Online English Group Classes

Online English Group Classes

Online English Group Classes – Later in 2018, Pearson partnered with the BBC to launch Life Classes, an international program designed to promote culture and language learning for young students. Students from around the world have a unique opportunity to collaborate – allowing them to learn as a team and interact in a global classroom.

We are delighted to announce that Pearson and BBC Live Classes have been named finalists in a prestigious ELTons award presented by the British Council. The project was recognized in the Innovation in Learner Resources category.

Online English Group Classes

We decided to reach out to our global community of teachers to find out how they are doing during the current pandemic and how the experience of Live Classes has helped them transform teaching in the internet.

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Alena, a teacher from Russia, suggests using your online platform to host guest speakers from other countries. You can do online interviews, tell stories, or host workshops.

Inviting speakers is a great way to keep your students engaged. It allows them to ask questions in real time about a given topic, exposes students to another culture and is useful for real listening practice.

Before introducing a guest speaker to your course, we recommend letting students know what kind of work is expected of them during the lesson. It is also a good idea to prepare them a little on the topic or ask them to plan some questions for the speaker.

Lounges have become very popular in recent months, especially for online learning. Most importantly, they have a virtual meeting room that allows you to split their class at different times; you can switch between lounges at any time to attend different student groups.

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Turkey school teacher Burhan recommends dedicating half of class time to restrooms. After all, it’s a great way to break up coursework, ensure student learning, and give students valuable conversation time. With breakout rooms, teachers have the opportunity to monitor student progress from a distance, and apply personalized learning methods to each group.

Melinda from Hungary also recommends restrooms. He uses them to get his students to discuss a problem and agree on a solution. This is a great way to develop not only students’ problem-solving skills, but also their collaboration and teamwork skills.

When your students are thinking of solutions, it is important for teachers to come to help with problems. We encourage you to end the course with a brainstorming session, where each group shares their problem-solving approach or reflects on what they have learned.

According to Polish teacher Joanna, the lounges are good for informal conversations and discussions. It’s a great way to encourage students to integrate their knowledge and apply what they’ve learned in real-world situations.

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You might want to ask your students to role-play a job interview situation, create a storefront event – or simply discuss a topic in the news. But it’s good to keep the group small; This ensures that quiet students get a chance to express themselves. When the students have finished talking, you can switch students around in the rooms to continue the conversation.

For many reasons, like Irene in Italy, breakout rooms are important for keeping relationships under lock and key. After all, they provide the necessary face-to-face interaction for students and teachers.

Restrooms can work very well for cooling functions, heaters and allowing students to get to know each other better. Use them to facilitate peer-to-peer participation, peer learning, or to build healthy competition between teams.

Breakout rooms showed Stasa and Elena, two teachers in Russia, how to work with students remotely. For many teachers, online teaching has only two options – address the entire class at once or address students individually. Students who want to talk to you directly must send you a private message or the course may be disrupted. Instead, breakout rooms allow you to switch between rooms and keep questions on a smaller scale.

Enguse Live English Classes. Students’ Feedback

We have some great tips from our Live Classes community that show some interesting tools to help you engage students online.

Flipgrid is designed to promote social learning. It allows your students to record and share short videos – so they can reflect, discuss and present what they are learning.

For the TikTok generation, Flipgrid is cool and fun. We recommend that teachers try Flipgrid at the end of a project, incorporate it into a CLIL lesson, or simply use it to record students speaking in . They can watch their videos, see their own mistakes, and reply to each other from their own homes.

It is a good idea for students to practice theirs in preferred language settings – such as restaurants, markets, museums and historical sites.

English Online Classes

Google Expeditions is fun for VR adventures; and with that, each student can lead a tour of the trip. Good speech or writing. For example, you might want to ask your students to write a diary entry or review of the website they visited, and then share it with the rest of the group.

Think of Padlet as an online post-it board that you can share with teachers and students. And because you can post on Padlet anonymously, it’s a great tool for posting student ideas. Check out this link to read about some other creative things you can do with Padlet.

Thanks to our Live Classes community for all your advice! The top tip is harmony – use the restrooms for conversational activities and maintaining relationships.

Michael Brand is a lecturer at Pearson. After studying in England and Spain, he gained experience in the public, private and public sector and taught young students, teenagers and adults. His main teaching interests include cooperative learning, role-playing in his classes and using video. Michael is a lecturer for Pearson and BBC Live Classes: online lessons that bring together groups of young students from all over the world.

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