Online English Conversation Classes Using Skype

Online English Conversation Classes Using Skype – For aspiring free online English teachers, an important step in setting up a successful tutoring business is choosing which software to use to deliver lessons. There are several popular platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and perhaps the most popular, Skype. Of these, Skype can be an attractive option as most of us have been using this free video calling app for years and know how it works. But can you effectively teach English online using Skype?

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Online English Conversation Classes Using Skype

Yes it can! First, if you work for an online learning company like Landi English, the company offers its own teaching platform, so you don’t need to use Skype or Zoom to teach classes. However, as a freelance online English teacher, you will be in charge of all aspects of your business, including choosing a teaching platform such as Skype.

Online English Classes Via Skype

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If you are teaching English online as a freelancer, Skype is a great choice of platform because of the following advantages.

If you still don’t have a Skype account or want to use a different account professionally, it’s easy to get started. You simply need to enter your email address and some basic details like your name, date of birth and country, then you’re all set! From there, you can upload your profile photo, add contacts, and start browsing around the platform.

One of the reasons why many teachers and students choose Skype is that it is easy to use. Once your account is created, you can easily search for users, send messages, make phone or video calls, and even integrate external media.

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Here’s the best part: Skype is free to use! When starting your freelance teaching career, this is important as it can significantly reduce your start-up costs. Skype offers free accounts to its users including conference rooms and other features. It’s hard to beat that.

Now that you’re all set up with Skype, how can you use it to teach English online? What special features are most important to you in a virtual classroom?

Video calling is a key feature of using Skype to teach online classes. Select a contact from your list to start a one-to-one video call. Then click on the video icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You can use other features in your video call, which we will see below

You can use video calling to teach group English classes with Skype. To do this, select your first student from your contacts. Then, before starting the video call, select the “Add Person” icon in the upper right corner of the screen to add more contacts to the group. You can add more people to an ongoing group call by clicking the same button.

Learn English On Skype

The chat feature can be used by itself, without video, to send text messages between you and your students. But as an online English teacher using Skype, you will find this feature very useful during video lessons.

The chat feature can be used when you want to silently send an instant message to a specific student in class (for example, “we are reviewing homework page 2” to a late student).

The chat feature can be used in a group online English class when a student wants to ask you a question without interrupting the lesson. In fact, the chat feature can be used as a “raise your hand” mechanism. For example, if you ask the class a question, you can have students answer it by typing a chat message to you or the whole class instead of speaking out loud.

Finally, the chat feature can act as a virtual whiteboard, allowing participants to share notes or resources. To do this, instead of sending a private message to a specific student, you can write a chat message to the whole class.

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The chat feature lets you use instant messaging (IM) to connect with someone when you’re not on a voice or video call. While you may not always like the idea of ​​students, this can actually be a very useful feature as an online English teacher. One way to use it is to set up “office hours” where students and parents can use Skype chat to contact you with questions or concerns. Also, all messages are saved so you can refer to them later if necessary.

The “record message” feature allows you to record up to two minutes of video or voice messages by selecting the microphone icon under the contact. As a teacher, you can use this feature as a time-saving method for explaining homework assignments or giving verbal feedback on students’ work.

Want to show your students an educational website, text or image during your online English class? You can do this by clicking the Screen Share button at the bottom of Skype.

Screen sharing is a useful feature for any online teacher to present learning materials to the class and make lessons more flexible. Students can share their screen with you to show you their work or ask questions about what they’ve seen online.

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Files such as drawings, essays, reports, and homework can be sent back and forth between teacher and students via Skype video calls. There is a “paperclip” icon in the chat mailbox where such files are sent as attachments.

To use the “Record” feature to save class meetings, the teacher can simply click the three white dots at the bottom right of the screen. Then click on the “Start recording” option in the list. Once you’re done, click the same button again to end the recording. This feature can be used to further evaluate student progress or provide feedback.

There are many types of lessons that work well for the Skype platform, especially listening, speaking and grammar.

One way is to use videos and podcasts that the student listens to during class. You can prepare listening questions in a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation in advance, then use Skype’s screen sharing feature to show the PPT slides to your students and review questions during or after listening.

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Another listening lesson might be to create a PPT presentation with content review questions before the instructor starts class. After the teacher and student enter the virtual classroom, the teacher can use the screen sharing icon on Skype to capture the slides for the student to view. The student then listens as the teacher reads a passage related to the content of the lesson and then answers the PPT questions to show how much they listened.

Speaking lessons can be taught by recording students reading, participating in role-playing activities, repeating after the teacher, and then returning the recording to them. Skype even has a subtitle feature that can be activated, so the student can visualize the teacher’s words and slowly repeat them.

In speaking lessons, a teacher may have a whiteboard with sentences written on it. The teacher then uses the Skype feature to record the student’s sentences aloud. Then the teacher plays it back for the student to hear. This is a good opportunity for the student to hear how he feels, and the teacher can also give feedback.

Grammar lessons can be taught through PowerPoint and screen sharing via Skype, or by sending files – such as short readings or exercises – for the student to open and review.

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For the grammar lesson, the teacher can use the paperclip icon on Skype to share an attachment with a list of sentences. Then the teacher can read the first sentence or ask the student to read it. After that, the teacher asked, “What is not true about this sentence?” He can ask questions like: or “How should this sentence be written?” What are some other tips for teaching online with Skype?

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Teaching English online as a freelancer doesn’t have to be difficult. Skype is free, easy to use and familiar to most of us. If you choose Skype to teach English, take a moment to explore the many features you can use to make your online lessons fun and effective.

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