Online Exercise Classes For Kids

Online Exercise Classes For Kids

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Keep the family going from the comfort of your own home with these free and paid online fitness classes, home workouts, and fitness influencers we love in Hong Kong.

Online Exercise Classes For Kids

Do things end when there is a limit? If you and your family are cooped up indoors, maybe you need a little inspiration to slide off the couch and get your blood pumping. If children

Best Exercise Videos On Youtube To Do With Kids

Ready to start climbing the walls, blow off some steam with an at-home workout to lift your mood and get your endorphins pumping.

Not sure where to start? Some great online fitness classes, home workouts and fitness influencers both in Hong Kong and overseas are ready to help you! We asked around the Sassy Mama office for the team’s favorites, so here are a few picks to get you started.

If you’re looking for a guide to safe exercise during your pregnancy and beyond, Esther at Aqua Terra Performance is here to help. Although you can’t go to a class, this boutique studio

Offers two free online fitness classes to download. First, a 30-minute workout for moms-to-be, and second, a 30-minute full-body workout for busy moms. You don’t need any specific equipment, and both are suitable for all fitness levels, as each includes modifications to make the exercises more or less intense.

Fitball Fitness Sessions And A Fresh Air Hiit Workout Among Our Free Stay In, Work Out Activities For May 26 31 Half Term Week

In 2020, SELF Fitness had a full line of online fitness classes via Zoom due to restrictions and studio closures. You can currently choose “On Demand” online workouts, but it’s possible that it will resume the full online schedule as restrictions continue. Last year you can choose payment options and also choose to book a block of classes. If you have any pre-existing conditions or injuries, make sure to let the team know at least 24 hours before emailing. Watch this space.

Has frozen all paid packages to resume when the studios reopen. In the meantime, follow its Instagram account and check out two new online fitness videos posted every other day. Former Ana Estelle and Anhao Teachers hope that you can try each exercise 5 to 10 times a day to give you a good home workout in about 30-50 minutes.

Anhao Wellness Center, 1/F & 4/F Sunny Sky Center, 5 Ladder Street, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong, 9497 2575, [email protected] ,

This popular Hong Kong children’s class provider knows a thing or two about keeping kids active and entertained. Fortunately, you can still book private lessons

Kids Fitness On The Riverwalk

If you’re in a pinch and need something to keep the kids entertained at home, check out our Facebook page for updates on any online sessions or our YouTube channel for past online fitness classes.

While you are social distancing, you may want to practice yoga with the kids. Pure Yoga offers a series of videos on its online platform Purecast Yoga Livestream

. You don’t have to be a Pure Yoga member to access one of these, and there are plenty of sessions specifically aimed at children. This is the best way to keep the family safe while at home.

Because of his passion for teaching and improving people’s lifestyles. Due to the current situation, she offers live classes via Zoom. Also check out YouTube videos so you can style from the comfort of your living room. One for parents

Live/online Fitness And Exercise Classes For Kids

, all you need is a mat, towel and some water to participate in free workout routines, tips and more

Defin8 Fitness, 8/F & 9/F, Yu Wing Building, 66 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 9859 8620, [email protected],

The studio offers prenatal and postnatal training, HIIT, movement, strength and mobility classes, as well as personal training, workshops, team building and classroom activities to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Keep an eye on the Instagram page for daily IG fitness sessions and workouts to keep you going.

Calibrate Studios, 12/F, Unit A, Ho Li Commercial Building, 38-44 Street D’Aguilar, Central, 6080 0665, [email protected] ,

Matt Ross Community Center

This Hong Kong regular offers private Skype Pilates sessions to get you moving at home. You can include a class

, with a number of other options and prices in between. No excuses, because the exercises are also available on WhatsApp Video, FaceTime and Google Hangouts. Call the studio or contact your Flex instructor directly to book.

Flex Studio Hong Kong, 2205 & 2209, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, 2813 2212, [email protected] ,

The city also has its fair share of fitness influencers that you should know about. One such influencer is That Mama Ziggy, of Zig FitMama, a personal trainer who specializes in women’s health and fitness before and after birth. A certified prenatal and postpartum trainer, follow her on Instagram for free virtual workouts and tips and workouts.

Online Dance & Fitness Classes

Another prenatal and postpartum fitness coach that should be on your radar is Kristen Handford. This mom of one also offers online training for when mom groups aren’t available. Check out her Instagram page for workout tips and fitness inspiration, or check out these 60-minute prenatal and postpartum workouts.

Beth Wright works remotely as a lifestyle coach, one on one with individual clients. She offers customized home workouts, lifestyle and nutrition plans. On Instagram, she posts tips and advice for a healthier, more balanced life, along with nutrition ideas and transformation successes. In the coming weeks, she will be posting fitness videos on her IG channel.

Online Fitness Classes and Home Workouts from Around the World Jo Weeks – Online Kids Workouts at Body Coach

Is an online fitness coach who single-handedly took it upon herself to lift up homeschoolers everywhere during the first shock of COVID-19. You don’t need a lot of room for PE With Joe, and the 30-minute classes are designed for youngsters to have fun with core exercises. More than a million families taught from their London homes via YouTube, streaming the previous morning’s routines live. There are also over 250 other exercises to choose from on his channel

Annenberg Community Beach House

Suitable for ages three and up, these 25-minute fitness classes are great for the whole family. Using three different playing techniques, you’ll burn extra energy and improve endurance, balance, strength, and even bone density! It also has a wide range of free online exercises for mums and dads

, detailing the difficulty rating, how many calories to burn and what equipment is needed. There are over 400 exercises that require no equipment at all.

Jaime’s yoga classes have been popular with kids, parents and teachers since 2012. He knows how to engage the youth by weaving a story around them doing downward dogs, baby feet and Surya Namaskars. You can access YouTube channel with many videos

If the man of the house wants to rock his dad and be a little more chiseled, like Thor, why not take a lesson from the man himself? That’s right! Chris Hemsworth is offering a free four-week trial of his fitness program, Centr. Of course, moms can also participate with unlimited access to healthy recipes, training exercises, dream visualizations, and meditations. You’ll need to add your credit card details when you sign in, but you can opt out at any time

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This is another app that is definitely worth mentioning. The Peloton team knows the struggle is real right now, so they’ve extended their free trial to two months. Whatever your traffic jam, whether it’s cycling

, cardio, yoga or strength training, you’ll find something to keep you going. If you don’t want to continue paying, unsubscribe before the trial ends

The Mom and Dad Workout is a 20-minute workout that’s sure to get your workout on. It’s not much of a workout for them, but it sure will be a lot of fun because they’ll be your weight! Fast forward about 3 minutes to start the routine.

Both Yoga with Adrienne and Jessica Rose’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge will take you to your happy place before you know it.

Nch Wellness Center

. There is a paid app if you want, but free workouts via YouTube and Instagram. His passion is about movement and exercise for long-term health and is possible in a small space.

Two of the top fitness mom influencers to follow are Kayla Itsines, personal trainer and creator of Bikini Body Guides, who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in April 2019.

Known for her Emily Sky Fit program and her fitness journey after giving birth to her two adorable tots.

And last but not least, Blogilates by Cassie Ho – who has online workout plans, inspirational content on her Instagram account, and is body positive with an infectiously optimistic attitude to life!

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Editor’s note: This article was originally written in March 2020 by Alex Purcell Garcia and updated in January 2022.

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