in Spring 2015. His determination and time spent in the studio increased

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