Online English 101 Classes

Online English 101 Classes – With the advent of virtual classrooms, more and more teachers are trying to make online classes more interactive and enjoyable.

One of the best ways to engage learners during an online class is to make your content interactive. With interactive online lessons, your students have no choice but to get involved and take a more active and serious role.

Online English 101 Classes

The students are not close to you or other students. Instead, they are gathered at home alone, with no one to turn to for help and cannot simply raise their hand to clarify doubts. This creates a feeling of isolation and it is up to you to provide the support they need.

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And, while you can pick up on non-verbal cues of boredom or confusion at a physical class, you can’t do it during an online class.

You can still support them by anticipating and keeping this fact in mind when designing your next class.

Put yourself in your students’ shoes and see if you can make sense of what’s on the screen. Try to imagine the experience your students have in your lesson and ask yourself if your instructions are clear. Do you need a graph? Will the slide benefit from an infographic? Can you lift the mood with an appropriate meme?

Try including online group sessions where you can interact with students and where students can interact with each other. These sessions will encourage engagement and help you set learning objectives and understand the progress each student is making.

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Your students will respond more positively when there is something in the lesson that they can connect with emotionally. This can be a tiny but memorable moment during a complex lesson. This in turn will make it easier for students to recall the concept later.

For example, if your students are football fans and you are an English teacher, you could include commentary from notable football games while explaining something like grammar concepts. Simple yet incredibly effective!

With fun elements such as a GIF image, a meme (as long as it’s relevant at the moment!), or a short clip or quote from a movie, your PowerPoint presentations can go a long way in energizing.

For example, if you are explaining a chemistry lesson, a clipping from The Big Bang Theory could be a good part of your lesson. 101 Activities And Resources For Teaching English Online: Practical Ideas For Esl/efl Teachers (esl Activities For Teenagers And Adults): 9798637169498: Bolen, Jackie: Books

Over the years, teachers have had great success using flashcards as a tool to help students remember and recall what they study. During online classes, you have a wider range of tools to make useful flashboards.

There are free web-based apps that allow you to easily create and share flashcards such as Kahoot, Gimkit or Cram. You can add images, audio clips and more. If you want to be extra creative, play a memory game with each set of flash cards.

During online classes, you will need to take tests to monitor your students’ performance and progress. This can be made much more interesting by having quizzes instead of tests. Your students take the test while having fun. Everyone wins!

Quizzes on a weekly basis will ensure that students are constantly revising and you will understand if anyone is falling behind.

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You can find plenty of tools online to create interesting quizzes. Here is a list of the main recommendations.

Everyone likes to be rewarded for their hard work and students are no different. By rewarding students for their hard work they are encouraged to perform consistently and to strive beyond their previous efforts. Evaluation every two weeks will keep students on their toes and encourage friendly competition between students.

An online leaderboard of top performers – maybe a top five? – the quiz being a starting point. Leave the points visible during lectures. This will encourage all students to really work on the quizzes and complete assignments by the specified deadline.

As a teacher, it is important that you make sure that students are reading up. You can do this by sharing links during lectures, allowing students to read the relevant paper or article during the lecture. By reading it during the lecture, your students will not be able to put it off for later and possibly forget about it altogether.

Fun Games For English Class (online And In Person)

He does not deny that learning through simple segments of text is a very boring experience but at the same time, it gives teachers time to create interactive content.

Your best tools are Google’s extensive suite of educational apps. The apps alone are enough to help you during your online classes.

Online classrooms are probably the way to go, at least for the foreseeable future, and offer a range of benefits for teachers as well as students. It is up to you, as the teacher, to make this experience enjoyable.

Do you have other tips on how to make online classes more interactive? Let us know in the comments! [facebook_comment url=”https://how-to-make-online-classes-more-interactive/” width=”100%” number=”50″ color=”light”]Students can participate in the these fun online teaching activities that can make their new virtual classroom a little less intimidating

Online Teaching Activities To Warm Up The Class

With schools using virtual classroom meetings, web chats, and other distance learning tools, it can be difficult to motivate students to attend or participate in class. Students are often distracted or have difficulty understanding what is going on in the meeting and do not focus on the instructor or speaker.

While there are no magic words or online tutorial games that will make them focus, a new or fun game can help capture their attention at least a little. We’ll look at games and activities that take preparation ahead of time and others that can be done right now.

These online teaching activities do not require any preparation ahead of time. Students can participate whether they are on a mobile device or a computer and it can make the new classroom a little less intimidating

Ask everyone to hold up the closest thing to their left that they can hold up. Of course, they can’t hold up a TV or a sofa, but students can hold up a remote control, a bag of chips, a drink or a sock.

English Project Ideas You Can Do Right Now!

To make it even more fun, you can give a scenario like a zombie apocalypse where the students will fight the walking dead using only the object on the left!

Play a game of eye spy with the people in the class to find out who you are looking at in the background. This could be fun for classes with a mix of virtual and home backgrounds.

The students will build a story one sentence at a time. The teacher begins by giving the opening line. Each student adds another line to the story. The rules are that the next line must make sense. It can be silly or offensive but it should make sense. For example, you wouldn’t say, “We all went swimming. My truck was making a strange noise.” However, it would have been fine if one person had said, “We all went swimming.” Then the next student said, “because my truck was making a strange noise, so I didn’t want to drive.” When the class has finished creating the story, you could topics such as the author’s purpose, choice introducing words, positions, and other topics related to writing or language arts.

This game is a popular ice breaker for many groups. Children who are old enough to understand truth and lies can. Even adults enjoy this game sometimes. Everyone tells two things that are true and one that is a lie. Everything must be reasonably believable or everything sounds incredible. This game is easy to adapt to your classroom too. You could make it two lies and a truth or three truths and two lies. Adapt this game to suit your time and classroom needs. The person with the most incorrect guesses is the winner. You could offer them extra points or virtual fives to win.

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Ask all the students to change their background to a location. Each student has to write down their measurements of where each place is. Some may be obvious like the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall, or San Francisco Bay Bridge, but others may be more difficult. They might be grandma’s backyard, the Pacific Ocean, the Australian Outback, or many other places. This is one of those online teaching activities that can be brought into geography, context clues, social studies, or even an art lesson if you want.

Get the students to bring their pets to the meeting. Any student who doesn’t have a pet can get a photo or bring a stuffed animal of a pet they think would be cool. Students should introduce their pets, tell a little about what they do all day, and what their diet is like. This way, you can sneak a little science into the lesson too!

Ask the students to take a picture of the oldest thing they still own and email it to you. Use your presentation to put a few of them up on the screen. The first person to draw their hand almost guesses who the item belongs to. For example, if Shannon wanted to guess, he would raise his hand and wait for you

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